132 examples of one-fifth in sentences

In order to form a correct estimate of the facts we must hold in mind that one-fifth of Germany's total exports before the War consisted of iron and of tools and machinery mostly manufactured with German iron.

The Turkish note was depreciated to about one-fifth of its face value.

But before he had gone over one-fifth part, any one that had seen me would have thought I had been made of wood or stone; so quite immovable I both felt and looked.

It is a further indication of the supreme importance of the brain, that about one-fifth of the entire blood of the body is furnished to it.

The chapel was opened in 1853, at a cost of 500 pounds, one-fifth of which, apart from previous subscriptions, was raised during the inaugural services.

of the dwellers in certain poor districts of London pay more than one-fifth of their income in rent; 46 per cent.

paying from one-quarter to one-fifth; and only 12 per cent. paying less than one-fifth of their weekly wage.

We might expect, then, that each leaf would occupy one-fifth of the circle.

The Prophet's share was one-fifth, and the rest was distributed equally among the warriors and companions.

In looking over the history of one of the companies engaged in machine building, we find that the cost of the labor has been lowered to about one-fifth of the original.

In all it appears that we have within the limits of Texas, an Indian population of 20,000of whom one-fifth may be accounted Warriors.

If, then, by comparison, we estimate the resistance in the old Atlantic cable to have been equal to two thousand miles of ordinary telegraph-wire, the increased size of the conducting-wire of the new cable reduces the resistance to one-fifth that distance, or four hundred miles.

Thus we perceive, that, while the length of the cable is, electrically and practically, reduced to one-fifth of its former length, the retardation of the current is also decreased in the same proportion.

Probably there was the same requisition upon the Israelites for one-fifth part of the proceeds of their labor, that was laid upon the Egyptians.

The saloon is entered from forward; about one-third of its length at the after-end is shut off by doors, forming the ladies' sanctum, which is provided with sofas, arm-chairs, piano, &c.; about one-fifth of the length at the foremost-end, but not separated in any way, is the smoking-place, with the bar quite handy, and the stove in the centre.

Grandfather Fuller was now dead and forgotten in the mausoleum into which he had put one-fifth of his fortune, to the great discontent of the heirs.

Firstly, Cuza and his minister, Cogalniceanu, secularized and converted to the state the domains of the monasteries, which during the long period of Greek influence had acquired one-fifth of the total area of the land, and were completely in the hands of the Greek clergy (Law of December 13, 1863).

It is strange that such men as this should choose to throw in their lot with so many who are idlewhom they must know to be idlethus jeopardising their own position for the sake of those who are not worth one-fifth the sacrifice the agricultural cottager must be called upon to make in a strike.

At the seventh attempt, however, he produced an agreement which, alluding in vague terms to a treasure quest in the Southern Seas on the strength of a map provided by Miss Vickers, promised one-fifth of the sum recovered to that lady, and was considered to meet the exigencies of the case.

These were the effects of deceased Knights, who were only allowed to dispose of one-fifth of their property by will, the remainder going to the Treasury£524,755.

Our loss was a little less than one-fifth our whole strength.

By executing a one-fifth sideward movementthe right leg very weak.

This is different for each of the principal coins, being about one-fifth of one per cent on a gold eagle.

The Society, though small and in moderate circumstances, were very enterprising and generous in their effort to erect a Church, subscribing towards the building one-fifth of their entire property.

Savage tribes have been known to put one-fifth under arms.

132 examples of  one-fifth  in sentences