41 examples of orientales in sentences

[Footnote: We have only the guide's authority for the name.] and Céciré near Bosost, and the Pyrénées Orientales beyond, finished the magnificent chain.

But we did not stay to enjoy this enviable position long; and passing on, endeavoured to realise that we were no longer in France by fixing our eyes on the Pyrénées Orientales; we could also see the Poujastou (6332 ft.)

MOLITG-les-Bains (1480 ft.).Built on a terrace above the Castellane Gorge in the Pyrénées Orientales, 5-1/2 miles from Prades and 31 from Perpignan.

PERPIGNAN.A large town on the river Tet, in the Pyrénées Orientales, junction for Prades (station for Vernet), from the Toulouse line and starting-point of the coach for Amélie; 132 miles from Toulouse, 25 1/2 from Prades, 29 1/2 from Molitg, 32 1/2 from Vernet, and 23 1/2 from Amélie.

Route 9.Via Issoudun, Argenton, Limoges, Nexon, Brives, Rocamadour, Assier, Figeac, Villefranche, and Tessonières: the quickest and best route for the Pyrénées Orientales, and resorts of Vernet, Amélie, &c. From Bordeaux to Arcachon.

Nam vltra fines orientales eius Imperij, et terrestram Paradisum, nullus hominum habitat vel domitatur.

Versus Orientales partes Indorum consistit magna regio

[4802]Cubebis in vino maceratis utuntur Indi Orientales ad Venerem excitandum, et

"Les Orientales."

Orientale 1930.

Nouvelles orientales.

MARQUES-RIVIERE, JEAN. Amulettes, talismans et pantacles dans les traditions orientales et occidentales.

Canzone orientale.

Canzone orientale.

Canzone orientale; piano.

Nouvelles orientales.

MARQUES-RIVIERE, JEAN. Amulettes, talismans et pantacles dans les traditions orientales et occidentales.

How, for instance, in Les Orientales, that exquisite little gem, Sarah la Baigneuse, flashes and sparkles with light!

Les Orientales, Le dernier jour d'un condamné, Marion de Lorme, and Hernani followed in quick succession.

Les Orientales.

Those were the days when the author of "Les Orientales," in his legend of the "Two Archers," spoke of "That holy hermit who moved stones By the sign of the cross."

"Les Orientales...."

PERPIGNAN (28), a town on the Têt, 7 m. from the sea; a fortress in the French department of Pyrénées-Orientales; has a cathedral of the 14th century and a bourse in Moorish-Gothic, and manufactures wine and brandy; belonged originally to Aragon; was taken by France in 1475, and retaken, after restoration to Spain, in 1642, since which time it has belonged to France.

77 Pulmonaria angustifolia Narrow-leaved Lungwort l.b. 78 virginica Virginian ditto l.b. 79 Borago orientalis Eastern Borage l.b. 80 Symphytum orientale Eastern Comfrey l.b. 81 - asperrimum Siberian ditto c.m.

314 Actea racemosa American Herb-Christopher c.m. 315 Podophyllum peltatum Duck's-foot, or May-apple c.m. 316 Chelidonium laciniatum Cut-leaved Celandine c.m. 317 Papaver orientale Oriental Poppy c.m. POLYANDRIA DIGYNIA.

41 examples of  orientales  in sentences