9647 examples of ordinary in sentences

On ordinary occasions his hat was tilted to the back of his head, and when in a jocular humour he cocked it knowingly over one eye.

THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND HIM On one particular Sunday in August, a brilliant sunny, breezeless day, such a day as would under ordinary circumstances conduce to certain drowsiness even in the most piously disposed, the church-goers of Little Branston were preternaturally alert, if not quite so attentive as usual.

You see, there ain't such a lot that happens to other people occurrin' on a ranch, and we was really more excited over Aleck and his girl than a tenderfoot would be over a gun fight, and for the same reason; it was out of our ordinary.

Sometimes a patient Chinaman, flappin' of the flies with his pigtail, will industrusly manufacture that same per schedule out of common, ordinary lead, and, by exercisin' the art of gildin', almost whip-saw people by the name of Scraggs, if so it hadn't 'a' been their gardeen angel moved 'em to try a sample with the edge of a knife.' "Was I warned?

Now, if some good, honest man, yet not quite so honest as all that, wanted to turn a dollar, he could buy two thousand dollars' worth of them bills for one hundred ordinary cold money.

I don't suppose that lady could hit a barn with a rock, unless she was inside of it, under ordinary conditions; but I'll bet she didn't miss one out of a possible ten that night.

He'd gone and got married so ordinary it wouldn't attracted nobuddy's attention, only he was so overjoyed to find that I took sides with him that he sasshayed gayly forth for firewood and cut himself in the small of the back with the ax.

Thus the Ideal of an ordinary taste is not so high as that of a person whose standard of beauty is superior, and the two will be very distant from the image conceived by the pen, the chisel or the brush of a great artist.

A missionary, passing through Solesmes, said to him: "As for you, I don't know what you will turn out, but you will never be an ordinary man!"

If he tried to demonstrate the bases of his system and its rational evolution in ordinary words, the ignorant would not understand him and the learned would not deign to listen.

I think this is probably due to the ordinary influence of ebb and flow, and should not be attributed to those eddyings of the waters.

Nothing is more vulgar than a coarse ordinary scent; and of all coarse, ordinary scents, the most objectionable are musk and patchouli.

Nothing is more vulgar than a coarse ordinary scent; and of all coarse, ordinary scents, the most objectionable are musk and patchouli.

High and narrow, and very broad and shallow glasses, are used for champagne; large, goblet-shaped glasses for burgundy and claret; ordinary wine-glasses for sherry and madeira; green glasses for hock; and somewhat large, bell-shaped glasses, for port.

The duties of hostess at a dinner-party are not onerous; but they demand tact and good breeding, grace of bearing, and self-possession in no ordinary degree.

A woman of sense has as much right to be annoyed by the one, as a lady of ordinary education by the other.

22 BOBBIN WINDING MACHINE WITH HANKS] Precisely the same principles are adopted for winding the ordinary 9 in.

; the latter is thus, to all intents and purposes, a very large bobbin upon which 500 threads are wound at the same time, instead of one thread as in the ordinary but smaller bobbin or reel.

A common speed for ordinary-sized jute is from 18 to 22 yards per minute.

FABRICS] H.An ordinary "HESSIAN" cloth made from comparatively fine single warp and single weft, and the threads interlaced in the simplest order, termed "plain weave."

If necessary, the surface speed of the middle or steam-heated roller may differ from the others so that a glazed effectsomewhat resembling that obtained by ordinary ironingis imparted to the surface of the fabric.

For ordinary calender finish, the surface speed of all the rollers is the same.

Warping, beaming and dressing mill Washing Waste teazer Weaves or designs Weaving Weaver's lease Weeding of plants Weft winding Wilton carpet Winding (bobbin) machine from hank (large roll) machine (ordinary size from hanks) machine rolls and cops World's great war.

This toast was the ordinary piece of bread scorched on both sides.

On ordinary occasions, where the speakers are of much the same rank, order will be determined mainly by subject.

9647 examples of  ordinary  in sentences