7 examples of outpaced in sentences

The Austrian began to rise, but the Italian outpaced him and got right above him, and pressed him gradually down towards the ground.

The seven other players followed upon his heels outpaced and outplayed.

Twenty or thirty little girls all dashing down together practising turns as they go, or making as straight down as they dare in their effort to outpace their rivals.

I cut one down and outpaced the other.

He could outpace the safe-guarding mail, save waterand take the chance of being shot in the back from the forward vestibule of the Naught-seven when he had gained lead enough to make a main-line stop safe for the men behind him.

There is a very thin light fall of snow crystals, but the surface deposit seems to be abating the evaporation for the moment, outpacing the light snowfall.

Every rumor of defeatand the news of some fresh defeat came dailywas her arraignment; impotently she cowered at God's knees, knowing herself a murderess, whose infamy was still afoot, outpacing her prayers, whose victims were battalions.

7 examples of  outpaced  in sentences