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2044 examples of  ovens  in sentences

2044 examples of ovens in sentences

"Will Bwana Ovens make a fine box for my son?" "I will make a coffin for your son if you will let the prisoners go free," said Mr. Ovens.

"What is wrong?" asked Ovens.

" "Yes, we will," said Mr. Ovens.

"Mr. Ovens, the carpenter, who is building the mission house at Akpap, can do the work until we find someone to take your place," answered the chairman of the committee.

Some regiments had raw flour dealt them for rations and no bake-ovens to turn it into bread; some regiments had abundance of bread, but no coffee or meat rations.

Much, however, of this disadvantage is obviated by the improved construction of modern ovens, and of especially those in connection with the Leamington kitchener, of which we give an engraving here, and a full description of which will be seen at paragraph No. 65, with the prices at which they can be purchased of Messrs. R. and J. Slack, of the Strand.

With meat baked in the generality of ovens, however, which do not possess ventilators on the principle of this kitchener, there is undoubtedly a peculiar taste, which does not at all equal the flavour developed by roasting meat.

When flattened in the form of round cakes, and baked in ovens, they are called beefings; and large quantities are annually dried in the sun in America, as well as in Normandy, and stored for use during winter, when they may be stewed or made into pies.

Brick ovens are generally considered the best adapted for baking bread: these should be heated with wood faggots, and then swept and mopped out, to cleanse them for the reception of the bread.

Iron ovens are more difficult to manage, being apt to burn the surface of the bread before the middle is baked.

In many modern stoves the ovens are so much improved that they bake admirably; and they can always be brought to the required temperature, when it is higher than is needed, by leaving the door open for a time.

The ovens are very large, and not heated by fires under them; but a quantity of twigs of the herbs of sweet marjoram and thyme, which cover the hills in great profusion, are put in the oven and ignited.

Some, and particularly the sailors, perished by the smoke before the flame approached them, while others were roasted in the midst of it as though in ovens.

All the ovens were heated, and the host, who was also chief cook, was preparing supper.

For the sky in these torrid latitudes is all full of clouds overhead, and as hot as any blanket, and when the sun shone forth it streamed down upon the smoking sands so that the houses were ovens and the streets were furnaces; so it was little wonder that men died like rats in a hole.

I workedoh, how hard I workedsweating at t'e ovens, efery hour of t'e twenty-fourfor t'e ovens must not pe allowed to cool.

I workedoh, how hard I workedsweating at t'e ovens, efery hour of t'e twenty-fourfor t'e ovens must not pe allowed to cool.

Not far from this trench were the iron ovens, where the sweetmeats were cooked.

Four of these ovens were usually in use at these feasts, so that enough of the pastry might be baked to supply all.

The ovens were filled and refilled until there was no doubt about the quantity.

A divinity presided over bakers, another over ovens,every vocation and every household transaction had its presiding deities.

Perhaps, on the other hand, it saw its charter vanish, and all the money it had cost with it, its butchers' and bakers' stalls shattered, its scales carried off, its ovens destroyed, the "tumbril" for the correction of fraudulent baker or brewer destroyed.

saw the officers of justice come down upon them a second time, and make a general wreck of ovens and "tumbril," while the weights were carried off to triumphant Wallingford.

The people were bound to repair the roads without compensation, to grind their corn at the landlord's mill, bake their bread in his ovens, and carry their grapes to his wine-press.

(This does not apply to gas ovens.) Start with a hot oven, but not too hot.

It must not be forgotten that ovens are like children they need understanding.

oh, our Spanish ovens are not heated with one Bavyn.

Being compelled by the continuous rain to dry my collections in two ovens before packing them, I found that my servant had burned the greater part, so that the remains found a place in a roomy chest which I purchased for a dollar at an auction.

These serpents retire in troops, as the natives report, to certain parts of the country where white ants are found in prodigious swarms, and which, by a kind of instinct, are said to build houses for these serpents, of earth which they carry in their months for that purpose, resembling ovens, and often to the number of 150 in one place.

They have ovens, for they bake their pies; but they never ferment their meal, nor mould a loaf.

Still passing through good pastoral land, watered by numerous creeks, they crossed a river which was named the Ovens, and on the 3rd of December they came to another, named by them the Hovell, but now called the Goulburn; and on the 16th of December they reached their goal, the shore of the Southern Ocean, at the spot where Geelong now stands.

Ovens, Major. Overlanders.

There is no such street as he has named throughout the town, and the ovens are singularly numerous.

Then there is the bazaar of sweetmeats; of vegetables; of red slippers; of shawls; of caftans; of bakers and ovens; of wooden ware; of jewelry-a great stone building, covered with vaulted passages; of Aleppo silks; of Baghdad carpets; of Indian stuffs; of coffee; and so on, through a seemingly endless variety.

They are large and well-constructed works of stone, and surrounded by ruins of stables, ovens, and the rude houses of the soldiery.

The town is called Alcalร  de los Panadores (of the Bakers) from its hundreds of flour mills and bake-ovens, which supply Seville with those white, fine, delicious twists, of which Spain may be justly proud.

"But they willunt stop, for aw the dirt peat maks an' they canna get ovens hot.

The use of ovens was introduced into Europe by the Romans, who had found them in Egypt.

The man who undertook the grinding of the grain had ovens near his mill, which he let to his lord to bake bread, when he did not confine his business to persons who sent him their corn to grind.

It might have been more exciting to some readers, if I had started out with a hard and fast theory, and then discarded or warped everything contradictory to it, but it would have been a dishonest procedure for one who believes that musicians are neither saints of exaltation nor fiends of lawless ecstasy; but only ordinary clay ovens of fire and ashes like the rest of us.

Fuel is excessively high; their fireplaces constructed on the worst possible plan, looking like great ovens dug four or five feet into the wall, wasting a vast deal of heat; and then the doors and windows are far from tight; so that, altogether, Paris in winter is not the most comfortable place in the world.

It was as though he were passed through each of its scientific appliances in turnthe steam washing machine, the centrifugal steam wringer, the hot-air drying horse, the patent mangle, the gas ovens, the heating pipes, the spray baths, the model bakery, and the central engine.

Under a series of grassy terraces overgrown with olives we saw the archaic ovens and dripping wheels which produce the earthenware sold in the souks.

This green quiet hollow, where turbaned figures were moving attentively among the primitive ovens, so near to the region of flies and offal we had just left, woke an old phrase in our memories, and as our mules stumbled back over the graves of Bab F'touh we understood the grim meaning of the words: "They carried him out and buried him in the Potters' Field.

They moulded them over gourds and models, and baked them in ovens.

Near this stream Mr. Cunningham observed several of their ovens, similar to those used by the natives of Taheite.

The owners of these implements were not seen, but it was evident they were near at hand, from the recent appearance of their traces; the bones of the kangaroo and scales of fish were strewed about their fireplaces, and close by were ovens similar to those of Goold Island.

This part of these counties have the great blessing of numerous woods: these furnish fuel, nice sweet fuel, for the heating of ovens and for all other purposes: they afford materials for the making of pretty pigsties, hurdles, and dead fences of various sorts; they afford materials for making little cow-sheds; for the sticking of peas and beans in the gardens; and for giving to every thing a neat and substantial appearance.

abhorredthe kneading troughs and ovens, the secret chambers and the couches; reeking and dissolving with the putrid deaththe pestilence walking in darkness at noonday, the devouring locusts, and hail mingled with fire, the first-born death-struck, and the waters blood, and last of all, that dread high hand and stretched-out arm, that whelmed the monarch and his hosts, and strewed their corpses on the sea.

abhorredthe kneading troughs and ovens, the secret chambers and the couches; reeking and dissolving with the putrid deaththe pestilence walking in darkness at noonday, the devouring locusts, and hail mingled with fire, the first-born death-struck, and the waters blood, and last of all, that dread high hand and stretched-out arm, that whelmed the monarch and his hosts, and strewed their corpses on the sea.

All cooking was done in "Dutch ovens," or in "out ovens," or in the enormous fireplaces to be found in every household.

All cooking was done in "Dutch ovens," or in "out ovens," or in the enormous fireplaces to be found in every household.

In rushed the officer of the ovens and the four red-coated, white-wigged footmen, ready-handed, silent-footed, each intent upon his own duties.

Then, as the flames were already flickering among the pine shavings in the fireplace, the officer of the ovens placed two round logs crosswise above them, for the morning air was chilly, and withdrew with his fellow-servants.

When father went there to be head cook, all they had to cook on was big fireplaces and the big old Dutch ovens.

And these Negroes were given an abundance of the same wholesome food as that prepared for the master's family in the huge kettles and ovens of the one common kitchen presided over by a well-trained and competent cook and supervised by the wife of the master.

Let one-and-twenty ovens be filled with bread and make one-and-twenty kettles of soup.

What did he say?" "He has commanded them to bake bread in one-and-twenty ovens and to make one-and-twenty kettles of soup.

These are used for lining furnaces, ovens, flues, etc.

There is the root-digger, whose booty of mountain ovens is said to go to far Turkey to be turned into scent.

That in their ovens the pastrywomen mould, When with white meal they mix all flowers that bloom, Oil-cakes and honey-cakes.

Most of the ovens were thus placed; and in many instances the chimneys stood entirely without the buildings, even when they were attached to them.

The interest with which one reads is sustained and continuous, and you devour a two-volume inventory of stoves, grates, and ovens, with the voracity of a parish school-boy, and thenask for more.

Now I was introduced to the cook's corner with its range and ovens, its pots and pans, its side tables and well-covered shelves.

"It's the glare from the coke ovens," answered Mr. Emerson.

Those are ovens in which soft coal is being burned so that a certain ingredient called bitumen may be driven off from it.

" "That's why they make so much here," guessed Ethel Brown, who had been counting the ovens and was well up in the hundreds with plenty more in sight.

They would have spiders that you call ovens.

PUBLIC OVENS, ii. 215.

Of course most of the colonial kitchen appointments had long since disappeared; but we were glad to see, in the stone-paved bake-room, the old-time brick ovens.

And can any modern ranges bake quite as perfectly as did those colonial brick ovens?

If the men's dinners have to be heated, it is easy to purchase ovens which will do all the work required by gas at a much cheaper rate than by coal, if we consider the labor and attention necessary with any coal fire.

When these ovens are in thorough action, nothing visible escapes.

The smoke from ordinary potters' ovens is in Staffordshire a familiar nuisance.

Their squaws were with them, cooking at queer open-air ovens.

Instances have been observed where cottagers have gone to much expense (for them) to build ovens, and after baking a few batches abandoned the project.

The possums were baked in the ovens and usually with sweet potatoes in their mouths.

Scarcely any of them were inhabited, as at this season of the year the greater part of the population prefer living in the open air to remaining in their small, smoky ovens of houses.

They soaked the ear in water till it was quite soft and sour, the smell from which was exceedingly offensive; they then placed it in their earth ovens to bake, and when they partook of it they seemed to enjoy it very much.

They had also brought with them several heads, which they have the art of preparing in their native ovens, so as not to disfigure the countenance nor injure the figure tatoo'd upon them.

They were warmly welcomed, ovens were heated, food cooked, served in baskets and distributed.

I saw every process and implement employed in the construction of these pies for the market; the great tubs of pepper and spice, the huge ovens, the cooling racks, the packing room; in a word, every department and feature of the establishment.

There are 33 cemeteries, and they are remarkable, inasmuch as the bodies are buried above ground, in vaults like tiers of ovens; the ground is too wet for burial.

gave us eight towns on the other side of the Guadalquiver, several ovens, two castles, the salt works of Belinchon, and a tenth of all the money coined in Toledo, for the vestments of the prebendaries.

As soon as the sun rose the factory chimney began to smoke, the hammer broke the stone, the file bit the metal, the plough furrowed the earth, the ovens were lighted, the pump worked its piston, the hatchet sounded in the wood, the locomotive moved amidst clouds of vapour, the cranes groaned on the wharves, the steamers cut the waters, and the little barks danced on the waves dragging their nets.

I bake no bread in any of their ovens!"

He dug a wide space for fires, erected a stone windbreak, and made two ovens out of baked mud, the like of which, and the cleverness of which I had never seen.

Old-fashioned brick ovens were superior in this respect to most modern ranges.

With some ovens, it will be found an advantage in baking these gems to place them on the upper grate for the first ten minutes or until the top has been slightly crusted, and then change to the bottom of the oven for the baking.

In time of peace, the private soldier is supplied day by day with one pound and nine ounces of bread; when fighting for the Fatherland, every man is entitled to a free ration of over two pounds of bread, and field bakery trains and steam ovens for providing the large amount of bread required, form a recognized part of the equipment of the German army.

Two men were busy all day with saw and ax, reducing those logs into pieces matching the fire-places in the kitchen stove and the two glazed brick ovens in the living-room and the parlour.

There is one point, which I may perhaps advert to, and it is the square of wood with a handle, which the folk in that part of Yorkshire employed, in lieu of the ladle, for stirring, and the stone ovens for baking, which, the author tells us, occur also in a part of Surrey.

The food was cooked in the fireplace in large iron pots, pans and ovens.

And in preparation for the campaign of 1781 "much trouble was taken and finesse used to misguide and bewilder Sir Henry Clinton by making a deceptive provision of ovens, forage and boats in his neighborhood."

FURZE, GORSE, or WHIN.Is used in husbandry for fences, and is also much cultivated for fuel for burning lime, heating ovens, &c. Cattle and sheep relish it much; but it cannot be eaten by them except when young, in consequence of its strong spines; to obviate which an implement has been invented for bruising it.

We used to hev' ovens in the sand together, and roast apples an' ears of corn in 'em; and we used to build cubby-houses, and fix 'em out with broken chiny and posies.

It was a happy thing it was Sunday, for, having laid in their stock of bread the day before, people were not so dependent on the bakers, half whose ovens must now be full of water.

What between fish, birds and vegetables, with occasional delicacies in the shape of dogs and rats, they were by no means badly provisioned, and they cooked their food carefully and well, chiefly by steaming in ovens lined with heated stones.

these they heat in ovens, and so serve you hot cream for your coffee.

That establishment had large brick ovens and boilers, and the landlady, and the women she had got to help her, kept the tables always groaning under solid fare that never once flagged, being under the charge of that old campaigner, Colonel Clifford.