417 examples of orbit in sentences

We have given up a chaos-philosophythe haphazard continuity of eventsa cometary orbit, for the world.

but well curved out, the eye orbit arched and deep, a frown fixed between thick eyebrows, and few words in his firm, rather grim-looking mouth.

Of course this may result from one of two causes: the moon may really have been moving more swiftly in its orbit; or the earth may have been rotating more slowly on its axis.

Laplace believed he had accounted for this phenomenon by the fact that the eccentricity of the earth's orbit has been diminishing throughout these 3,000 years.

" Previous to the Constitution it had not been thought possible to divide sovereignty, or at least to have two different sovereignties moving as planets in the same orbit.

He was, indeed, warped by him, at one period, clear out of his orbit, and wrote as he inspired.

It was not the flitting of the closer shadow over the hill and dale: it was a picture which the sun threw at our feet of the dignified march of the moon in its orbit.

The eye rests in a bowl-shaped socket, called the orbit, formed by parts of various bones of the head and face.

The orbit is pierced through its posterior surface by an opening through which the nerve of sight, the optic, passes to the eyeball.

The upper border of the orbit is provided with a fringe of short, stiff hairs, the eyebrows.

Outside of the eyeball, in the loose, fatty tissue of the orbit, in the upper and outer corner is the lacrymal or tear gland.

Here in each lid is a little reddish elevation, or lacrymal caruncle, in which is an opening, communicating with a small canal in the lid which joins the lacrymal sac, lodged between the orbit and the bridge of the nose (Fig. 137).

A, lachrymal gland, the size of a small almond lodged in a shallow depression in the bones of the orbit; B, lachrymal ducts (usually seven), which form a row of openings into the conjunctival fold.

Orbit (Lat. orbis, a circle).

The humble creature, discharging his station duties with the precision of daily habit, had swung into the overpowering orbit of Chief Inspector Dawson, been caught up, dumped without instructions upon an unknown journey in attendance upon an unknown workman.

Each plane had its regular orbit of action, and must not overstep the bounds on penalty of the commander's displeasure.

All seem to think it the most natural thing in the world that they should move in the orbit in which they are placed.

If you wish to get the distance of a heavenly body, you know that you must take two observations from distant points of the earth's orbit,in midsummer and midwinter, for instance.

When indeed (as is ordained), the old mother swings herself into a sublimer orbit, we on her back will follow: till then we make to ourselves Icarian "organa" in vain.

Their course is related to that of ordinary works as the orbit of Uranus to the orbit of Mercury.

Their course is related to that of ordinary works as the orbit of Uranus to the orbit of Mercury.

To preserve this sacred distribution as originally settled, by coercing each to move in its prescribed orbit, is the great and difficult problem, on the solution of which the duration of our Constitution, of our union, and, in all probability, our liberty depends.

Infinite skill is not exhausted nor concentrated in the structure of a firmament, in drawing the orbit of a planet, in laying the strata of the earth, in rearing the mountain cone.

The aphelion of a woman's liberty is soon reached, the dark organic forces bind her to tread the narrow orbit of her sex, and if, at the farthest bound of her individual progress, the attraction could fail, and let her slip from the eternal circle, chaos would be the result.

Had he not been outraged by injustice, he might have obediently moved in his orbit round the majesty of the throne, satisfied with the glory of being the brightest of its satellites.

417 examples of  orbit  in sentences