2863 examples of outwards in sentences

He would make his approaches with quick step, and with elbows evenly bent outwards.

Arrived at the bottom, he would go forward with quick step, his elbows evenly bent outwards, back to his position, constrainedly reverent in every movement.

The "Bomo" dance is followed with scarce a pause by the "Lewa," a kind of festal revel, in which the dancers move inwards and outwards as they circle round; and this in turn yields place to the "Bondogaya" and two religious figures, the "Damali" and "Chinughi," which are said when properly performed to give men the power of divination.

A memorial tower has been erected here, 250 feet high, with great avenues of cypresses radiating outwards from it.

To turn the imagination not inwards, but outwards; to give it a class of objects which may excite wonder, reverence, the love of novelty and of discovering, without heating the brain or exciting the passionsthis is one of the great problems of education; and I believe from experience that the study of natural history supplies in great part what we want.

Through the hilus the renal artery passes into each kidney, and from each hilus passes outwards the renal vein, a branch of the inferior vena cava.

Near its outer portion are a number of fine hairs slanting outwards to prevent the entrance of insects.

Outwards he was fashioned plainly, Loose o' joint an' blamed ungainly, But I'd give a lot if I'd Been built half as fine inside.

The cold became very severe, and Mangu-khan sent us three fur coats, with the hair outwards, which we thankfully received; but we represented that we had not a house in which we could pray for the khan, our cottage being so small that we could scarcely stand up in it, neither could we open our books on account of smoke, after the fire was lighted.

It rose in one column of 60 or 70 feet high, and broad at the base, resembling a stumpy sheaf with jagged masses of spray spreading out at the sides, and seemed to grow outwards till I almost feared that it was coming to us.

Copies of this poster had also been fixed, face outwards, on the two curtainless black windows, to announce to the Market Square what was afoot in the top storey over the ironmonger's.

As I have said, in my earliest memory, I mind that I stood in an embrasure, high up in the side of the Pyramid, and looked outwards through a queer spy-glass to the North-West.

But a stone of that size must have made such a pocket bulge outwards.

* There are moments in life when our senses obtain a higher and rarer degree of clearness, apart from any particular occasion for it in the nature of our surroundings; and explicable, rather, on physiological grounds alone, as the result of some enhanced state of susceptibility, working from within outwards.

HIND-QUARTERS AND HIND-LEGSVery muscular, hocks well let down, stifles moderately bent, and not twisted inwards or outwards.

The lower arm is slightly bent inwards, and the feet should be turned slightly outwards, giving an appearance of "crooked" legs approximating to the cabriole of a Chippendale chair.

The upper part of the air pump communicates with a small cistern S, called the hot well, through a valve opening outwards and called the delivery valve.

" It might be perfectly safe for a practised climber, but Juliet's heart was in her mouth when she reached the projecting corner of cliff where the ledge narrowed to a bare eighteen inches and the rock bulged outwards as if to push off all trespassers.

It was really a sort of crevasse in a tilted berg parallel to the original surface; the strata on either side had bent outwards; through the back the sky could be seen through a screen of beautiful iciclesit looked a royal purple, whether by contrast with the blue of the cavern or whether from optical illusion I do not know.

It is the power to do that, to turn, and to keep turned, one's thoughts outwards that the care-ridden need; and Christ will show us how it may be ours.

And in the orderly-room was much hurried consulting of Captain Ross-Ellison's well-trained subaltern and of drill-books; and a babel of such questions as: "I say, what the devil do I do if I'm commanding Number Two and he says 'Deploy outwards'?

With a rush the leaves stream outwards, thickening the air, whirling round and round; the tree-tops bend and sigh, the blast strikes them, and in an instant they are stripped and bare.

Mounting the ladder he forces the knife with both hands into the hay, making a square cut which bends outwards, opening from the main mass till it appears on the point of parting and letting him fall with it to the ground.

But it is so difficult to build a dome rightly that Italy, the land of domes, is covered with the ruins of those churches whose domes gradually, slowly, thrust outwards till the walls on which they rested gave way and the church was in ruins.

Follow one of these volutes with your eye from its centre outwards, taking all its congeries of lines into companionship; you find your sympathies at once strangely engaged.

2863 examples of  outwards  in sentences