26 examples of opt in sentences

After his SSC, unlike his other classmates, he opted out of schooling to follow his instincts: fond of reptiles, he chased them up at the Pune Snake Park and at the Crocodile Bank at Mamallapuram.

The two students who had opted for this project were Stephen and Jerry, both from St. Xavier's College, Mapusa doing their graduation degree.

By a Wrangler, between the 1st and 7th 69-1/2 25-1/2 95 1 in 2.36 By a Wrangler, between the 12th and 22nd 48-1/2 12-1/2 61 1 in 3.68 By a Wrangler, between the 22nd and 32nd 36 12-1/2 48-1/2 1 in 4.62 By a Sen. Opt.

between the 1st and 10th 17-1/2 5 22-1/2 1 in 9.95 By a Sen. Opt.

Summum nec optes diem nec metuas; 'tis to no purpose.

Oliver opted for horseradish, not a usual choice for him.

The Subj. and Opt. are used in certain dependent relations, like the English subjunctive and potential; the former has a long union-vowel, (η or ω,) and the latter a diphthong, (οι, αι, or ει.)

s. ον ες ε p. ομεν ετε ον Ind. of Aor., Pass., & Opt.

s. ειν εις ει p. ειμεν ειτε εισαν Opt., exc.

as ab've & bel'w s. οιμι οις οι p. οιμεν οιτε οιεν Opt.

s. μην σο το p. μεϑα σϑε ντο Opt., exc.

p. οίμεϑα οισϑε οιντο Opt.

[Footnote 2: The Opt. has an extra mood-diphthong, ει, before ending.]

Pass. are often inflected periphrastically (especially in the Opt.

"Mr. F.H. , the newly co-opted member of the Hampstead Board of Guardians, attended his first meeting of the Board on Thursday, and lost his umbrella.

Flavio opted for a life in academics.

Even for those of us opting to remain back home, the hard work involving in 'proving oneself' has helped to open up new doors.

(At a later tenure, after the Herald faced a crisis when chief reporter Julio Da Silva suddenly opted for contesting an assembly election on a BJP ticket, rather than staying on in journalism.

Besides opting for Media Studies back in the UK, he currently works for a search-engine promotion agency (or, put in plain language, an initiative that skews search-engine results, to allow you to be listed first, if you can afford to pay).

Given my rural background, I wouldn't have had confidence to write in the English-language newspapers, and the bitterness generated in those days over the language issue prevented me to opt for Marathi.

In London, for example, at the present time women can vote for the 28 borough councils and 31 boards of guardians of the London City Council; they can also be themselves elected to these; be members of the central unemployed body or of the 23 district committees, and can be co-opted to all other bodies, like the local pension committees.

These three co-opted a fourth, and the four a fifth, and so on, till the number of sixteen was reached, and this body of sixteen elected the Grand Master.

Membership of the clan was an essential qualification for every position; but occasionally two clans amalgamated, or a small fine, or desirable individual, was co-opted into the clanin other words, naturalized.

2. Scientifically and technologically maturing societies that had opted for socialism constitutionally and legally were engaged officially in socialist construction.

By the time China threw off imperialist leading strings and opted for socialist construction in 1949, a third of mankind was living on territory under nominally socialist control.

26 examples of  opt  in sentences