9068 examples of opposite in sentences

But they do just the opposite.

For an author to write as he speaks is just as reprehensible as the opposite fault, to speak as he writes; for this gives a pedantic effect to what he says, and at the same time makes him hardly intelligible.

As exaggeration generally produces an effect the opposite of that aimed at; so words, it is true, serve to make thought intelligiblebut only up to a certain point.

This means just the opposite of what the writer wanted to say, and is nonsense as well.

This is, indeed, one of those artifices referred to above, by means of which mediocre authors unconsciously, and as it were by instinct, strive to conceal their poverty of thought and give an appearance of the opposite.

The woodwork of three folding-doors, the door opening on the hall and two others at opposite ends of the apartment, the one leading to the doctor's room, the other to that of the young girl, as well as the cornice of the smoke-darkened ceiling, dated from the time of Louis XV.

" He seated himself at the table, and the young girl, sitting down opposite him, was obliged at last to answer: "You know well, master, that I admire everything belonging to you.

A steam mill had recently been established opposite, utilizing the old buildings of Le Paradou, an estate dating from the last century, and Lafouasse, the tavern keeper, still carried on his little business, thanks to the workmen at the mill and to the peasants who brought their corn to it.

The nurse, who had orders never to quit her charge, happened just now to be absent, and the only occupants of the room were the madwoman, sitting rigid in her armchair at one side of the table, and the boy, sitting on a chair on the opposite side, absorbed in cutting out his pictures.

Sainte-Marthe was the first station in the opposite direction, going to Marseilles.

The physicians refer this to their temperament, astrologers to trine and sextile aspects, or opposite of their several ascendants, lords of their genitures, love and hatred of planets; Cicogna, to concord and discord of spirits; but most to outward graces.

But [4530]Pares cum paribus facillime congregantur, 'tis that similitude of manners, which ties most men in an inseparable link, as if they be addicted to the same studies or disports, they delight in one another's companies, "birds of a feather will gather together:" if they be of divers inclinations, or opposite in manners, they can seldom agree.

" A third cause of love and hate, may be mutual offices, acceptum beneficium, commend him, use him kindly, take his part in a quarrel, relieve him in his misery, thou winnest him for ever; do the opposite, and be sure of a perpetual enemy.

At the trial of Ferré, August 10, Dr. Puymoyen, physician to the prison for juvenile offenders, opposite La Roquette, gave the following graphic evidence: "Immediately after the insurgents, driven back by the troops, had occupied La Roquette, they installed a court-martial at the children's prison opposite, where I live.

The rays of the westering sun beat upon the sides directly opposite our point of observation, and the colours seemed to leap from the rock.

The sound rebounded from the rocky cliffs, cannoned against the barriers opposite, and then bounced backward and forward till the whole atmosphere of the valley seemed alive with the laughter of sprites.

A little farther, between Malmaison and Marly, is a beautiful château, formerly belonging to General Count Bertrand, who accompanied Napoleon to Saint Helena; it is now the property of M. Ouverard, the banker: nearly opposite is the residence of the celebrated Abbé Sieyès, who lives in great retirement.

The city of Nantes is the chief seat of the Préfecture of the department of the Loire Inférieure, standing on the right bank of the river, surrounded by its ancient rampart, of a circular form, and in good preservation: on the opposite bank stand the ruined tower and mouldering bastions of Permil.

On the opposite side of the river, a little to the right, stands the ancient Château de Clisson, celebrated in the modern as well as the ancient history of Bretagne.

" One afternoon I was sitting in the shop parlour with Miss Matty, when we saw a gentleman go slowly past the window and then stand opposite to the door, as if looking out for the name which we had so carefully hidden.

Together they came across the park space opposite the House of Silvery Voices in time to witness the final scene.

Thus this passage of arms, almost the only one in Bengal in which the protagonists were Europeans, is no obscure event, but one in which almost every incident was seen and described from opposite points of view.

But Katherine, sitting in a huddled, wet heap on the opposite seat, did not answer.

"You never can say what will be safe in weather such as we had last night," Miles answered; then he moved restlessly towards the door of the store again, and stood looking out, eager to catch the man whose boat was moored under the alders on the opposite bank of the river, and to learn from him if there was news from the sea.

Immediately opposite him glimmered a huge white outlinein the incalculable night it might be a hundred yards or a mile away.

9068 examples of  opposite  in sentences