19 examples of over time in sentences

The Victor is he who, in his own life, unites these two things: a great longing after the god-like, which makes him yearn for virtue,and the divine power within him, through which and by which he is triumphant over time and death and sin.

Half the marvels of my morning, triumphs over time and space, Staled by frequence, shrunk by usage, into commonest commonplace!

One second over time, one miss of an inch, and it looked sure death.

Her thoughts leaped over time and space.

There were two uncles of the family who were also to have been free, but who had been kept over time; so they sued for their freedom, and gained it.

That affectionate heart of yours sometimes travels over time and space in a way to give its owner unnecessary pain.

As the departure of her mother and Miss Gailey had involved much solemn poring over time-tables, it happened that she knew the times of all the trains to London; to catch the next and last she would have to leave Turnhill at 5.55.

Beautiful, sublime and glorious; Mild, majestic, foaming, free; Over time itself victorious, Image of eternity.

Computer programs evolve and become more complicated over time.

These two terms express the eternity of divinity; they convey the same idea of mastery over time and the things of time, as do those words heard by the Evangelist in his vision in the isle called Patmos, "I am Alpha and Omega; I am the Beginning and the End.

With reverent hands we cleanse from grime The legend chiselled there, Which now, triumphant over time, Still proves the sculptor's care, Engraved when on this wave-girt hill The Pagan gods were potent still.

And its towers in decay; But a subtle charm still lingers Round that residence sublime, And the beauty of its story Is triumphant over time.

In homage to thyself and to thy land, Accept, I pray, these simple lines of mine; To one I offer both my heart and hand, Before the other kneel, as at a shrine. TO J.B. Within an Old World, classic vase She blossomed like a flower, And made Italian summer days Seem fleeting as an hour; Then left the antique vase in gloom, Yet o'er its edges climb Some petals, with a sweet perfume That triumphs over time.

I set down often and often to knit, and get a-thinkin' over times back, and things people said and did years ago, and how bad I felt, till I feel jest so ag'in, and I get a-cryin' till it seems as though I should screech right out, and I can't sleep, nor I can't do nothing.

With the Devil as comrade and servant he lords it over time and space, feeds on the fat of the land, travels far and wide, and does all sorts of wonderful things.

And a God there isover Space, over Time; While the Human Will rocks, like a reed, to and fro, Lives the Will of the HolyA Purpose Sublime, A Thought woven over creation below; Changing and shifting the All we inherit, But changeless through all One Immutable Spirit!

" "I don't believe in working luck over time," she answered.

I had literally become aware of the fact that I was travelling not only over land but over time.

At my question every muscle in his face, as the Princeton man in Bee's boat said, "began working over time.

19 examples of  over time  in sentences