90 examples of openers in sentences

Eye-openers in active demand.

The case-opener lay on the floor close by him and there was blood on the axe-blade.

He had walked quickly out on the landing with the case-opener in his hand.

His foot had caught in the torn matting and he had pitched head foremost down the stairs, still holding the case-opener.

He had fallen so that his head had come down on the upturned edge of the axe-blade; he had then rolled over and the case-opener had dropped from his hand.

"There was nothing to show that I had not, myself, knocked him down with the case-opener.

"If we compare a man's body to a building, calling the steel frame-work his skeleton and the furnace and power station his digestive organs and lungs, the nervous system would include, with other things, the thermometers, heat regulators, electric buttons, door-bells, valve-openers,the parts of the building, in short, which are specifically designed to respond to influences of the environment."

Inexpectation N. inexpectation^, non-expectation; false expectation &c (disappointment) 509; miscalculation &c 481. surprise, sudden burst, thunderclap, blow, shock, start; bolt out of the blue; wonder &c 870; eye opener.

[Fr.], accoucheuse [Fr.], obstetrician; gobetween; cat's-paw; stepping-stone. opener &c 260; key; master key, passkey, latchkey; open sesame; passport, passe-partout, safe-conduct, password.

These men now came hurrying round the ridge, among the opener grass, and as we emerged from the heavy cover, they began goading the elephants behind and urging them to their most furious pace.

[Footnote 4: "Pit-u-dal-ti," openers of the gates.]

[Footnote 4: "Nam-za-ki," openers of the gates.]

For further and subsequent various readings see the edition of 1857.] IX Tiglath Pileser, the illustrious warrior, the opener of the roads of the countries, the subjugator of the rebellious ... he who has overrun the whole Magian world.

The sun had scarcely risen, and I was sitting in the cosy cabin of my yacht enjoying my "chota hazree," which, being interpreted, means "lesser presence," and in Anglo-Indian speech signifies an "eye-opener" of tea and toastthe greater presence appears some hours later and we call it breakfast.

An Eye-Opener for the Wide-Awakes.

This idea clung to his mind, and we find in dynastic times, in the vignette representing the rising sun, that the apes, who are said to be the transformed openers of the portals of heaven, form a veritable company of the gods, and at the same time one of the most striking features of the scene.

TEMU or ATMU, i.e., the "closer" of the day, just as Ptah was the "opener" of the day.

PTAH was one of the most active of the three great gods who carried out the commands of Thoth, who gave expression in words to the will of the primeval, creative Power; he was self-created, and was a form of the Sun-god R[=a] as the "Opener" of the day.

A city, however, that produces Artificial Human Eyes may see its way to make anything; consequently, all sorts of diverse things are produced in Birmingham, from coffin furniture to custard powder, vices to vinegar, candles to cocoa, blue bricks to bird cages, handcuffs to horse collars, anvils to hat bands, soap to sardine openers, &c., &c., &c.

I always suspected Willy also had a tin-can opener and a Swiss army knife stashed somewhere in that drawer.

The openers of the gate.

The openers of the gate; stories of the occult, by E. Barrington, pseud.

The openers of the gate.

The openers of the gate; stories of the occult, by E. Barrington, pseud.

"'One minute, Pete,' says I. I called across the table to Charlie, 'Show openers and win!'

90 examples of  openers  in sentences