2044 examples of ovens in sentences

Brick ovens are generally considered the best adapted for baking bread: these should be heated with wood faggots, and then swept and mopped out, to cleanse them for the reception of the bread.

Iron ovens are more difficult to manage, being apt to burn the surface of the bread before the middle is baked.

In many modern stoves the ovens are so much improved that they bake admirably; and they can always be brought to the required temperature, when it is higher than is needed, by leaving the door open for a time.

The ovens are very large, and not heated by fires under them; but a quantity of twigs of the herbs of sweet marjoram and thyme, which cover the hills in great profusion, are put in the oven and ignited.

All the ovens were heated, and the host, who was also chief cook, was preparing supper.

For the sky in these torrid latitudes is all full of clouds overhead, and as hot as any blanket, and when the sun shone forth it streamed down upon the smoking sands so that the houses were ovens and the streets were furnaces; so it was little wonder that men died like rats in a hole.

A divinity presided over bakers, another over ovens,every vocation and every household transaction had its presiding deities.

Being compelled by the continuous rain to dry my collections in two ovens before packing them, I found that my servant had burned the greater part, so that the remains found a place in a roomy chest which I purchased for a dollar at an auction.

There is no such street as he has named throughout the town, and the ovens are singularly numerous.

"But they willunt stop, for aw the dirt peat maks an' they canna get ovens hot.

Fuel is excessively high; their fireplaces constructed on the worst possible plan, looking like great ovens dug four or five feet into the wall, wasting a vast deal of heat; and then the doors and windows are far from tight; so that, altogether, Paris in winter is not the most comfortable place in the world.

They moulded them over gourds and models, and baked them in ovens.

This part of these counties have the great blessing of numerous woods: these furnish fuel, nice sweet fuel, for the heating of ovens and for all other purposes: they afford materials for the making of pretty pigsties, hurdles, and dead fences of various sorts; they afford materials for making little cow-sheds; for the sticking of peas and beans in the gardens; and for giving to every thing a neat and substantial appearance.

abhorredthe kneading troughs and ovens, the secret chambers and the couches; reeking and dissolving with the putrid deaththe pestilence walking in darkness at noonday, the devouring locusts, and hail mingled with fire, the first-born death-struck, and the waters blood, and last of all, that dread high hand and stretched-out arm, that whelmed the monarch and his hosts, and strewed their corpses on the sea.

All cooking was done in "Dutch ovens," or in "out ovens," or in the enormous fireplaces to be found in every household.

All cooking was done in "Dutch ovens," or in "out ovens," or in the enormous fireplaces to be found in every household.

Let one-and-twenty ovens be filled with bread and make one-and-twenty kettles of soup.

What did he say?" "He has commanded them to bake bread in one-and-twenty ovens and to make one-and-twenty kettles of soup.

Most of the ovens were thus placed; and in many instances the chimneys stood entirely without the buildings, even when they were attached to them.

Now I was introduced to the cook's corner with its range and ovens, its pots and pans, its side tables and well-covered shelves.

If the men's dinners have to be heated, it is easy to purchase ovens which will do all the work required by gas at a much cheaper rate than by coal, if we consider the labor and attention necessary with any coal fire.

Scarcely any of them were inhabited, as at this season of the year the greater part of the population prefer living in the open air to remaining in their small, smoky ovens of houses.

He dug a wide space for fires, erected a stone windbreak, and made two ovens out of baked mud, the like of which, and the cleverness of which I had never seen.

We used to hev' ovens in the sand together, and roast apples an' ears of corn in 'em; and we used to build cubby-houses, and fix 'em out with broken chiny and posies.

It was a happy thing it was Sunday, for, having laid in their stock of bread the day before, people were not so dependent on the bakers, half whose ovens must now be full of water.

2044 examples of  ovens  in sentences