Do we say overdo or overdue

overdo 60 occurrences

Young umpires, in their haste to "make good" in the major leagues, are apt to overdo rather than fail to be on time.

We shall still be ourselves, and there is no danger that we shall overdo discipline or make organization a thing to be worshipped for its own sake.

" "Don't overdo, sir.

" "Be careful not to overdo it," cautioned Uncle John.

Possible to overdo it though.

"'That is mere biliousness,' said the doctor soothingly, for he saw that the lad was highly strung, and he did not wish to overdo it.

Don't overdo it, but mix up your fiction with enough facts to keep it sweet and make it sound convincing.

Now, a not over-acute man, in pursuing such an object, would be nearly certain to overdo the matter.

One day, at court, her restless spirits rose To a defiant mood of recklessness, And half because she wanted to be true, And half because she could not act the false Except to overdo it, her clear laugh Rang out at witty words her heart disdained; Some knights, ignoble, hating noble men, Were loud decrying virtue, Gwendolaine With laugh-begetting words made quick assent To the unworthy wit

have many irons in the fire, have one's hands full, have much on one's hands; have other things to do, have other fish to fry; be busy; not have a moment to spare, not have a moment that one can call one's own. have one's fling, run the round of; go all lengths, stick at nothing, run riot. outdo; overdo, overact, overlay, overshoot the mark; make a toil of a pleasure.

" "But I shall blame too, Miss Phebe, when you overdo yourself.

What I can do, and do overdo, is to walk, but deadly long are the daysthese summer all-day days, with but a half hour's candlelight and no firelight.

This analysis of Ibsen's practice points to the factfor such I believe it to bethat what the modern playwright has chiefly to guard against is the temptation to overdo suicide as a means of cutting the dramatic knot.

"But Mamie will not let him for fear that he will overdo!" How slow the train seemed to travel!

"Be sure not to overwater P.D. after the night's ride, and don't overdo him on the final stretch, and turn him over to Galway when you arrive.

On the other hand, you can overdo the game by playing continuously; and if you have been playing all through the summer with scarcely a break, it is a good plan to rest during the winter months, taking up some other game to keep your eye in and your condition fit.

Some old play has a character in it who never ties his neckcloth without a warrant from Mr. Justice Overdo.

Most amateurs do overdo things.

Mrs. Bute Crawley, the rector's wife, was a smart little lady, domestic, politic, but apt to overdo her "policy."

He raised himself on his elbow, and peering through the crack saw his mother standing there in night-dress and short sack, shading the candle with her hand as she used when he was a little chap, to make sure that he was safe asleep and had not perhaps crept out the window to go coon hunting with the bigger boys,a proceeding his father always winked at, but which she feared would lead him to overdo and get a fever.

He must also guard against the error of multiplying emphatic words too much; for, to overdo in this way, defeats the very purpose for which emphasis is used.

SUR, as a French prefix, means Upon, Over, or After: as, sur-name, a name upon a name; sur-vey, to look over; sur-mount, to mount over or upon; sur-render, to deliver over to others; sur-feit, to overdo in eating; sur-vive, to live after, to over-live, to outlive.

If they happen to overdo it a little" "Well, if I do chuck the darn thing out what will you give me in return?" asked Peckham.

"Most Dear Lady, "I thought all went wonderfully last night, and no sign could I see of hitch or difficulty; and as for your boy, he looked a lovely little gentlemanand in his cups was perfect, not overdoing by the least touch a part always perilously easy to overdo.

A simple and sincere expression of feeling is often desirable in a toastbut don't overdo it.

overdue 71 occurrences

Isn't that better than if things would keep sticking there?" Mea, standing at the open window, was beckoning to the approaching group with lively gestures; it meant that the time for supper was already overdue.

From the wire-pullers of the Fabian Society and from the party organizers of both Liberal and Tory party alike, and from the knowing cards, the pothouse shepherds, and jobbing lawyers who "work" the constituencies, comes the chief opposition to this straightening out of our electoral system so urgently necessary and so long overdue.

I was three days overdue at camp and didn't even have my uniform.

The April, 1917, forecast showed that six had been delivered or would complete in April, ten more would complete within the estimated period, and the four remaining would be overdue and would not be delivered until July or August.

My chief recommendation, however, is that I'm eager to get a case, for my rent is sadly overdue.

" "She would probably be willing to give me a good sum for bringing it to her, say, the overdue interest.

Nagendra reluctantly applied to Priya for a refund of the loan, producing Samarendra's note of hand, which was about a year overdue.

At dusk, Woodworth was surprised by the arrival of two forlorn-looking individuals, whom he recognized as members of the Reed-Greenwood Relief, which had gone up the mountain late in February and was overdue.

How come?" "Red Perris is overdue," she said.

She became sick; the landlady had to come up and help her; the doctor had to be sent for, and he had told her that this nervous breakdown had been long overdue; she had been working under too great a strain; it only needed some shock to break her.

In any case he was overdue to die, but hitherto his amazing resolution, and that terrible strength of character that so astounded his porters, had kept him alive and moved his safari on.

Caroline read aloud: "Dear Ruth, I figure that I'm overdue back at Bill's place by about a month" "By two months," corrected Ruth soberly.

For, as I told them when they offered me a vin d'honneur on the occasion of my decoration with the Cross of the Legion, the recognition was long overdue.

But my bed-fellowunder the bedwas a detective; and he spent most of his time during the night pressing pieces of ice against my injured heels, to precipitate, as I thought, my overdue confession.

Captain Bowers, familiar with many cases of ships long overdue which had reached home in safety, still hoped, but it was clear from the way in which Mrs. Chalk spoke of her husband and the saint-like qualities she attributed to him that she never expected to see him again.

This bill has been for some days overdue, and Mr. Solomons is constrained to call upon you for payment at once.

It seemed to me that we passed more up trains than usual, but were not a moment overdue.

But it is not the millionaire who set me thinking; it is the harassed man of business; and what I am wondering is, whether, in sober truth and earnestness, it is possible for him, as he shuts his library door and finds himself inside, to forget his rebuffs and anxietieshis maturing bills and overdue argosiesand to lose himself over a favourite volume.

At that moment the Rector entered, long overdue to give them an hour in Latinan hour of which a goodly part already was gone.

The message said, quite simply: "Your monthly return of men wishing to change their religion is twenty-four hours overdue.

A heavy and long-overdue mail had been found waiting at St. Grégoire.

We are told of the call Morse made upon one pupil whose tuition was overdue because of a delay in the arrival of funds from his home.

But he had not yet begun on his last two articles, which were overdue.

Phoebe had a fine and costly piece of embroidery on hand, commissioned through an 'Art Industry' started at Windermere the summer before; but it could not be finished for some weeks, possibly months, and the money Fenwick proposed to earn during his fortnight in the North by some illustrations long overdue had been already largely forestalled.

And Jerry was some overdue.

Do we say   overdo   or  overdue