597 examples of openings in sentences

They are fastened by small hooks except in those parts shown by the openings, and on these flat or globular pearl buttons are used.

For one whole hour did Roswell Gardiner remain in the cross-trees, having hailed the deck, and caused the schooner's head to be turned to the south-east, pressing her through the openings as near the wind as she could go.

They are books, an owl would say; But the owl's night is the day: Of these too, if you have patience, I can give you revelations: Through the walls of Time and Sight, Doors they are to the Infinite; Through the limits that embrace us, Openings to the eternal spaces, Round us all the noisy day, Full of silences alway; Round us all the darksome night, Ever full of awful light:

Dramatically, there should have been cautious sparring for openings and a number of tensely contested rounds, as if it had been the final of a boxing competition.

There will be other openings for me.

"I'm told there's wonderful openings for carpenters in Australia," said Mr. Green, trying to speak in level tones.

This occasioned several détours, the sepoys lining the hedges and firing at us through loopholes and openings, cursing the gore log and daring us to come on.

One of the ablest of recent openings is that of Mr. Galsworthy's Silver Box.

But either of these openings would have been disproportionate and superfluous.

There are few more effective openings than that of The Second Mrs. Tanqueray, where we find Aubrey Tanqueray seated squarely at his bachelor dinner-table with Misquith on his right and Jayne on his left.

Instead of window-panes, the openings are furnished with artistically worked stone lattices.

As was the usual custom, we lived in a small cabin, built of rough boards, with a floor of earth, and small openings in the sides of the cabin were substituted for windows.

I had watched his figure coming through tree-openings from Doctor Percival's house, and mingled with the memories of the fair young girl whom I had seen dead by lightning were fears for Mary Percival.

After attaching a lubricator, all valves should be opened wide and live steam blown through the outer vents for a few minutes to insure the openings clean and free.

In about twenty-four hours after his stomach has been filled with honey, thin plates of wax appear on the scales of his abdomen, having oozed through eight little openings in the scales and there hardened.

Here, if one or more fistulas exist, their openings are probed and the direction of the sinuses determined.

The Making of Counter-openings to the Fistulas.

Fistulous openings in either of the flaps a, a must now be carefully curetted and dressed, and the flaps allowed to fall into position.

The fistulous opening or openings in the skin of the coronet should now be thoroughly curetted, and the whole of the wound dressed as to be described later.

A piece of bone undergoing rarefactive ostitis is redder than normal, and the openings of the Haversian canals are distinctly increased in size.

On either hand, through its openings, I could see the men turning out to the cotton fields.

"It was not the custom in my day," he began, and then remembering that this was one of his sister Alberta's favorite openings, he changed the form of his sentence.

In both cases, opinions are the life of conversation; because, as no two people agree, they provoke discussion, through the openings of which, as truth oozes out, wise men catch it, leaving the refuse to the unreflecting.

The windows were as yet but square openings with shutters, but before winter came, and it is very severe in Ohio, Mr. Lee meant to put in glazed frames, as glass could be procured at Painted Posts.

Around the garden ran a high hedge of cactus, and as I leaned forward in my saddle to look through one of the openings, a girl's face presented itself to me at the other side of it, and we stared each other in the eyes for several seconds before shea Mussulman girlremembered that she must not be seen, when, wrapping her veil around her head, she flew to the house.

597 examples of  openings  in sentences
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