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"Still, with all the school-masters, and all the teaching, and all the books, the ignorance of the unscientific world is enormous; they are ignorant both waysthey underrate the scientific people and they overrate them.

From Original made by Miss Emma F. Brigham in 1877] "This ignorance of the masses leads to a misconception in two ways; the little that a scientist can do, they do not understand,they suppose him to be godlike in his capacity, and they do not see results; they overrate him and they underrate himthey underrate his work.

No one can overrate this conception of migraine, for a number of men of genius have suffered from sick-headache and eye symptoms.

It was his Lordship's foible to overrate his rank, to grudge his deformity beyond reason, and to exaggerate the condition of his family and circumstances.

We cannot easily overrate the influence of those who inspire the social circle.

I have not the vanity to think myself equal to any such achievement; be assured that you greatly overrate my poor talents; Mrs. Ruscombe's affair was far beyond my slender abilities.

The intelligent novice, standing between these extremes, tends, as a rule, to overrate the efficacy of theoretical instruction, and to expect of analytic criticism more than it has to give.

When, in the following pages, I am found treating with all solemnity matters of apparently trivial detail, I beg the reader to believe that very possibly I do not in my heart overrate their importance.

Yet it would be difficult to overrate the service of the Board Schools as training grounds for manners, and anyone who has known the change in our army within twenty-five years will understand what I mean.

The importance of Garibaldi's undertaking it is quite impossible to overrate; but of what account could it have been, if the Austrians had stood to Italy in the same position that they held at the opening of 1859?

But he must be far gone in his sublimated notions of self-complacency and temporary importance who supposes that a magistrate would surrender his sense of independence, and impartiality between man and man, by assuming new and unheard-of duties, at the beck of a military functionary who happens to overrate his own, or misjudge another's position.

The fabrication of imposing and lovely façades at Orvieto, at Siena, at Cremona, and at Crema, glorious screens which masked the poverty of the edifice, and corresponded in no point to the organism of the structure, taught them to overrate mere surface-beauty.

In the same degree that we overrate ourselves, we shall underrate others; for injustice allowed at home is not likely to be corrected abroad.

But one can hardly overrate the ill consequences of this particular kind of management, this unspoken bargaining with the little circle of his fellows which constitutes the world of a man.

Me you overrate, but my wishes and my hopes you do not overrate.

Me you overrate, but my wishes and my hopes you do not overrate.

We easily overrate the estimation in which our own services are held taking what is said to us in kindness or courtesy by friends as the sober and deliberate judgment of the public; and thus it often happens that persons who in such case offer to resign, are astonished to find their resignations readily accepted.

His correspondence at this period shows that he was fully aware of the importance of the crisis, and he did not overrate it when he wrote to James Monroe, June 20, 1790, that, unless the measures of the Administration were successful, "our credit will burst and vanish, and the States separate to take care everyone of itself."

He can hardly be said to overrate the importance of one of these works,the celebrated Letters of Cortes.

If he happens to be a successful writer, his friends who become then proud of his acquaintance, flatter him, and by soothing his vanity teach him to overrate his importance, and while he grasps at universal fame, he loses by too vigorous an effort, what he had acquired by diligence and application:

It is impossible to overrate the importance of this for the history of Europe, because neither Teutons nor Slavs have preserved pictures of their own heroic past, dating from pagan times.

But you overrate our powers.

The sins of childhood are by nine tenths of mankind enormously overrated, and perhaps none overrate them more extravagantly than teachers.

not worthy of you at allnot fit to tie your shoe-latchet!" "George, you overrate me, you always did, andandyou undervalue Mr. Bainrothe, believe me; nay, I am sure you do.

FAIT POINT ACCROIRE, 'Does not make me overrate myself.' (Littré, "Accroire," 3°.} SÉRIEUX, 'Formal.' SUR LE QUI-VIVE, 'Standing on ceremony.' PLUS COMMODÉMENT, 'With less ceremony.' TU AS NOM.

Do we say   overate   or  overrate
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