Do we say overnight or over night

overnight 303 occurrences

Not even conversion can make new habits overnight, and in his first two years at college Joe had been known to teachers and students alike as distinctly a sketchy student, wholly inexpert at concentrated effort.

With two staff officers assigned as my chaperons, I had been attached overnight to the field headquarters.

"Why," quoth Robin, "I came this morning from sleeping overnight in Sherwood.

Any shadow left overnight in his heart was sent scurrying before his new joyousness.

Was it conceivable, he argued, that a woman would do that kind of work overnight, especially as she was going to the theatre, and therefore would wish to dress in her smarter clothes?

Soak overnight in 1 qt. of the water.

If the latter, soak overnight.

Use split peas, soak overnight, and prepare according to recipe given for lentil soup.

Soak the pulse overnight, and simmer with the vegetables for 4 hours.

Wash well, and soak overnight in the water.

Wash well in several waters, drain, and put to soak overnight in the water.

Nancy had my breakfast all laid out overnight, except the coffee, and we had fixed it that I was to make up the fire, and get off without waking her, if the baby was very bad.

Some men kept fires burning in their orchards overnight; a pretty spectacle, I should think, especially where the fruit was still ungathered.

Two days before sowing, the kernels are taken out of the fruit, and steeped overnight in water; on the following day they are dried in a shady place; and on the third day they are sown in holes an inch deep in fresh, unbroken, and well-shaded forest ground, allowing six inches distance between each plant and row.

He was by no means discouraged as yet, for his week had just begunthere were still five days of grace, and prime ministers have been made overnight, nations have fallen in five days.

" The gentle moon, as she sheds her borrowed light from the blue chambers of the sky, throwing her silver mantle overnight's sable form, performs her varied evolutions without "variableness or shadow of turning."

SEE Balzac, Honore de. LEDERER, JOE. Overnight.

Regiments were continually entering the city, regiments were continually leaving it; regiments in transit disembarked overnight only to resume the southward journey by steamer or train; regiments in camp and barrack were completing organisation and being mustered in by United States officers.

Brown kept Jennings overnight, making a bed for him on his couch, where he could see the fire.

NUT ROAST Soak one-half cup of lentils overnight; in the morning drain, cover with fresh water and bring to a boil.

VEGETABLE MEAT PIE Soak one-half cup of Lima beans overnight; in the morning let them boil rapidly for one-half hour.

HERRING SALAD, No. 1 Soak four herrings in cold water overnight, and then rinse several times in fresh cold water.

To cook dried fruits thoroughly they should after careful washing be soaked overnight.

If wanted for overnight, use only one-fourth cake of yeast and an extra half teaspoon of salt.

BREAD PANCAKES Soak stale bread overnight in sour milk, mash the bread fine in the morning, and put in one-half teaspoon of salt, two eggs, two teaspoons of baking soda, dissolved in hot water, and thicken with finely sifted flour.

over night 259 occurrences

The sudden appearance of an enemy, preparing to attack him, occasioned some surprise; but his sloop mounting several guns, and being manned with twenty-five of his desperate followers, he determined to make a resolute defence; and, having prepared his vessel over night for action, sat down to his bottle, stimulating his spirits to that pitch of frenzy by which only he could rescue himself in a contest for his life.

She returned alone, saying that the nurse had detained Libbie for observation over night.

They stopped over night at a tavern, and at early dawn the stage horn awoke them, and after a hasty breakfast they were again on their journey.

Still I stayed over night with him, as there wasn't a train back.

He complained of a disorder in his stomach over night.

It seemed not improbable that at any time Julius might succeed in perfectly solving this problem over night precisely as he had solved the first problem.

"The fact is, I had thought of stopping here over night," said the midget.

"If I'd knowed you wanted to see him, I'd 'a told you to keep right on, and you could 'a stopped with Mrs Keswick over night.

One of those you wash over night with a tooth-brush, and hang on the back of your chair to dry, and there you have it next morning rejuvenesced.

A band of travellers,merchants, peasants, soldiers, who stop at the monastery over night.

He instructed her to put a poultice of red onions on the wound over night, and in the morning the seeds would come out.

"to a place, riding on a journey homeward from London, and I sent word over night into the town, that I would preach there in the morning, because it was a holyday, and methought it was a holydayes worke; the churche stode in my way, and I toke my horse and my companye and went thither.

The sedile Caesar Vopicus, in pleading a cause before the Censors, once said that the prairie of Rosea was the nurse of Italy, because if one left his surveying instruments there on the ground over night they were lost next day in the growth of the grass.

I thought a good deal of my meeting with John Rucker, and hoped fervently that I should find him absent on one of his peddling trips, in which case I meant to stay over night with my mother; and I seriously pondered the matter as to whether or not I should fight Rucker if he attacked me, as I expected he might; and Ace and I had many talks as to the best way for me to fight him, if I should decide on such a course.

We always stopped at the farm houses over night, and they were so hospitable that they gave us all we wanted free.

BAKED BARLEY.Soak six tablespoonfuls of barley in cold water over night.

Bread to be set over night requires less yeast.

SCALLOPED BEANS.Soak a pint of white beans over night in cold water.

For the same reason it is better not to pare potatoes and put them in water to soak over night, as many cooks are in the habit of doing, to have them in readiness for cooking for breakfast.

RICE AND TAPIOCA PUDDING.Soak one half cup of tapioca over night in a cup of water; in the morning drain off the water if any remains.

Evaporated peaches, soaked over night and stewed carefully until tender, then removed from the syrup, which may be sweetened and boiled until thick and rich and afterward turned over the peaches, makes a delicious pie.

WHITE CAVIAR Take roe of any fish, remove skin, salt; set aside over night.

Strain off the broth and let it stand over night.

SALT HERRING Soak salt herring over night in cold water, that the salt may be drawn out.

BROILED SALT MACKEREL Freshen the fish by soaking it over night in cold water, with the skin uppermost.

Do we say   overnight   or  over night