410 examples of outsiders in sentences

"Well, my suspicions that those Leithcourts were utter outsiders turns out to be about correct.

"We outsiders are liable to look on society folk as we would on a cage of monkeysbecause we're so very ignorant, you know, and the bars are really between us."

" Outsiders, when asked what was going on in POLLY's store, always answered with a wise look, "POLLY ticks."

Corbetts and Hawtreys and Markhams and people were all very well; but they were outsiders.

"Certainlyby outsiders.

Why, everybody knows of the speculatin' in land around Altacoola, and everybody knows it ain't outsiders that's doin' it.

The outsiders (members of the "third house") and the insiders have a bond of freemasonry uniting them; they exchange information as to what members of both houses can be "reached," how they can be "got to" (through whom) and how much they want.

Of course, I've had my ups and my downs, like other people,preachers and doctors and storekeepers,they all have them, and I guess the downs are more amusin' than the ups, at least to outsiders.

"Were the Germans going to make a summary example of me to warn outsiders to cease prowling around the war zone?"

We had read her lament on the death of sociability and back yards with many a smile, and a sigh also, for to one born in the pool, every ripple that stirs it must be of importance, and it is impossible for outsiders to urge her to step out of the eddies altogether and begin anew, for New Yorkitis seems to be not only a rarely curable disease to those who have it, but an hereditary one as well.

All outsiders are to be destroyedeven the Persian and Turkish women, who hate their liege lords too well.

Outsiders believe in the "twelve o'clock rule," but insiders know that, as a matter of fact, it is suspended as often as an Irish member in the '80 Parliament.

He thus acquires an extraordinary influence which he consolidates amongst outsiders by occasional lapses into a fury of critical honesty and abuse.

He would set out the Goods in a Manner that showed it to be something of a Come-Down for him to be compelled to Wait on Outsiders.

At the time, many outsiders supposed that all the militia who were at the Cowpens fought in the battle; but this is not asserted by any one who knew the facts.

Of course the officer's public influence was speedily destroyed when he once undertook such operations; he could no longer do justice to outsiders.

It could not do justice as between its own citizens, and it was quite incompetent to preserve the peace between them and outsiders.

Many people did not understand the laws on the subject, or hoped to evade them; and the hope was as strong in the breast of the hunter, who made a "tomahawk claim" by blazing a few trees, and sold it for a small sum to a new-comer, as in that of the well-to-do schemer, who bought an Indian title for a song, and then got what he could from all outsiders who came in to dwell on the land.

To outsiders the craving of the backwoodsman for whiskey was one of his least attractive traits.

Mr. Cullen and Albert tried to come too, but all outsiders were excluded by order of the "court."

it is a delight to me and has been grossly traduced by ignorant or envious outsiders.

Those outsiders are conjectured to have originated in the earlier colonists subdued by the Milesians and reduced to an inferior condition.

When people work as hard as we do, a little contact with outsiders is stimulating.

Since many outsiders were expected, everybody was anxious to uphold the honor of the village.

He was the tribe's vassal, whom they petted and plundered as the mood led them, but whom they protected against outsiders.

410 examples of  outsiders  in sentences