4070 examples of ornamented in sentences

Punch's establishment ran on four wheels, and was ornamented with a number of daubs representing Union Jacks and Royal Standards, which formed the framework of an alarming portrait of the Prince of Wales, from which adornment one might be led to suppose that on some previous occasion His Royal Highness had patronized the stall.

The smoky background was presently ornamented with German socks, and Arctic socks (a kind of felt slipper), and mucklucks, each with a stick run through them to the toe, all neatly planted in a row, like monstrous products of a snow-garden.

Strings for fastening his bands or collar which were in the seventeenth century frequently ornamented with tassels, cf. Selden, Table-Talk (1689): 'If a man twirls his Bandstrings'; and Wood, Ath.

Mounting the tarred road, the wayfarer bore slightly to the right along the original village street; bating the aggressive "fronts" of one or two commercial innovators, this was old, calm, serene, gray in tone and restful, ornamented by three or four

The town was square, and although it looked much smaller than real-estate agents' maps indicated, it was ornamented by four wooden churches, a Y.M.C.A. like a temple, and an ambitious public hall.

Know that the "schaska" is a sword hung from a bandolier trimmed with studs and silver embroidery, that the "kindjall" or "kandijar" is a dagger worn in the belt, that the armament of the soldiers of the Caucasus is completed by a long Damascus gun ornamented with bands of chiseled metal.

Cook found considerable beauty of drawing and skill of workmanship in the ornamented weapons and war-canoes of the islanders of the South Sea; and in the interior recesses of India, sculptures and paintings, of no common merit, are found in every village.

Parts of tracery ornamented with small arches and points, are termed Feathered, or Foliated.

Spaces, either plain or ornamented, between an arch and the square formed round it.

Ornamented open work over stalls; and generally any minute ornamental open-work.

It is characterized by semicircular, and sometimes pointed, arches, rudely ornamented.

" There are Seven Plates and a Vignette, and a glazed, ornamented cover which will withstand the wear and tear of the little play or book-room.

"Snuffers and trays are also articles of extensive production, and the latter are ornamented with landscapes, etched by a Sheffield artist, on a resinous varnish, and finished by being dipped in diluted nitric acid for a few seconds or minutes.

[Footnote 60: Ornamented with pearl-shaped beads of a metal resembling brass.]

I counted the stupid pattern on the braid that ornamented the inside of the brougham.

The terrace gardens are ornamented with statuary, and the grounds lead down to the water's edge, where there are sea baths and a private pier.

Here there is a remarkably fine oriel window, richly ornamented with carving.

There is no mention of where it was printed, but at the bottom of the title-page is the following notice: "Compared with the high Dutch copy, and corrected in many places, and ornamented with beautiful copper plates.

The principal facade, that which fronts Commerce Dock, from which it is separated solely by a garden laid out on Mâture Place, is the most attractive and most ornamented.

And, leading the way, he began to point out the public and private apartments, the state dining-room, with its handsome service of silver plate, the view of the large gardens from the windows, the reception-hall, the doorways, the great staircase ornamented with sculptured salamanders, for Monsieur de l'Avongeac's ancestors had built the house during the reign of François I. and had adorned it everywhere with the King's insignia.

"In many a crude effort, destroyed almost as soon as composed, I had got over any such taste as I might have had for ornamented and decorated composition, and come to prefer what was plain and homely."

Near the window stood a toilet table, inlaid with different kinds of wood and ornamented with plates of copper, supporting a crooked mirror in a frame of which the gilding had turned black.

Egmont, wearing a crimson tabard, a short black cloak embroidered with gold, and a hat ornamented with black and white plumes, stood in a haughty attitude, as if facing the square and the people.

At the end of this thoroughfare our unconscious guide plunged into a still darker and fouler impasse, hung across from side to side with rows of dingy linen, and ornamented in the centre with a mound of decaying cabbage-leaves, potato-parings, oyster-shells, and the like.

But here is a rapier with a hilt of ornamented steelwhere did this come from?" I had purposely led up the conversation to this point.

4070 examples of  ornamented  in sentences
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