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410 examples of  outsiders  in sentences

410 examples of outsiders in sentences

Clotho replied: "Upon my word, I did wish to give him another hour or two, until he should make Roman citizens of the half dozen who are still outsiders.

At the end of the first fortnight our three friends had begun to find their feet at Ronleigh, and the sense of being "outsiders" in everything was gradually wearing off as they grew more intimate with their schoolfellows.

" "The Millville people may," said Arthur, slyly, "and perhaps the disguise will be penetrated by outsiders.

But in catering for the public, it is the outsiders alone that seem to be consulted, the careless passer-by, who for once will pause a moment to commend or to sneer at the faรงade,not the persons whose lives for years, perhaps, are to be affected by the internal arrangement.

So much for the situation as it appears to outsiders.

Jeffrey and Brougham were seethed in their own milk; and outsiders, whose credentials were still being examined, as Moore and Campbell, came in for their share of vigorous vituperation.

Later she adds her testimony to that of all outsiders at this time, as to the graces and genuine worth of the object of his choice.

"I think, Gordon, that one or two of those fellows with Leithcourt are rank outsiders," he said confidentially to me one night after we had had a hard day's shooting, and were playing a hundred up at billiards before retiring.

"Well, my suspicions that those Leithcourts were utter outsiders turns out to be about correct.

And one of our most notorious modern exceptions is the married woman who is pleased to hold herself excused because outsiders tell her that her husband does not understand her.

Of course it may with outsiders.

Speaking as one of the hundreds of millions of "rank outsiders" in public affairs, I do not mean to respect any peace treaty that may end this war unless I am honestly represented at its making.

a fight!" came from the crowd, and soon Tom and Koswell were surrounded by a number of students and some outsiders.

The population of the Lebanon consists of a Christian sect called Maronites and the Druses, the latter a people with a secret religion the esoteric teachings of which are known only to the initiated, and never divulged to outsiders.

These things take more time to work up than outsiders would believe.

The kind of stories outsiders tell to new-comers.

"We outsiders are liable to look on society folk as we would on a cage of monkeysbecause we're so very ignorant, you know, and the bars are really between us."

The clerical notion is, that pew rents, as well as texts; must be stuck to; and if those who pay and listen quietly acquiesce, then it becomes a simple question of "so mote it be" for outsiders.

It is used two or three times a year, and if outsiders happen to get a whisper of an intended dipping, curiosity leads them to the chapel, and they look upon the ceremony as a piece of sacred fun, right enough to look at, but far too wet for anything else.

They were determined to "keep the thing warm," and to let outsiders know that if they were not a large, they were a lively, body.

She could not bring herself to apply to outsiders for information, and there was no one to take up her case and make enquiries on her behalf.

" Outsiders, when asked what was going on in POLLY's store, always answered with a wise look, "POLLY ticks."

Outsiders don't know all about them, You have to explain thethe'horse.

Of course we'd do anything in the world rather than see youleft to outsiders.

Wherever the local merchants are not easily able to be interfered with by outsiders, as in the coal-trade, they form a more or less closely compacted ring for the maintenance of common terms, raising and lowering prices by agreement.

If the upper strata of low-class workers are enabled to organize, and, what is more difficult, to protect themselves against incursions of outsiders, the position of the lower strata will become even more hopeless and helpless.

There was nothing personal at all in the attitude of the Guard towards the outsiders; which recognition was a great stride toward mutual understanding and final high regard.

In the afternoons he was too busy to see outsiders, but, beginning with five o'clock in the afternoon until he went home somewhere in the neighbourhood of midnight, he always was glad to see his friends.

Corbetts and Hawtreys and Markhams and people were all very well; but they were outsiders.

"Certainlyby outsiders.

Why, everybody knows of the speculatin' in land around Altacoola, and everybody knows it ain't outsiders that's doin' it.

The outsiders (members of the "third house") and the insiders have a bond of freemasonry uniting them; they exchange information as to what members of both houses can be "reached," how they can be "got to" (through whom) and how much they want.

We speak of "my kind" and "the other sort," of Those who Understand, of Impossibles, and Outsiders.

Decide cases which are brought before you by outsiders, but do not pretend to notice conduct that receives no outspoken censure from any one, except irregularities not consonant with public interest.

Though he supported such a large standing army to fight in your behalf, he let the soldiers be troublesome to none of his own countrymen but rendered them to outsiders most terrifying guardians, to the people at home unarmed and unwarlike.

"Waubenoo herself was too sensible to gratify their idle curiosity, but the very return of her brightness, and her unwillingness to talk about the matter, only added to the foolish desires of outsiders to find out what had really occurred.

The visitors at Rood Hall had come back to London full of the event, and were proud of giving a detailed account of the affair to outsiders.

"Nobody knows how such tales are started, but they appeal to optimistic outsiders who like to think they've got a secret tip.

This force should be employed night and day in watching the remaining inhabitants and outsiders.

Of course, I've had my ups and my downs, like other people,preachers and doctors and storekeepers,they all have them, and I guess the downs are more amusin' than the ups, at least to outsiders.

One morning, however, he was stopped by the darwรกn (doorkeeper) who told him gruffly that the "Bara Babu did not like to have outsiders hanging about the office".

The difference in Austria-Hungary was that correspondents saw these things, and the battle-fields and captured cities, not as mere outsiders, picked up from a hotel and presently to be dropped there again, but as, in a sense, a part of the army itself.

"Outsiders can't get behind the curtain.

For hadn't they given all their brain and muscle to building up an athletic club that should be a credit to the town and a terror to outsiders!

Then they all grew excited, and both the outsiders and the insiders pulled at once, until the luckless fat boy thought they were trying to make twins of him, and howled for mercy.

The selling of dry-goods is another department in high art about which the ignorance of outsiders is ineffable.

Success in the jobbing-business makes such demand on talent and capacity as outsiders seldom dream of.

But these narrow circles are often much more intolerant of every effort on the part of the master to depart from the program he has sworn to, than are outsiders.

Outsiders looked with a kind of new, half-jealous respect on these privileged few who had so suddenly become the "General's party."

"I understand they suspected him from the firstseems our surgeon recognized himand to-night they had outsiders watching him.

The outsiders claim they saw him slip himself an ace from the bottom of the pack.

"Never take outsiders into your confidence in intimate matters like that.

In those talks it was all the rest of the people of the world who were the outsiders.

"Were the Germans going to make a summary example of me to warn outsiders to cease prowling around the war zone?"

Rev. F.B. Meyer, in speaking on "Twentieth Century Evangelism," at Bradford, England, in 1902, made a plea for "the institutional church, the wide outlook, more elastic methods, greater eagerness to reach and win outsiders, more varied service on the part of Christian people, that the minister of any place of worship should become the recognized friend of the entire district in which his chapel is placed.

She wove for all on the place and some special pieces of cloth for outsiders.

"And when their green husks were removed, and their brown shells cracked at the master's table, they discovered that the most valuable part of them was what could not be seen by outsiders, and could only be brought to light by the master's hand.

Thus the gentes often received outsiders, who were not related by blood to the gens; and such people or their descendants could marry within the gens.

We had read her lament on the death of sociability and back yards with many a smile, and a sigh also, for to one born in the pool, every ripple that stirs it must be of importance, and it is impossible for outsiders to urge her to step out of the eddies altogether and begin anew, for New Yorkitis seems to be not only a rarely curable disease to those who have it, but an hereditary one as well.

A few outsiders are sometimes asked to the more general of these festivities, friends of city friends who have places hereabout, the clergy and their wives, and, alas, the Doctor's daughter; but society-colonies do not intend associating with the-natives except purely for their own convenience, and when they do, pay no heed to the code they enforce among themselves.

To be able to adapt oneself temporarily to the presence of outsiders in a house is a healthy habit, but to adjust a family to do it permanently is to lose what can never be regained.

All outsiders are to be destroyedeven the Persian and Turkish women, who hate their liege lords too well.

They sailed about to many quarters, adding to their band all of like condition, and some of these, after the fashion of allies, assisted many others.[-21-] How much they accomplished with the help of the outsiders has been told.

Meanwhile there were shrill sounds of wailing over each one of the exiles even from outsiders, and insatiate floods of tears.

He was not a regular attendant, but one of those casual outsiders who are admitted to laboratories that are not completely full.

For those who were in the swim this was a matter of congratulation; straddling, we would cry, "We want no blooming outsiders coming along interfering with our magazine.

Outsiders believe in the "twelve o'clock rule," but insiders know that, as a matter of fact, it is suspended as often as an Irish member in the '80 Parliament.

So long as defence of life and preying on outsiders were main concerns of society, unanimity and conformity had the same value which still attaches to military discipline in warfare and to team work in our sports.

There have been since his death various attempts to appreciate a character manifestly of such depth and interest, yet about which outsiders could find so little to say.

He thus acquires an extraordinary influence which he consolidates amongst outsiders by occasional lapses into a fury of critical honesty and abuse.

He would set out the Goods in a Manner that showed it to be something of a Come-Down for him to be compelled to Wait on Outsiders.

Toward outsiders the strictest abstinence was observed, and this fact, which has long been overlooked or misunderstood, explains the prevailing idea that before the coming of the white man the Indians were both chaste and moral, while the contrary is the truth.

"My son," he said, "never go on a journey alone; do not associate with low people, for if you do no one will respect you; never confide a secret to your wife; do not tell outsiders the affairs of your house; do not let village affairs go beyond the village street, and never get into a rage.

The missionaries called themselves United Brethren; to outsiders they were known as Moravians.

This last point is curious as showing how instantly and naturally the colonists succeeded not only to the lands of the Indians, but also to their habits of thought; regarding intrusion by outsiders upon their hunting-grounds with the same jealous dislike so often shown by their red-skinned predecessors.

They were able to impose but slight checks on ruffianism that was aimed at outsiders.

At the time, many outsiders supposed that all the militia who were at the Cowpens fought in the battle; but this is not asserted by any one who knew the facts.

Of course the officer's public influence was speedily destroyed when he once undertook such operations; he could no longer do justice to outsiders.

It could not do justice as between its own citizens, and it was quite incompetent to preserve the peace between them and outsiders.

Many people did not understand the laws on the subject, or hoped to evade them; and the hope was as strong in the breast of the hunter, who made a "tomahawk claim" by blazing a few trees, and sold it for a small sum to a new-comer, as in that of the well-to-do schemer, who bought an Indian title for a song, and then got what he could from all outsiders who came in to dwell on the land.

Sometimes these attacks were made on the authority of the Gazette; at other times they appeared in the form of letters from outsiders, or of resolutions by the various Democratic societies and political clubs.

To outsiders the craving of the backwoodsman for whiskey was one of his least attractive traits.

Mr. Cullen and Albert tried to come too, but all outsiders were excluded by order of the "court."

There is a sense, then, in which philosophic theism makes us outsiders and keeps us foreigners in relation to God, in which, at any rate, his connexion with us appears as unilateral and not reciprocal.

Besides, the British public has said to all and sundry outsiders: "Hands off the navy!"

it is a delight to me and has been grossly traduced by ignorant or envious outsiders.

My quarrel with the criminal was a personal one in which no outsiders must be allowed to meddle.

Marster would let us work at odd times for outsiders an' us could use de money for anything us pleased.

Those times were the link between what we are now, so changed in many ways, and the original impulse given at Oxford; but to those times I am as much of an outsider as most of the foremost in them were outsiders to Oxford in the earlier days.

Those outsiders are conjectured to have originated in the earlier colonists subdued by the Milesians and reduced to an inferior condition.

When people work as hard as we do, a little contact with outsiders is stimulating.

These two kinds are equally effective as against the claims of outsiders, but the rights of those inside the circle of ownership differ.

For example, the rights of one shareholder against another, or the rights of one member of a family as against another, are not the same as the rights against outsiders.

The capital may be supplied either by the members, individually or collectively, or may be borrowed from outsiders, who are thus merely passive investors.

I don't think that outsiders ever understand how essential it is to maintain your rights.

The best influences in the world arise not from individuals but from groupsand there is no sort of reason why groups should spoil their intensive qualities by trying to admit outsiders.

Since many outsiders were expected, everybody was anxious to uphold the honor of the village.

Privacy could not be maintained in a house built for a family of five made to do duty for twelve, with one bath-room, thin-walled bedrooms with connecting doors through which the light streamed when one wished to sleep, and words frequently came not intended for outsiders.

"They don't want any outsiders to know any thing about it.

He was the tribe's vassal, whom they petted and plundered as the mood led them, but whom they protected against outsiders.