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1055 examples of  outfit  in sentences

1055 examples of outfit in sentences

Fuel we did not need, as we had included a small oil-stove among our outfit, and the weather was fine and warm.

Buy a good, stout farming outfit, two or three serviceable horses, or mules, a portable house made in sections, a few cattle, a case of fever medicineand then go out to the far West upon Government-land.

His outfit was not more conspicuously meagre than O'Flynn's, yet the Irishman was held to be the moneyed man of his party.

I am devoting a special chapter to the outfit for travellers, and will therefore deal in this chapter with the route only.

This is the minimum sum necessary to pay his fare from Seattle to Juneau, purchase his outfit and supplies for one year and pay his necessary expenses in the gold region for that length of time.

The traveller having arrived in Juneau from Seattle, a journey of 725 miles by water, immediately purchases his complete outfit as described in another chapter.

From Dyea, which is the timber-line, he packs his outfit to the foot of the Taiya Passthe length of which to the summit is about 15 miles.

He must now carry his outfit up the Pass, which he generally does in two or more trips according to the weight of his outfit, unless he is able to hire Indians or mules; but so far there are very few Indians to be hired and still fewer mules.

He must now carry his outfit up the Pass, which he generally does in two or more trips according to the weight of his outfit, unless he is able to hire Indians or mules; but so far there are very few Indians to be hired and still fewer mules.

At Lake Lindeman he commences to make his boat, for which he has brought the proper supplies in his outfit, with the exception of the timber, which he finds at Lake Lindeman.

He should let his boat drop down the river guided by a rope with which he has provided himself in his outfit and which should be 150 feet long.

This done, I paid them off, and set about getting my outfit across the lake, which I did with my own party and the two Peterborough canoes which I had with me.

"After getting all my outfit over to the foot of Lake Lindeman I set some of the party to pack it to the head of Lake Bennet.

"I employed the rest of the party in looking for timber to build a boat to carry my outfit of provisions and implements down the river to the vicinity of the international boundary, a distance of about 700 miles.

My boat was finished on the evening of the 11th of July, and on the 12th I started a portion of the party to load it and go ahead with it and the outfit to the caรฑon.

They had instructions to examine the caรฑon and, if necessary, to carry a part of the outfit past itin any case, enough to support the party back to the coast should accident necessitate such procedure.

The members of my party who were in charge of the large boat and outfit, went down the east side of the lake and reported the depth about the same as I found on the west side, with many large rocks.

"Mr. Campbell went on down the river until he met the outfit for his post on its way up from Fort Yukon, which he turned back.

Men who are thinking of going to the Klondyke regions and taking a trip of this character for the first time, will do well to carefully read the chapter on "Outfit for Miners."

It is a great mistake to take anything except what is necessary; the trip is a long arduous one, and a man should not add one pound of baggage to his outfit that can be dispensed with.

You will find a list of the implements for the miner in the chapter on "Outfit for Miners.

Old miners have learned from experience to value health more than gold, and they therefore spare no expense in procuring the best and most varied outfit of food that can be obtained.


The following tools should he brought as part of the outfit:These will be found absolutely necessary to build a boat at Lake Lindeman: 1 jack plane, 1 whip saw, 1 cross-cut saw, 1 axe, 1 hatchet, 1 hunting-knife.

Big money can be made by bringing a small outfit over the trail this fall.

" "Have you any notion of the cost of an outfit such as is required to print a modern daily?" asked Arthur.

"The outfit shall be my contribution to the enterprise.

"Hunt up the best supply house and have them send me a complete outfit to print a daily newspaper.

The outfit for a modern daily will cost a small fortune.

Our truck will require a pretty big place, for Marvin said one freight car wouldn't hold all the outfit.

"It's to be a daily paper, you know," continued Mr. Merrick, "and it seems there's a lot of machinery in the outfit.

" Over the long-distance telephone Mr. Marvin reported that he had bought the required outfit and it was even then being loaded on the freight cars.

On Monday, when the news spread that two big freight cars had arrived at the Junction, and Nick Thorne began working three teams to haul the outfit to Millville, the rest of the town abandoned all business other than watching the arrival of the drays.

Three rounds of ammunition for each one, sufficient corn bread to make a single meal, and hunting-knives, completed the outfit.

We're to have from the plunder gotten out of St. Leger's camp all we may need in way of an outfit, so that we'll really show up before the commander equipped for service without cost to the colonies.

The first voyage was undertaken with John Cabot's own resources, the second with the royal authority to take six ships and their outfit on the same conditions as if for the King's service.

Fact is, I'm afraid I'm goin' to be right smart bothered with a bunch o' thieves who'd like to steal my outfit from me!" Steve fairly gasped.

"Steal your outfit from you?"

Consequently, they had purchased a complete little outfit of aluminum cooking vessels that nested within each other and weighed next to nothing, while offering all the advantages of ordinary granite ware.

I'll outfit a party and send them in for you.

" Then Aunt Alice and Patty put their heads together in a most sensible fashion, and ordered a kitchen outfit that would have delighted the heart of any well-organised housekeeper.

Mother had cherished for years her ideas for her baby's outfit.

Mr. Heatherbloom had noticed that the yacht was provided with the wireless outfit.

At noon of August 22 Blake and outfit started for his shooting grounds at the eastern end of the sheep range, and shortly after my outfit was under way.

At noon of August 22 Blake and outfit started for his shooting grounds at the eastern end of the sheep range, and shortly after my outfit was under way.

We at once lunched, and, putting our light outfit in one of the boats, rowed up to the head of the lake.

Why, we can even take a little camping outfit with us, and make coffee on the road, carrying sandwiches, too.

For Mr. Dawson had once ridden for the Cross-in-a-box outfit.

If you think that other outfit is gonna watch you pick daisies in their front yard without doing anything, you got another guess.

Next morning counted the cattle Saw the outfit ready to start, Saw all the lads well mounted, And their swags put in a cart.

"After the show the whole outfit cleaned all the makeup off except behind the ears and took it on the lope for Alla's domicile.

He had exchanged Tommy's picturesque outfit for some garments of his own, more in keeping with his new and dignified position.

It was very similar to a wireless telephone outfit which Tom and Jack had employed not long back, and by the use of which they could actually talk with an operator similarly equipped, even if standing on the earth a mile below their plane.

" "And a handy outfit," said Whitey.

Then there is a supporting battery of guns, 6, 7, or 8 inches in diameter of bore, and finally a secondary battery of smaller quick-firing guns, throwing shells of from 1 pound to 20 or 30 pounds weight, and added to these there may be a torpedo outfit as well.

She has now 12,000ยฃ for herself and the Princess, out of which she pays interest and insurance upon 12,000ยฃ she borrowed on the Duke of Kent's death for her outfit.

"Be not in haste," Canim cautioned her, as she began to strap the meagre camp outfit to her pack.

" "We'll help you," offered Joe, and then, with the catalogue of a moving picture supply house before them, the boys sat down to plan what sort of an outfit would best be suited to the needs of Mr. Alcando.

With a tentative list of what he needed, Mr. Alcando went to write a letter to his railroad officials, asking them to order his outfit for him.

They had looked upon the approaching conflict with Perris as a bitter pill that must be swallowed for the sake of the Valley of the Eagles outfit.

About day after to-morrow Bucks' organ, the Tribune, will come out with an 'inspired' editorial whitewashing the entire capitol outfit.

He don't remember how she was dressed except in white and he had a "new outfit too.

Once on the upper Abitibi you were stopped by a man named Herbert, who warned you from the country, after relieving you of your entire outfit.

By sunrise the rebels numbered fifteen, part of whom were mounted, and their outfit comprised a few firearms.

He bought one of the handsomest fishing rods he could find, with line and reel, and artificial flies, and everything necessary to make a perfect outfit for a fisherman.

He watched the boy in amazement for awhile, and then asked him how it was that one, with so fine a rod and line, could catch no fish, while he with his poor outfit was catching so many.

I was as proud of my outfit as the modern hunter is of his $500 gun and expensive accompaniments.

We put in an hour or two watching a moving-picture outfit photographing imitation Indians.

Your people are apt to provoke them by being too outspoken, but I left special orders for the good treatment of yourself and outfit.

A rule made by Brigham had limited each cart's outfit of clothing and bedding to seventeen pounds.

Impressions The more I think of our sledging outfit the more certain I am that we have arrived at something near a perfect equipment for civilised man under such conditions.

"The expenses incident to an outfit is surely no object.

"The expenses incident to an outfit are surely no object.

A shirt with the tail always floating, and a pair of pantaloons of dirty cotton or yellow flannel, according to the season, constituted his entire outfit.

When the traces of their days upon the road had been removed, and they were garbed again in the conventional costume of the world; when their outfit had been put away, and a home found for patient Croesus; the artist went to his studio.

They found that the wireless outfit was a rusty weather-vane that creaked.

I suppose, Mrs. Julaper, you'll send to Jos Fringer for the poor fellow's outfit.

"There is indeed but little left for me to do, as the outfit will be perfect now, with a few more experienced leaders.

We are very far from saying this because of his exuberant outfit of powers and gifts; because of his versatility, his sympathetic nature, his eager interest in all that interested his fellows, his inexhaustible and ready resources of thought and speech, of strong and practical good sense, of brilliant or persuasive or pathetic eloquence.

Little Jack Rabbit coloring outfit, no.60.

Platt & Munk Co., Inc. (PWH); 3Jun58; R215626. Little Jack Rabbit coloring outfit.

The Hash Knife outfit.

The Hash Knife outfit.

The Hash Knife outfit.

The Hash Knife outfit.

His wife had received a handsome outfit from her father, at the time of her marriage; but she was destined to see one article of furniture after another seized to pay the military fines, which were alike abhorrent to her heart and her conscience.

The other outfit made by the boys, which, except the elaborate box and stand, was an exact duplicate of the Hooper receiver, was taken to the Brown cottage.

" "Then Jim Snider and his outfit are on the trail by this time," declared the ranchman.

"Where do you suppose we are the most likely to strike the outfit from the Three Stars, at home or in Tolopah?" asked Mr. Wilder after a time.

I'm going to get Jim Snider and his outfit.

Also have him pack some bacon, sugar, coffee, crackers and doughnuts, enough to last the Half-Moon outfit a week.

" "And tell my outfit to make less noise," added Mr. Snider.

"That's the Half-Moon outfit, sure enough," declared Snider.

One has the sense of living at a tremendously high mental pressure; of impressions, emotions, sensations crowding upon the mind; of one's whole meager outfit of memory, of poetic equipment, and of imaginative furnishing being unequal to the demand made by even the most hurried tour of the great buildings, or the most flitting review of the noble massing of the clouds and the hilly seas.

Each person was buried with implements, weapons, ornaments,no doubt those actually used in life, with a full outfit of household pots and pans, and with a supply of food.

We sent in our own outfit, wagon, horses, and men, two weeks before.

Why, there's men in this outfit right now that couldn't have greased my wagon that year.

Most of my outfit took to the water, and kept the cattle from drifting downstream.

We were by this time three quarters of a mile apart, when the boss of their outfit was noticed riding out toward us.

What a piece of luck to have you to coach him up in it!" "I dare say Rosamond can tell me lots of wrinkles for my outfit," said Charles.