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290455 example sentences with  outing

290455 example sentences with outing

Canoes had been collected on the shore of Winnipeg, handy if it should be decided that they all should go for an afternoon outing on the water.

She well knew that when Mary had cooled down she would return, and it was often amusing to see the way in which she would attract the children's attention to her, peering around tree or corner, and then come meekly walking in with them as though they had only been for a pleasant outing of an hour or so.

Neither could she bear the thought of the two children returning from another day's outing with their neat clothing and pretty faces soiled and dirty.

I heard, too, that while we were away, cases of machinery had arrived and been delivered there, and that active work of some sort had been going forward ever since," rejoined Roy, who was clad in white tennis flannels, with white shoes and an outing shirt, set off by a dark-red necktie.

Their shopping tour was a gay affair, because it was their last outing.

When a motor-bus comes and takes off a group of officers for the day, and brings them back at night, one would scarcely imagine that they had been to a cricket match, or on the annual outing.

I don't believe in letting young ladies work when I take 'em on an outing.

It was for this reason that Mr. Brookes Ormsby, looking for a comfortable resort to which he might take Mrs. Brentwood and her daughters for an outing, hit upon the expedient of going first in person to Breezeland, partly to make sure of accommodations, and partly to check up the attractions of the place against picturesque descriptions in the advertisements.

Pressed to give a reason for her dissatisfaction, the younger sister might have been at a loss to account for it in words; but Elinor's desire to cut the outing short was based upon pride and militant shame.

He had the utmost tenderness of animal life and had no sympathy with sport in any form,he "named the birds without a gun,"and when we were making up the outfit for the outing he at first refused to take a rifle; but, as the discussion of make, calibre, and quality went on, and everybody else was provided, he at length decided, though no shot, to conform, and purchased a rifle.

She has bought an outing hat without strings, trimmed with fluffy white, she takes her work out under the trees in a basket, and has given up tying her head in a thin and a thick veil every time she drives out.

From sheer nervousness Nyoda began twisting up her felt outing hat in her hands.

"I told her that you had got business there, and that I was going with you just for the outing," he said.

I once heard a young girl, about to take her summer outing, when asked by her grandmother if she had all the dresses she needed, reply, "Oh, yes!

She had been sulky ever since we had come home from our autumn outing in the Catskills, a sulkiness caused by her resentment of what she chose to consider the indiscreet interest taken in me by Robert Gordon, the mysterious millionaire whom I had discovered to be an old friend of my parents.

A summer outing in the Adirondacks.

It was a very uncomfortable revelation, considering that Isa might have given her cousin my sovereign, but no doubt she did not think that proper, as I had meant it to be spent for this outing.

2 Once, for some reason of his own, and when he had got some money in an unexpected way, Rucker took my mother and me to Oneida for an outing.

Father, mother, and six or seven children in one party, with the air of cheerfulness and light-heartednessan air of those who have no burdens to carry, and no bills to pay, which characterises the Continental middle class on its Sunday outing.

LIBRARIANS AT PLAY No man of feeling will grudge the librarians of the universe their annual outing.

* * * * * MY CLUB PRICE $3.00: WORLD'S WORK or BOOKLOVERS MAGAZINE ..................... $3.00 or OUTING, $3.00; or BURR McINTOSH MONTHLY, $3.00; or CURRENT LITERATURE, $3.00; or ART INTERCHANGE, $4.00; or REVIEW OF REVIEWS.

OUTING ..................................................

But though the outing was feasible and well planned, it was not to be.

This girl who came into our office that July Saturday, just in time to interfere with the outing Bob Brownley and I had laid out, and who was destined to divert my chum's heretofore smooth-flowing river of existence and turn it into an alternation of roaring rushes and deadly calms, was truly the most exquisite creature one could conceive of, I know my thought must have been Bob's too, for his eyes were riveted on her face.

Relieved is the word, for from the minute he had put Miss Sands into the carriage until then, it was evident even to my wife that his thoughts were anywhere but upon our outing.

But their visits to the city do not civilise them; the outing only broadens the horizon of their views in regard to foreigners, and makes them more ambitious to secure one, and see what he is like, and cut off his ears, and get his money.

The LunetaFavorite Outing Grounds of Manila, and a Place for Executing Insurgents 96.

At length he said: "You're going out for an outing, Mr. Daniels?" Buck Daniels started violently at the sound of this voice behind him, and whirled upon the doctor with such a set and contorted expression of fierceness that Byrne jumped back.

Pojangmacha, outing at night" (오늘 어때?

The story was told on a summer outing to three little girls.

Chelsea’s defensive problems had come in for scrutiny once again following a Premier League outing at the weekend that saw them held to a 3-3 draw by Southampton.

Continuing a recent high street style streak, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a £349 navy coat by Hobbs over a vibrant red dress from Zara for the outing.

Daniel Craig makes his final outing as 007 in No Time to Die, co-written by Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Daniel Craig’s final Bond outing, which was originally set to be released globally on 1 April, has been pushed back to November.

After their impressive outing in the IPL opener against reigning champions Mumbai Indians, the Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings will be up against Steve Smith-led Rajasthan Royals in their.

For a rookie that only started four games in his collegiate career at USC and had 9.5 points per outing, that was impressive.

For the outing on Tuesday, Maxima was dressed in a chic brown Saint Laurent houndstooth cape over a white jumper, which she paired with a black midi skirt, black heeled boots, black leather gloves, and a matching handbag.

Go figure, what could be Kaufman’s potentially most accessible work to date is also going to be a weird genre outing.

Golden Oldies kicked off the year on a good note as they gathered on their monthly outing on January 8 at Apple Tree in New Redruth.

Health Minister Stephen Miles has not ruled out a link between Mr Turner's death and the Rockhampton aged care nurse who went to Blackwater for a sunset outing.

Herein lies the greater complications of SpongeBob SquarePants' latest outing: instead of bringing 2003 to 2020, the game takes 2020 to 2003.

Also, this is where Meghan Markle threw her lavish three-day spinster outing with her friends before her wedding with Prince Harry in 2018.

Although we love Far Cry 5, the previous outing for the series is one of our favourite first-person shooters and remains the better of the two.

America's Got Talent" returned with a new episode on Tuesday, September 8. The new outing brought season 15 semi-finals featuring the performances of 11 acts, including two wildcard acts.

A miner, of Dazzell Scheme, East Coast Demerara, was yesterday granted bail after he was charged for stealing from his partner when they booked a room for a three-day outing together at a hotel in Georgetown.

In an outing against the Minnesota Twins a ground ball hit Holmes in the foot.

In a separate outing, Ben and Ana with a cook at the restaurant La Corte del Principe.

And Gerrit Cole said his next outing will be five days from Wednesday, which likely lines him up for an inning Monday night at home against the Pirates.

And now, thye have had a desert day outing.

It’s been 10 years since his last outing but Gus Dury, never one to be backwards at coming forwards, is back and on ranting good form.

Its release date is still yet to be determined, but fans and newcomers should anticipate Team Cherry's second outing regardless of the wait.

It would make sense, with Sean Connery making his first outing as Bond nearly 60 years ago, it stands to reason that it hasn't always been the same man but rather a series of men who have taken on the moniker of Bond.

Kaia Gerber starts off her day with a trip to the Dogpound gym on Thursday (January 30) in West Hollywood, Calif. The 18-year-old model showed off her midriff in a white zip-up hoodie and black leggings for her outing.

Kelly Dodd, seen here during a previous outing, has been on vacation in Mexico with her fiance Rick Leventhal.

Kenta Maeda, who threw 115 pitches in his last outing, has been pushed back a day and will start the first game against Cleveland on Monday.

Lee was with the squad on Saturday as they enjoyed a 4-1 win over Margate in a pre-season friendly and will be looking to feature in their next outing.

Mukesh Paranthaman, 15, found form in his second online outing as a Fiji rep when he scored 4.5/7 in the previous session of Sharp vs Wise.

“My actions following a golf outing on Sept. 26 were foolish,” Dorran said in a statement to KUMA-News.

“My first start was a back-field start technically, so that’s really the two- or three-inning outing that I would have had in a regular game,” Keuchel said.

On the national front, Osimhen has become the Super Eagles undisputed arrowhead scoring two goals in his last outing in the 4-2 away win against Lesotho while missing the recent two friendlies due to covid19 restrictions at Napoli.

On Wednesday, from Las Vegas, Trump will fly to Rancho Mirage, California, to billionaire Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison’s estate, which includes a private golf club, where his campaign is hosting a golf outing and fundraiser.

's machismo Avengers return for their biggest outing yet to take down Mel Gibson's rogue former Expendable.

Sophomore Zack Bubany recorded a career-best 11 point outing.

Sunday’s outing represented the junior left-hander’s first appearance of the season and the eighth of his Gopher career.

The fact that rounds don’t cost the earth here makes it perfect for an outing after work, while Spoons’ usual solid selection of beers and spirits is on offer.

The new couple's first public outing comes less than a month after being spotted grabbing coffee together in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The New Year’s Eve fete was the mainstay for some and the prelude to a late night outing for others.

The president will then travel to billionaire Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison’s Rancho Mirage estate, which includes a private golf club, where his campaign will host a golf outing and fundraiser.

The prime minister has been forced to denounce some of his son’s behavior, like a particularly lewd outing to a strip club with wealthy friends.

The Three Lions were 1-0 losers against Denmark in their last outing in the competition, seeing them drop to third in League A Group 2, equal on points with the Danes and two off leaders Belgium.

This powerful colt had a training setback early last season but showed his wellbeing when winning by seven lengths on his second outing at Kempton in December.

This reasonably leads students to worry about whether they belong—worries that can be exacerbated when they experience social adversities, like a bad grade on a test or getting left out of a social outing."

This was the first real outing for Roman Reigns in heel form, and we saw a very different Reigns in the ring.

Thomas finished with six catches for 124 yards and two fourth-quarter scores — the most productive outing of his underwhelming 2019 season (more on that later).

Thuney sustained and ankle injury in the last outing.

Virat Kohli (3 off 11 balls) had another poor outing.

“Yes, it’s a product, it’s a decoration that you put in your home, but getting a real tree involves the choosing, the hunting for it, the family outing.

You deserve a break every once and a while—a chance to spend time with each other and enjoy an outing together.

Zack Wheeler took the high road, opting not to rub in his strong outing against his former team.

Enjoy your vacation or weekend outing at Whitepine Cottage.

Following up on Saturday's aborted outing, I headed out to a small town in the middle of nowhere to check out this two-classroom school.

For them, it was a wonderful outing.

From the standard outing packages which include green fees, cart fees, and range balls to the great snacks at our snack bar, we will address all your needs.

Generally there is at least one outing associated with each of the 6 units of inquiry.

He’ll enjoy the outing with you as much as the shoes.

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If you want to join our shopping outing PLEASE contact us ASAP!

In fact, the Rawdon drive was my very first outing by car, once I had my driver's license.

And, they're comfortable enough to meet the demands of any outing.

My favorite outing though was the horse trek.

An exclusive 520-acre island paradise in Muskoka, Bigwin Island is a perfect outing for a meal or round of golf located in the Lake of Bays.

My last outing made a ton of mistakes and overlooked so much and this time I wanted to make sure I had remembered the tech stuff, composition is a whole other matter for night shots for me.

Pair this with shorts and sneakers for the last remaining days of sunshine on a casual afternoon outing.

Sweeeeeet, a very special local outing!

That was a good outing.

The last outing will be to see the Fly Over Canada’s Halloween Show; I can assure you the show will not be scary!

The Wallaceburg Antique and Motor Boat Outing (WAMBO) organization was organizing the inaugural Otter Creek Jam Fest on Aug. 2 and 3. Tickets for the festival are still available at ottercreekjamfest.

“We have to reset following our last outing.

What type of boots will you be wearing on our next winter outing, and why?

Whether it’s a day on the lake with the family, an outing in your canoe, or floating down a gentle stream in an inner tube the Universal PFD will not let you down.