132 examples of one-fifth in sentences

Her military force has reached the appalling proportion of one-fifth of her entire population.

Healthy hair is quite elastic, and may be stretched from one-fifth to one-third more than its original length.

They practise the liberal professions; they are electors and often elected, for they form of themselves alone one-fifth of the Colonial Assembly at Jamaica; they are officers of the police and the militia, and their authority never fails to be recognized by all.

paying from one-quarter to one-fifth; and only 12 per cent. paying less than one-fifth of their weekly wage.

Under this convention the sum of 500,000 taels, equal to about $700,000, was stipulated to be paid in satisfaction of the claims of American citizens out of the one-fifth of the receipts for tonnage, import, and export duties on American vessels at the ports of Canton, Shanghai, and Fuchau, and it was "agreed that this amount shall be in full liquidation of all claims of American citizens at the various ports to this date."

And by daylight had carried us near the north-west end of the island; at nine a.m. the sea breeze set in from South-West and West, and gradually increasing, we happily succeeded in arriving off the town of Coepang where we moored at one-fifth of a mile from the flagstaff of Fort Concordia, bearing South 14 1/2 degrees East.

And this buying of services (they were to give one-fifth part of their crops to Pharaoh) is called in Scripture usage, buying the persons.

And this buying of services (in this case it was but one-fifth part) is called in Scripture usage, buying the persons.

Having thus taken off one-third and one-fifth, the remaining portion is the "gentlemen's share"how many 'eenths it may be, I leave to fractional calculators.

It is but just to the French Romanists to state, that as a body they repudiated and took no part in the villanous attempt upon Gavazzi's life; the assailants were almost exclusively Irish Romanists, who form nearly one-fifth of the population.

In this connection the conditions in Egypt are the most interesting: 6,000 English are stationed there, while in the native Egyptian army (17,000 strong; in war-time, 29,000 strong) one-fifth of the officers are Englishmen.

In those counties of South Carolina which lay wholly within the Piedmont the fifteen thousand slaves on hand in 1790 formed slightly less than one-fifth of the gross population there.

Those actually engaged in the business had as many "lays" as it was thought they could earn; the colony in its collected capacity had a certain number more, in return for articles received from the public stores; and the governor, as owner of the vessels employed, received one-fifth of the whole cargo, or cargoes.

Experts report that over one-fifth of the cattle and one-half of the sheep of the western states are grazed in the National Forests.

Less than one-fifth of our remaining timber is hardwood.

The longitudinal positions are such that the center of the screw is about one-fifth of the diameter forward of the aft side of the rudder post.

At the seventh attempt, however, he produced an agreement which, alluding in vague terms to a treasure quest in the Southern Seas on the strength of a map provided by Miss Vickers, promised one-fifth of the sum recovered to that lady, and was considered to meet the exigencies of the case.

It is now the produce of 10/18 of a man's labour, and nothing else; whereas formerly it required for its production the conjunction of that quantity of labour with an expenditure, in the form of reimbursement of profit, amounting to one-fifth more.

Your Highness's revenues," he says, "are: one-fifth of the gold extracted and of the pearls brought by those who go (to the coast of Venezuela) to purchase them, the salt produce and the duties on imports and exports.

But the child had been watching them too, and was quickerby one-fifth of a second, perhaps.

KREUZER, a German coin, worth one-third or one-fifth of an English penny.

OXYGEN, a colourless, inodorous gas which constitutes one-fifth in volume of the atmosphere, and which, in combination with hydrogen, forms water.

SPAIN (17,800), a kingdom of South-West Europe, which with Portugal (less than one-fifth the size of Spain) occupies the entire Iberian Peninsula, and is divided from France on the N. by the Pyrenees Mountains, and on the E. and S. is washed by the Mediterranean; the NW.

We ascertained beyond the power of contradiction, that more than half of the seamen, who went out with the ships in the Slave-trade, did not return with them, and that of these so many perished, as amounted to one-fifth of all employed.

To cap the climax, Copenhagen had been harassed by pestilence that had killed one-fifth of its fifty thousand people.

132 examples of  one-fifth  in sentences