2044 examples of ovens in sentences

Brick ovens are generally considered the best adapted for baking bread: these should be heated with wood faggots, and then swept and mopped out, to cleanse them for the reception of the bread.

Iron ovens are more difficult to manage, being apt to burn the surface of the bread before the middle is baked.

In many modern stoves the ovens are so much improved that they bake admirably; and they can always be brought to the required temperature, when it is higher than is needed, by leaving the door open for a time.

The ovens are very large, and not heated by fires under them; but a quantity of twigs of the herbs of sweet marjoram and thyme, which cover the hills in great profusion, are put in the oven and ignited.

All the ovens were heated, and the host, who was also chief cook, was preparing supper.

A divinity presided over bakers, another over ovens,every vocation and every household transaction had its presiding deities.

Perhaps, on the other hand, it saw its charter vanish, and all the money it had cost with it, its butchers' and bakers' stalls shattered, its scales carried off, its ovens destroyed, the "tumbril" for the correction of fraudulent baker or brewer destroyed.

saw the officers of justice come down upon them a second time, and make a general wreck of ovens and "tumbril," while the weights were carried off to triumphant Wallingford.

The people were bound to repair the roads without compensation, to grind their corn at the landlord's mill, bake their bread in his ovens, and carry their grapes to his wine-press.

There is no such street as he has named throughout the town, and the ovens are singularly numerous.

The town is called Alcalà de los Panadores (of the Bakers) from its hundreds of flour mills and bake-ovens, which supply Seville with those white, fine, delicious twists, of which Spain may be justly proud.

It was as though he were passed through each of its scientific appliances in turnthe steam washing machine, the centrifugal steam wringer, the hot-air drying horse, the patent mangle, the gas ovens, the heating pipes, the spray baths, the model bakery, and the central engine.

They moulded them over gourds and models, and baked them in ovens.

abhorredthe kneading troughs and ovens, the secret chambers and the couches; reeking and dissolving with the putrid deaththe pestilence walking in darkness at noonday, the devouring locusts, and hail mingled with fire, the first-born death-struck, and the waters blood, and last of all, that dread high hand and stretched-out arm, that whelmed the monarch and his hosts, and strewed their corpses on the sea.

Most of the ovens were thus placed; and in many instances the chimneys stood entirely without the buildings, even when they were attached to them.

Now I was introduced to the cook's corner with its range and ovens, its pots and pans, its side tables and well-covered shelves.

"It's the glare from the coke ovens," answered Mr. Emerson.

Those are ovens in which soft coal is being burned so that a certain ingredient called bitumen may be driven off from it.

" "That's why they make so much here," guessed Ethel Brown, who had been counting the ovens and was well up in the hundreds with plenty more in sight.

PUBLIC OVENS, ii. 215.

When these ovens are in thorough action, nothing visible escapes.

The smoke from ordinary potters' ovens is in Staffordshire a familiar nuisance.

There is one point, which I may perhaps advert to, and it is the square of wood with a handle, which the folk in that part of Yorkshire employed, in lieu of the ladle, for stirring, and the stone ovens for baking, which, the author tells us, occur also in a part of Surrey.

The food was cooked in the fireplace in large iron pots, pans and ovens.

That establishment had large brick ovens and boilers, and the landlady, and the women she had got to help her, kept the tables always groaning under solid fare that never once flagged, being under the charge of that old campaigner, Colonel Clifford.

2044 examples of  ovens  in sentences
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