148 examples of overloads in sentences

We'll have a bite to eat, for I didn't overload my stomach this mornin', an' be all the better for a breathin'-spell.

Before night he drove into Hill City with a big overload, even for that truck, of wheat, corn, butter, eggs, chickens, sausage, apples, potatoes, and dear knows what.

Where they are new, sprinkle them with salt and water; otherwise, they overload the horse's stomach.

BLEEDING FROM THE NOSE.Many children, especially those of a sanguineous temperament, are subject to sudden discharges of blood from some part of the body; and as all such fluxes are in general the result of an effort of nature to relieve the system from some overload or pressure, such discharges, unless in excess, and when likely to produce debility, should not be rashly or too abruptly checked.

This is a mistake; for these preparations are much too solid; they overload the stomach, and cause indigestion, flatulence, and griping.

He overloads his car with orient gems, And reins his fiery horses with rich pearl.

For let us be as judicious in the process of weaning as we may, the tone of the child's stomach will be somewhat reduced, or in other words, its powers of digestion will be weakened by it; and to give it strong food, or overload it with that which is weaker, is not only unreasonable and unphilosophical, but cruel.

"Throw 'em away, we don't want to overload our stomachs anyhow.

" The two men, who came in the boat, hesitated about taking all of us at once, as we were nine in number, and with themselves might overload the boat.

"You should never overload your cake with citron.

The prodigious variety of foreign matter, introduced into that performance, seemed to overload the memory of Dr. Johnson, and, in the account of his own life, to leave him hardly visible.

If we had had "87," with a full head of steam on, we could have got through all right, even if we had to overload the market with beef.

To rear Dachshund puppies successfully you must not overload them with fatgive them strengthening food that does not lay on flesh.

Our efficiency depends so much on our concentration, that Nature usually, in the instances where a marked man is sent into the world, overloads him with bias, sacrificing his symmetry to his working power.

True to the realism which controlled Michelangelo at the commencement of his art career, the head of Christ, who is but a child, slightly overloads his slender figure.

God doesn't overload his creatures unbearably, nor does he put any stress upon them from which they cannot extricate themselves.

It was, in fact, his chief pleasure to overload the assigned spaces, in accordance with the manner of the ancients.

Cuba has, perhaps, an undue overload of officialdom, somewhat too many public officers, and quite too many people on its pay-rolls.

"The accumulating too great a quantity of knowledge at random, overloads the mind instead of adorning it.

"The accumulating of too great a quantity of knowledge at random, overloads the mind in stead of adorning it.

If "loaden," for example, is now out of use, why should "load, unload, and overload," be placed, as they are by this author, among "irregular verbs;" while freight and distract, in spite of fraught and distraught, are reckoned regular? "Rid," for rode or ridden, though admitted by Worcester, appears to me a low vulgarism.

Whatever we may think, however, of the introduction of scenes that were of sufficient importance to suggest such books as "Cloudesley" and "Guy Mannering," there can be but one opinion as to the bad taste which governed Smollett, when he consented to overload "Peregrine Pickle" with Lady Vane's memoirs; and if lucre were indeed at the bottom of the business, it assumes a yet graver aspect.

For instance, you wouldn't be bothered in the least if I took a notion to overload the office with another pretty girl....

And just as one spoils the stomach by overfeeding and thereby impairs the whole body, so can one overload and choke the mind by giving it too much nourishment.

Life cannot exist without it, and yet, that it may persist, Nature seriously overloads many machines with disastrous results.

148 examples of  overloads  in sentences