8 examples of ongoing in sentences

" The gondolas of the people were gathering about the steps of the palaces, bringing their burdens for the day's ongoings in those luxurious homes; the bells were calling to early Mass; the stir of life was beginning in the city; soon, in her own palace, her little one would wake, and MarcoShe stood with straining eyes, yearning for the chance of a face in her palace windowthe bare last chance of another sight of his dear face.

Progression N. progress, progression, progressiveness; advancing &c v.; advance, advancement; ongoing; flood, tide, headway; march &c 266; rise; improvement &c 658.

in progress, in hand; ongoing, going on, proceeding; on one's hands; on the anvil; in the fire, in the oven. parboiled, half-baked.

More than 7000 men were sentenced to punishment, most of them to death, on this account, and rigorous enactments were issued as to the future; yet they did not succeed in repressing the ongoings, and six years later (574) the magistrate to whom the matter fell complained that 3000 men more had been condemned and still there appeared no end of the evil.

They can, however, engage the public in an ongoing exploration and dialogue on issues and their impacts, and attempt to provide a rationale for their roles in the chamber in which they participate.

Some were dramatic and some were pathetic, and nearly all were stirring; but I still recall quite clearly the little picture of the forks of the Belgian road, with a background of trampled fields and sacked houses, and just at my feet the doll, with its head crushed in and the sawdust spilled out in the rut the ongoing army had made.

The company made bland assurances about ongoing efforts to improve the extraction technique, but there were no hard numbers and they were running out of development capital.

Not all our hours are hours of dread: We know the hours of splendid hoping; When life's ongoing ways shine clear, And vision takes the place of groping; In those Great Hours I seek for thee To walk amid the trees with me.

8 examples of  ongoing  in sentences