90 examples of openers in sentences

Eye-openers in active demand.

It was the closest call from death pa ever had, 'cause they had to cut the helmet with a can opener to let pa out, like you open a can of lobsters.

"Prisoner then seized her round the throat with both hands and hit her on the head with a steel case-opener.

"If we compare a man's body to a building, calling the steel frame-work his skeleton and the furnace and power station his digestive organs and lungs, the nervous system would include, with other things, the thermometers, heat regulators, electric buttons, door-bells, valve-openers,the parts of the building, in short, which are specifically designed to respond to influences of the environment."

[Footnote 4: "Pit-u-dal-ti," openers of the gates.]

[Footnote 4: "Nam-za-ki," openers of the gates.]

The Tin-opener "They're devils to snipe, ain't they, Bill?" Old Bill FOREWORD Down South, in the Valley of the Somme, far from the spots recorded in this book, I began to write this story.

This idea clung to his mind, and we find in dynastic times, in the vignette representing the rising sun, that the apes, who are said to be the transformed openers of the portals of heaven, form a veritable company of the gods, and at the same time one of the most striking features of the scene.

A city, however, that produces Artificial Human Eyes may see its way to make anything; consequently, all sorts of diverse things are produced in Birmingham, from coffin furniture to custard powder, vices to vinegar, candles to cocoa, blue bricks to bird cages, handcuffs to horse collars, anvils to hat bands, soap to sardine openers, &c., &c., &c.

With a can-opener I cut a strip out on opposite sides ten inches from the bottom, and laid two iron bars across, and under them, inside the receptacle, built a fire.

It is noticed by Walker, that, "Some of the vowels, when neither under the accent, nor closed by a consonant, have a longer or a shorter, an opener or a closer sound, according to the solemnity or familiarity, the deliberation or rapidity of our delivery.

If there are vowel sounds which graduate through several degrees of openness or broadness, it would seem most natural to express these by regularly comparing the epithet preferred; as, open, opener, openest; or broad, broader, broadest.

It seemed that where Mr. Travis was a big, bulky opener of doors, Mr. Raffin was a sleek and cultured Chesterfielda musicianan artist.

The openers of the gate.

The openers of the gate; stories of the occult, by E. Barrington, pseud.

The openers of the gate.

The openers of the gate; stories of the occult, by E. Barrington, pseud.

It was an eye-opener to old-fashioned lawyers like myself.

"'One minute, Pete,' says I. I called across the table to Charlie, 'Show openers and win!'

The play began by the procession of the statue of the jackal-god Wep-wawet (the road-opener) going forth to help his father Osiris.

This is admirably wholesome as well as pleasant, an opener of obstructions, good against the phthisick, and good against the spleen and scurvy, a remedy for the stone, it will abate heat in a fever or thrush, and has been given with good success.

The pew-opener sedulously closes the great door after every fresh entrance.

It is the best yet, not merely as a story but as an eye opener.

The clerk receives his fee of two shillings and makes no further inquiries; nay, more, is prepared, if required, to provide the necessary fathers on each side, in the respectable persons of himself and the sextonthe venerable pew-opener being also ready, on a pinch, to "perform" the part of bridesmaid.

This was so called, because the opener of the debate proposed two alternatives to his interlocutor, of which the latter could choose for support either that he preferred,

90 examples of  openers  in sentences