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2863 examples of  outwards  in sentences

2863 examples of outwards in sentences

He would make his approaches with quick step, and with elbows evenly bent outwards.

Arrived at the bottom, he would go forward with quick step, his elbows evenly bent outwards, back to his position, constrainedly reverent in every movement.

The patterns of the grinding-teeth of Plagiolophus are similar to those of Anchitherium, and their crowns are as thinly covered with cement; but the grinders diminish in size forwards, and the last lower molar has a large hind lobe, convex outwards and concave inwards, as in Palueotherium.

The "Bomo" dance is followed with scarce a pause by the "Lewa," a kind of festal revel, in which the dancers move inwards and outwards as they circle round; and this in turn yields place to the "Bondogaya" and two religious figures, the "Damali" and "Chinughi," which are said when properly performed to give men the power of divination.

A memorial tower has been erected here, 250 feet high, with great avenues of cypresses radiating outwards from it.

The next position is when one ear lops outwards, and the other stands erect: rabbits of this kind possess but little value, however fine the shape and beautiful the colour, although they sometimes breed as good specimens as finer ones.

The hollows of the ears, in a fancy rabbit of a first-rate kind, should be turned so completely backwards that only the outer part of them should remain in front: they should match exactly in their descent, and should slant outwards as little as possible.

After the one remaining bone is removed, draw the wings and legs back to their proper form, and turn the fowl right side outwards.

When the asparagus is done, dish it upon toast, which should be dipped in the water it was cooked in, and leave the white ends outwards each war, with the points meeting in the middle.

The door opened outwards, and the first visible piece of evidence was that some violence had been exercised in forcing open the door on the occasion of some one making his or her escape from the building, for the staple into which the bolt of the lock had been thrust showed that the door had been locked on the inside, and that the person coming from the premises must have used considerable force in breaking through.

To turn the imagination not inwards, but outwards; to give it a class of objects which may excite wonder, reverence, the love of novelty and of discovering, without heating the brain or exciting the passionsthis is one of the great problems of education; and I believe from experience that the study of natural history supplies in great part what we want.

The mighty neck came down square from the ears and curved outwards into shoulders, which had lost nothing at the hands of the local artist.

Deltoid. carries arm outwards and upwards. Biceps. flexes elbow and raises arm.

Through the hilus the renal artery passes into each kidney, and from each hilus passes outwards the renal vein, a branch of the inferior vena cava.

Near its outer portion are a number of fine hairs slanting outwards to prevent the entrance of insects.

Thus, one fold, the free edge of which is formed of a band of elastic fibers, passes horizontally outwards from each side towards the middle line, at the level of the base of the arytenoid cartilages.

Outwards he was fashioned plainly, Loose o' joint an' blamed ungainly, But I'd give a lot if I'd Been built half as fine inside.

The third day after this, being the feast of St Brice, 13th November, we received our passport, and a letter sealed with the emperor's own seal; and going to the emperor's mother, she gave each of us a gown made of fox-skins, having the hair outwards, and a linen robe; from every one of which our Tartar attendants stole a yard, and from those that were given to our servants, they stole a full half.

With these they make their winter garments; and they have always at least two fur gowns, one of which has the fur inwards, and the other has the fur outwards to the wind and snow; which outer garments are usually made of the skins of wolves, foxes, or bears.

The cold became very severe, and Mangu-khan sent us three fur coats, with the hair outwards, which we thankfully received; but we represented that we had not a house in which we could pray for the khan, our cottage being so small that we could scarcely stand up in it, neither could we open our books on account of smoke, after the fire was lighted.

[Sidenote: outwards,] then yours.

I visited the West Gate, where I found a stream of people moving outwards, and was told by the officer that this goes on from morning to night.

It rose in one column of 60 or 70 feet high, and broad at the base, resembling a stumpy sheaf with jagged masses of spray spreading out at the sides, and seemed to grow outwards till I almost feared that it was coming to us.

Copies of this poster had also been fixed, face outwards, on the two curtainless black windows, to announce to the Market Square what was afoot in the top storey over the ironmonger's.

Then the majestic grey face turned slowly downwards upon him, and his very soul passed outwards and seemed to become absorbed in the sea of those anguished eyes.

As I have said, in my earliest memory, I mind that I stood in an embrasure, high up in the side of the Pyramid, and looked outwards through a queer spy-glass to the North-West.

presently, we saw a great number of men pass over the Electric Circle that went about the Pyramid; yet they came not to us; but went outwards towards the blackness and the strange fires and hideous mysteries of the Night Land.

After they have shed their dust, they turn themselves away outwards; and the pistil, or female, continuing to grow a little taller, is applied to the upper stamens.

The English tonnage 'cleared outwards' from our ports was for the years mentioned as follows: 1770, 703,495; 1771, 773,390; 1772 818,108.

After 1777, indeed, there was a considerable fall in the figures of English tonnage 'outwards.'

1777 736,234 tons 'outwards.' 1778 657,238 " " 1779 590,911 " " 1780 619,462 " " 1781 547,953 " " 1782 552,851 " " 1783 795,669 " " 1784 846,355 " " At first sight it would seem as if there had, indeed, been a shrinkage.

The last in the list included the crews of 'ships and vessels bound to foreign parts which are laden and cleared outwards by the proper officers of H.M. Customs.'

He gives his opinion the somersault and turns the wrong side of it outwards.

But a stone of that size must have made such a pocket bulge outwards.

* There are moments in life when our senses obtain a higher and rarer degree of clearness, apart from any particular occasion for it in the nature of our surroundings; and explicable, rather, on physiological grounds alone, as the result of some enhanced state of susceptibility, working from within outwards.

Then from a sangar lower down the line where the cliffs of the nullah curved outwards they were seen and the alarm was given.

These are hemispherical in form, and consist for the most part of coir (coco fibers); and, as if prepared by the hand of man, the whole interior is covered with an irregular net-work of fine threads of the glutinous edible substance, as well as the upper edge, which swells gently outwards from the center towards the sides, and expands into two wing-shaped prolongations, resting on one another, by which the nest is fixed to the wall.

Anger, a perturbation, which carries the spirits outwards, preparing the body to melancholy, and madness itself:

But when they were come quite close and the glare was on their faces, and they saw the gates already divide and prepare to open outwards, they said: 'Hell is a terrible city, and she is tired of cities;' then suddenly they dropped her by the side of the road, and wheeled and flew away.

An immense mass of snow-white smoke had burst up from the crater and was rising perpendicularly into the air, its rounded volumes rapidly whirling one over the other, yet urged with such impetus that they only rolled outwards after they had ascended to an immense height.

HIND-QUARTERS AND HIND-LEGSVery muscular, hocks well let down, stifles moderately bent, and not twisted inwards or outwards.

The lower arm is slightly bent inwards, and the feet should be turned slightly outwards, giving an appearance of "crooked" legs approximating to the cabriole of a Chippendale chair.

Both fore and hind legs should be carried straight forward in travelling, the stifles not turned outwards.

The upper part of the air pump communicates with a small cistern S, called the hot well, through a valve opening outwards and called the delivery valve.

The first poem in his book is "The Ha' Bible;" and the last, written a few days before his death, is still the death-song of a manwithout fear, without repining, without boasting, blessing and loving the earth which he leaves, yet with a clear joyful eye upwards and outwards and homewards.

They were three abreast; the middle one was in shafts, those on either side ran free in traces, and by dint, as the boys supposed, of long training, each carried his head curved round outwards, so that he seemed to be looking half-backwards, giving them a most peculiar effect, exactly similar to that which may be seen in ancient Greek bas-reliefs, and sculptures of horses in ancient chariots.

Then, since bending of the weakened arch causes discomfort, the feet have become turned outwards, by which the bending of the foot is reduced to a minimum; and as the left foot is the more flattened, so it is turned out more than the right.

And please note also that each has two hands on the reins, and no whip hand flung high in the air, or elbows thrust outwards, you gentlemen who are fond of painting pictures of hunting scenes for the press!

The coronary edge of the heels becomes slightly bulged outwards.

It follows, therefore, that the movement must be backwards and outwards, being especially directed outwards because of its shape and the median lacuna in its posterior halfthis latter, the lacuna, accommodating as it does the frog-stay, preventing the tendency to backward movement becoming excessive, and directing the change of form to the sides.

It follows, therefore, that the movement must be backwards and outwards, being especially directed outwards because of its shape and the median lacuna in its posterior halfthis latter, the lacuna, accommodating as it does the frog-stay, preventing the tendency to backward movement becoming excessive, and directing the change of form to the sides.

The chief function of the lateral cartilages, therefore, is to receive the concussion engendered by locomotion, which concussion is directed backwards and outwards by the pad-like plantar cushion.

In the case of the Brouรฉ slipper, it is the animal's own weight that brings about the widening of the heels, the slope or outward incline of the slipper simply causing the inferior edge of the wall at the heels to spread itself outwards instead of sliding inwards on the bearing surface of the shoe.

We say partly advisedly, for, in addition to the slope upon the outer side of the bar-clips, the bearing surface of the heels of the shoe is slightly sloped outwards also.

With the constant dragging in and down of the coronary cushion there is given, to the horn-secreting papillรฆ, studding both the lower third of its outer face and its lowermost surface, a distinct 'cant' outwards.

Below the lowermost limit of the coronary cushion, then, by reason of the cant outwards of the coronary papillรฆ in the situations mentioned, the horn of the wall takes a more outward direction than normal, a fact which lessens in effect the contraction as a whole really going on.

If the seating is excessive, and bearing allowed only on the wall, there is a tendency for the wall to be pushed outwards, and for the sole to drop still further.

That of the higher side is distinctly more upright than that of the lower, and runs from above downwards and inwards towards the axis of the foot, while the horn of the lower side maintains its normal direction of downwards and outwards.

According as the build above inclines the animal to 'turned in' or 'turned out' toes, so shall we have feet with a wall crooked inwards or crooked outwards; and it may be mentioned here that the evil results inflicted on the foot by ill-shaped limbs above will make themselves the more readily noticed when the animal comes to be shod for any length of time.

At the same time, the tendency to contraction of that side is counteracted by shoeing wide, and, if necessary, giving to the upper surface of that branch of the shoe what we have termed elsewhere a 'reversed seating'viz., an incline of its upper surface from within outwards.

Where a marked tendency to contraction is found, as is often the case with quarter-crack, then the shoe with the clips may be rendered more marked in its operation by giving to the outer face of each clipthat face applied to the bara slope from above downwards and outwards.

The weakened bars and the thinned sole, meeting with no opposition from the frog, give downwards and inwards with the body-weight at the precise moment these movements should be directed mainly outwards.

The supreme principles in man are turned upwards to God, the middle principles outwards to the world, and the lowest principles downwards to self, 269.

As a finale, the soldiers form a circle, face outwards, then advance towards the boxes, preserving their circular order, which they extend, until they approach close enough to climb up to the benches.

Besides, in Clayton's fern the fronds are broader, blunter and thinner in texture, and the segments more rounded; the fronds are also more inclined to curve outwards.

Each fertile frond springs up at first outside the sterile ones, but is soon surrounded and overtopped by them and finds itself in the center of a charming circle of green leaves curving gracefully outwards.

It set no spires to carry warnings, for no wind brought messages of alarm as it bulged outwards to the sun and stars.

The greater weight in this part corrects any tendency in the spire to push outwards the upright walls of the octagon; so well has it done this that no artificial helps, such as iron stays or bands, have been found necessary to add to its stability.

With a roar half the house toppled outwards into the street, blocking it completely.

" It might be perfectly safe for a practised climber, but Juliet's heart was in her mouth when she reached the projecting corner of cliff where the ledge narrowed to a bare eighteen inches and the rock bulged outwards as if to push off all trespassers.

We will not presume that an immortal being at this stage of the nineteenth century would make the mistake, when he had occasion to tuck up his shirt-sleeves, of turning them outwards, so that every five minutes they would be tumbling down with a crash of anathemas from the wearer.

The immense solidity and compactness of the structure precludes the danger of accident, each of the sides being arched outwards, so that the heaviest pressure only strengthens the whole.

It was really a sort of crevasse in a tilted berg parallel to the original surface; the strata on either side had bent outwards; through the back the sky could be seen through a screen of beautiful iciclesit looked a royal purple, whether by contrast with the blue of the cavern or whether from optical illusion I do not know.

It is the power to do that, to turn, and to keep turned, one's thoughts outwards that the care-ridden need; and Christ will show us how it may be ours.

*** During the last air raid the windows of one house were blown outwards, the plaster and ceiling fell, and doors were thrown off their hinges, and yet the occupanta womanexperienced surprise on hearing that the house had been struck by a bomb.

They have the gift, also, of self-analysis and self-expression, so that they are able to translate their emotions into vivid words, whereas our own men are taciturn for the most part about their side of the business and talk objectively, looking outwards, and not inwards.

And in the orderly-room was much hurried consulting of Captain Ross-Ellison's well-trained subaltern and of drill-books; and a babel of such questions as: "I say, what the devil do I do if I'm commanding Number Two and he says 'Deploy outwards'?

To preserve my head, I made me a cap of goat-skins, with the hair outwards to keep out the rain; which indeed served me so well, that afterwards I made me a waistcoat and opened-kneed breeches of the fame:

With a rush the leaves stream outwards, thickening the air, whirling round and round; the tree-tops bend and sigh, the blast strikes them, and in an instant they are stripped and bare.

Mounting the ladder he forces the knife with both hands into the hay, making a square cut which bends outwards, opening from the main mass till it appears on the point of parting and letting him fall with it to the ground.

But the back of the house was still more ravishing than the front; surrounded by great brick walls, curving outwards, lay a grassy garden, with huge box-trees at the sides, and in the centre many ancient apple-trees in full bloom.

If two men were together, one always watched while the other worked, ate, or drank; and they sat down back to back, or, if there were several, in a ring, facing outwards, like a covey of quail.

But it is so difficult to build a dome rightly that Italy, the land of domes, is covered with the ruins of those churches whose domes gradually, slowly, thrust outwards till the walls on which they rested gave way and the church was in ruins.

After a few weeks it returned again, and the same medicine repeated, upon which she recovered, and for some months was brought to be in a tolerable state of health, only the region of the spleen much swelled; and at some times, when the bone moved outwards, as it visibly did to sight and touch, was very painful.

Thus fixed and founded in the real, that tide turned once again, flowing outwards and sweeping before it all the barriers in its way.

In order to push Tierce well, the Hand being gone first, taking the Feeble with the Fort, turning down the Nails, and the Wrist a little outwards, not too high or low; in order not to give Light above or below, the Body must bend more forward and inward than in Quart; the Left Hand should extend itself in Tierce, because it ought, in all Cases, to be conformable with the Right, except that it is lower.

To parry a Thrust made with the Fort to the Feeble, you must turn the whole Hand, carrying it a little outwards, raising the Point, in order to avoid the Adversary's taking your Feeble, and at the same time take His.

If a Thrust be made on the Middle, or Fort of your Sword, you need only turn the Hand, carrying all the Blade equally outwards.

Sir, I saw my Lady Constance smile as she went out: I am confident she's angry but from the teeth outwards: you might easily make fair weather with her, if you could get the money you promised her, but there's the devil Lov.

Along the sides of these paths, certain large thorns, which grew on a tree in that country, were stuck into the ground with their points outwards; and the path itself being serpentine, as before mentioned, if a man should attempt to approach the hut at night, he would certainly have struck upon these thorns.

Yes, and it opens outwards like a tent, Guarding the sacred poll from skies injurious.

Nothing can be more suitable for its purpose then the "Workman's Stool:" the seat is precisely like that of a modern kitchen chair (all wood), slightly concaved to promote the sitter's comfort, and supported by three legs curving outwards.

This is of oak, with turned skittle-shaped legs slanting outwards, and connected and strengthened by plain stretchers.

Follow one of these volutes with your eye from its centre outwards, taking all its congeries of lines into companionship; you find your sympathies at once strangely engaged.

The older streets have the usual congested appearance of a small country town, but more spacious thoroughfares are now spreading outwards in every direction.

The trick of making a grand sweep from the top of the head downwards is usually found in the Madonna pictures, where a cunningly placed veil carries the line usually to the sloping shoulders, or else outwards to the point of the elbow, thus introducing the triangular scheme to which Giorgione was particularly partial.

They are attracted, but in a less degree, and so are driven outwards by the heavy bodies; which being done, they stop, and are kept by the earth in their own place.

The mast is stepped with an outward inclination into one of three or four holes in a narrow shifting board in the bottom of the canoe, and is secured near the top to a slender stick of similar length made fast to the outside part of the outrigger; a second pole is then erected stretching diagonally outwards and secured to the outer one near its centre.

The lower incisors were wanting, and the upper ones had coalesced and grown downwards and outwards, forming an irregular dark protruding mass which I at first took to be a quid of betel.

At the upper part it is blown outwards, but inwards at the lower part; in the middle, scarcely any draught of air, one way or other, is perceptible.