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2930 example sentences with  operatives

2930 example sentences with operatives

Late that night he was called out to see a poor man, one of the factory operatives, who was dying.

I knew that many of the factory operatives, who were industrious and economical, supported large families of children on their wages.

For, for what crime is there such a heavy punishment appointed as that, that any one should venture to say in this assembly that he, with the assistance of a lot of common operatives, would pull down a house which had been built at the public expense in accordance with a vote of the senate?

or what judge will be bold enough to venture to condemn a criminal, knowing that he will immediately be dragged before a gang of hireling operatives?

My duty to my operatives has a narrow limit,the pay-hour on Saturday night.

Wordsworth's sonnets about the railway were a mild expression of his feelings in this direction; and Mrs. Wordsworth, in spite of her excellent sense, took up his song, and declared with unusual warmth that green fields, with daisies and buttercups, were as good for Lancashire operatives as our lakes and valleys.

There were three brothers in the attractive native dress, Mohammedans, sons of Adamjee Peerbhoy, one of the largest cotton manufacturers and wealthiest men in India, who employs more than 15,000 operatives in his mills and furnished the canvas for the tents and the khaki for the uniforms of the British soldiers during the South African war.

January 1, 1891, there were 127 mills, with 117,922 operatives, representing an investment of ยฃ7,844,000.

The wages paid operatives in the cotton mills of India are almost incredibly low.

Clerks, accountants, messengers, as well as operatives, were wanted both by the Government and by private capitalists.

The owners, having no more personal touch with their great gangs of slaves than modern stockholders have with the operatives in their mills, exploited them accordingly.

More substantial was an essay of 1827 by a Marylander, James Raymond, who cited the experiences of his own commonwealth to support his contentions that slavery hampered economy by preventing seasonal shiftings of labor, by requiring employers to support their operatives in lean years as well as fat, and by hindering the accumulation of wealth by the laborers.

Except for their foremen, each of these was run by slave operatives exclusively; and in the latter case, at least, all the slaves were owned by the company.

When J. Graves came from New England in 1848 to assume the management of this mill he found several negroes among the operatives, all of whom were on hire.

His first impulse was to replace all the negroes with whites; but before this was accomplished the newcomer was quite converted by their "activity and promptness," and he recommended that the number of black operatives be increased instead of diminished.

At the height of this rรฉgime, in 1851, the slave operatives numbered 158.

Likewise when the rope walk of Smith, Dorsey and Co. at New Orleans was offered for sale in 1820, fourteen slave operatives were included without mention of their families.

This commonalty of women must also be, at one and the same time, the operatives, the soldiers, the virgins, and the legislators of the country!

What reward shall we give unto the Lord for all the benefits He hath conferred upon us?God in His mercy prosper the work, and grant that these operatives may receive the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord!"

Even men whom on general grounds he disliked and despisedsuch as Lord Beaconsfield and Bishop Wilberforcefound a saving clause in his judgment if he could truthfully say, "He helped me with the chimney-sweeps," or, "He felt for the wretched operatives."

He attributed it in the first place to the stagnation, the almost extinction, of the iron trade, the blowing out of furnaces, and the consequent cessation of the demand for the best class of food on the part of thousands of operatives and mechanics, who had hitherto been the farmers' best customers.

And round them grew up a huge party"the largest personal following of any public man since Mr. Gladstone," it was once said by an eminent manwho differed from him in theology, but passionately supported him in politics; miners, cutlers, weavers, spinners, shoemakers, operatives of every trade, strong, sturdy, self-reliant men who loved him to the last.

Some provision either of voluntary private or of public agencies to mediate between the parties in labor disputes and to facilitate voluntary arbitration has been made of late in most communities of the civilized world, including 32 of our states, and the nation as a whole particularly in respect to disputes between railroads and train operatives engaged in interstate commerce.

During the course of a great strike of mill operatives in Fall River, Massachusetts, a few years ago, a considerable group of weaver and spinner girls were induced, by members of the Women's Trade Union League, to take up domestic service until the close of the strike.

He had since enlarged the works, employed more operatives, and was making a great deal of money.

Called in a detective agency, and gave me three operatives to work under me.

He computes that by Christmas the Government must come to the aid of the pauper operatives, of whom there are now seven hundred and fifty thousand, a number which will then have increased to nearly a million.

There was no money to put into such undertakings and no operatives to work the mills if they had been built.

They failed to perceive that the scantily fed and half-clad operatives were not only in abject poverty, but were bound in chains of oppressive servitude for the benefit of favored classes, who were the exclusive objects of the care of the Government.

Co-operatives are businesses which are ultimately owned by their customer-

During the upcoming general and regional elections, media operatives are expected to congregate there for regular press engagements with GECOM.

Federated Co-operatives says the proposals are based on the mediation report but take into account the significant effects on the companyโ€™s business of COVID-19 and declining oil prices.

โ€œFor women, thereโ€™s additional costs in time, in energy, in resources, in money to make this double case to donors, to political operatives, to the media and to voters.โ€

From what we are learning, he is either taken away by security operatives or CJTF, perhaps, looking at the pulse of the general public about his sudden reappearance.

He said contrary to some newspapers reports that he was shot and maltreated, he was treated courteously by security operatives.

He said: โ€œDisarrayed by the prompt response of the police operatives, the hoodlums in a bid to escape, shot sporadically at the operatives and set fire on a mattress belonging to their victim.

He said: โ€œDisarrayed by the prompt response of the police operatives, the hoodlums in a bid to escape, shot sporadically at the operatives and set fire on a mattress belonging to their victim.

He spent more money on South Carolina television advertising, $2.5 million, than anyone other than whose campaign spent millions on black-owned businesses, staff members and political operatives.

All we are hearing now is coming from two sources, government and public-spirited private sector operatives.

However, the shows of are impossible to ignore, and give both supporters of a candidate and their operatives a sense of optimism โ€” or concern.

In fact it was just plain sad โ€“ not just for the tragic facts themselves but the notion that hard-nosed political operatives would so desperately cling to their jobs by admitting they didnโ€™t know what their jobs actually were.

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani professional, who was picked up by Afghan intelligence operatives in Kabul on Wednesday, was released by the authorities, two senior officials at the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul confirmed on Thursday.

Israeli operatives gunned down al-Qaedaโ€™s second-in-command on a Tehran street in August at the behest of the United States, the New York Times reported on Friday.

I suppose โ€™s operatives have some sort of magical nanotech that instantly seals and heals major trauma; the lore doesnโ€™t explain.

It also urges the Nigerian security operatives to exercise restraint in the handling of the protests and act professionally,โ€ the statement signed by the ECOWAS Commission President said Wednesday.

It is about those operatives fraudulently altering previously verified data.

And in Osogbo, Osun state, about seven members of the RevolutionNow Movement were also arrested by DSS operatives.

Itโ€™s keen to prove to users, politicians and regulators that it can police its own platform and avoid a repeat of the 2016 scenario, in which some believe Russian operatives exploited the service to help Trump defeat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

It wasnโ€™t Trumpโ€™s politics that disgusted the college presidents, celebrity actors, Google VPs, D.C. operatives and the rest.

James said that the 320 trained operatives were made up of 70 officers and 250 other ranks to be deployed to the North-West.

Mompha was blocked by EFCC operatives and forcefully brought back into the compound as soon as he left with his property on Friday.

And we see that playbook being used by political operatives in the U.S. And we see that same playbook being used by individuals in their basements who are angry and frustrated with life.โ€

Nigeria government and her security operatives as well as Biafra traitors and saboteurs in Biafraland and elsewhere must understand that IPOB cannot be decimated contrary to their erroneous calculations, and wishful thinking.โ€

โ€œNotwithstanding, some security operatives in other states are not yielding, particularly, the rank and file officers on the field,โ€ he said.

One of the operatives told Yeo that he and his boss worked for the PRCโ€™s main intelligence unit.โ€

Ortom, while briefing journalists shortly after the meeting, directed immediate revival of monthly security meetings at the local government level to support the police and other security operatives with timely and useful information.

Second, the oft-repeated claim from news outlets and CIA operatives that the published emails and texts were 'Russian disinformation' was, from the start, obviously baseless and reckless.

Security operatives had stormed the scene of the protest on Tuesday night hours after the Lagos Government announced a 24-hour curfew and opened fire.

Security operatives must do all that is possible to bring the killers to justice,โ€

Security Operatives Shoot to Lay Off Crowd Trying to Loot Covid-19.

She said: After swinging into action, Operatives of Anti Robbery Squad arrested, Emmanuel Effiong red-handed while carrying out the act at Diamond Hill at about 2:45 pm on Saturday and the water meter recovered from him.

As at 11.10 am, a detachment of security operatives in the garb of โ€˜Special Forceโ€™ on motorbike were seen strategically stationed around the entrance to the party secretariat.

โ€œThe commissioner admonished the operatives to key into the ongoing reform agenda of the IGP in the Nigeria Police Force, as such is sine-qua-none to having people-oriented policing in the country,โ€

The operatives involved members of various units within the police as well as members of South African National Defence Force, provincial and municipal traffic officers, South African Revenue Service and Department of Home Affairs.

The protesters were angry with the unwarranted killing by SARS operatives and decided to stage a protest in the area.

The source said that before the SARS men arrived, the military men were calming the youths down until the SARS operatives shot at them and injured a barber, Okoro Kalu who is now in the hospital.

The suspect Operatives of the Rapid Response Squad, Lagos State Police Command, have arrested a 19-year-old National Diploma holder ofโ€ฆ

โ€œThe suspects made useful statements to the police and led the operatives on follow up investigation to their hideout at Omege avenue, Abakaliki.

The underworld operatives of Dawood Ibrahimโ€™s gang had managed to arrange high-grade weapons.

They want Georgia operatives and organizations front and center.

This guide will show players how to customize any of their playable operatives.

At the time of its establishment, Special Anti-Robbery Squad was given the authority to operate covertly with operatives in mufti and in unmarked vehicles.

Two Ohio political operatives pleaded guilty Thursday to charges that they conspired as part of what another defendant called an โ€œunholy allianceโ€ aimed at bailing out two aging Ohio nuclear power plants, court documents show.

Under the regional economy stream, FedNor will provide $24 million to businesses such as incorporated companies, corporations or co-operatives, non-profit entities or Indigenous/First Nation/ Mรฉtis Settlement-owned organizations.

What about insurgents who willingly surrender their arms and not captured by security operatives?

You have to build an organic movement powered by real people, not K Street lobbyists and career political operatives.

Co-operatives agree that any failure by the Minister to notify the Co-operative of a contravention identified in an inspection shall not constitute a waiver by the Minister of that contravention.

Co-operatives First is a Saskatoon-based organization whose mandate is to help Indigenous and rural communities prosper in western Canada.

โ€œCo-operatives stimulate industry growth and community growth,โ€ said Minister Hutchings.

Co-ordination between ICNU and US ground forces in Najaf is tight, handled by special forces and CIA operatives.

Given its makeup, it is no surprise that the Commission has systematically ignored, disregarded, and distorted the vast array of evidence implicating Bush administration and other US officials, operatives and elites---prior to, during, and following 9/11.

In 1996, Chicoine was chosen to lay the foundation for The Semex Alliance, a partnership of Canadian artificial insemination Co-operatives: Wesgen, Centre d'insรจmination artificielle du Quebec, Eastern Breeders Inc. and Gencor.

Initially they only sold the grapes to co-operatives.

And it disappoints me greatly that members opposite continually refer to their lines written byโ€“speaking points written by political operatives, rather than having a fair and honest debate about what the state of the deficit is.

"Kevin Warde, one of West America's most notorious Sapience operatives," Commander Tate said, jabbing one arm of her wire-framed glasses toward the photograph on the wall screen with nearly as much hostility as Donovan felt.

L. STINSON (Leader of the C.C.F. Party) (Osborne): Mr. Chairman, before we leave the item on co-operatives, could the Minister tell us if there are more co-operatives now than say a year ago?

L. STINSON (Leader of the C.C.F. Party) (Osborne): Mr. Chairman, before we leave the item on co-operatives, could the Minister tell us if there are more co-operatives now than say a year ago?

Notwithstanding the denials of Washingtonโ€™s law enforcement and intelligence agencies, Al-Qaeda and its operatives were under scrutiny years before 9/11, and completely penetrated.

Now they are full-fledged SPYkid operatives with the OSS.

Numerous CIA operatives secured employment in the FF and continued close collaboration with the Agency (Ibid, p. 143).

On this contracted spot, Captain Cary and his operatives exercised their agricultural talents in raising wheat, barley, potatoes, and turnips - articles which everyone at Red River had for sale, and for which there was no market."

The act, the bill provides for the import of co-operatives from other jurisdictions into Manitoba and it also provides for the export of co-operatives out of the jurisdiction.

The act, the bill provides for the import of co-operatives from other jurisdictions into Manitoba and it also provides for the export of co-operatives out of the jurisdiction.

The CUMIS Group markets a diverse portfolio of insurance and other non-financial services to Canadian financial co-operatives, credit unions and caisses populaires and their members.

The minister and I have talked outside of the Legislature, and he indicated his support for the concept of housing co-operatives as a good way to meet the housing needs of people and to keep housing affordable.

The minister made reference to the number of people employed in co-operatives in our Province, the 1,400 people the minister said who are employed here.

Today, both are resident-owned and managed housing co-operatives.

Today, The Co-operators announced at the annual general meeting of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada the launch of Co-op Guardโ„ข, a first-of-its-kind insurance and financial services solution.

Use undercover teenage operatives to try to buy tobacco at a retail store.

With his popularity ratings and credibility at rock bottom, Bush cannot even muster up a consensus among his own operatives.