54 examples of owld in sentences

They're thracin' themselves to some DURPHY, O'NEILL, or McCANN, or O'TAAFFE, I'll go bail the bowld conqueror MURPHY 'S too owld to be caught wid sich chaff.

An Irishman at our side, who had been puzzling some time to comprehend the problem thus submitted to him, finally broke out: "An' may I ax ye, misther, to be koind enough to exshplain phat in the wurruld that owld roosther's doin'?" pointing to the figure of the kneeling monarch.

afther goin'?Hey, Michael, me boy, bring up yer owld rattlethrap, and take the leddy's thrunk.

I was standin' by owld Foley's gate, whin I heard the cry of the hounds coming across the tail of the bog, an' there they wor, my dear, spread out like the tail of a paycock, an' the finest dog fox ye ever seen a sailin' ahead of thim up the boreen, and right across the churchyard.

This sapient reflection in the mouth of one of these gossips, Tib, is a specimen at hand: "A-burnin' and a-burnin', and a-making o' volk madder and madder; but tek thou my word vor't, Joan,and I bean't wrong not twice i' ten year,the burnin' o' the owld archbishop 'ill burn the Pwoap out

I know not what to terme them, but for thee, Owld fornicator, that jad'st mee at home And yet can fend

"Where has the owld divil carried her?" very naturally asked the Hibernian.

" "May me owld head be scraped wid a scalping-knife, an' me hands be made into furnace-grates for being away," ejaculated the servant, as the tears streamed down his cheeks.

" "They're like the hounds in the owld country, barring they go on two legs an' don't stick their noses in the ground, nor howl whin they git on trail.

Then he leaped into the air, struck the sides of his shoes with his fingers, and broke forth: "It was that owld hunter, may purgatory take him!

Him and that owld Mahogany, what made me drunkblast his sowlhave been hid around in the woods, waiting for a chance to do harm, and one is so much worse than t'other yees can't tell both from which.

"The owld haythen assassinator!

He walked backward and forward until the good man's emotion had subsided somewhat, and then he said: "Good Master Harvey, the owld cabin is so lonely wid the form of Miss Cora gone, that it's meself that couldn't very well stay here till morning.

" "Yees might have done that, as long as ye plaised, fur me sconce got used to being cracked at the fairs in the owld country.

God plaise I may niver live here long enough to forgit owld Ireland, the Gim of the Sea.

"Woy, owld Lind sends me in to Conly to cam in to him into the board-room.

You should 'a seen the owld josser's feaches wnoy towld

My old gran'mother used to tell me, whin I refused to go to the school that was kip be an owld man as tuck his fees out in murphies and potheen,says she, 'Ah! ye spalpeen, ye'll niver be cliverer nor the pig, ye won't.'

It's a bad thing to be cross-grained," he continued, pocketing his pipe and assisting to arrange the sledge; "me owld grandmother always towld me that, and she wos wise, she wos, beyand ordn'r.

"Och! but ye're too fond o' me intirely, Doo lie down agin, and I'll sing ye a ditty?" True to his word, O'Riley sat down by the dog-kennel, and gave vent to a howl which his "owld grandmother," he said, "used to sing to the pig;" and whether it was the effects of this lullaby, or of the cold, it is impossible to say, but O'Riley at length succeeded in slipping away and regaining the ship, unobserved by his canine friends.

An' Dumps, the blaggard, is as cross-grained as me grandmother's owld pig" A general laugh here interrupted the speaker, for O'Riley could seldom institute a disparaging comparison without making emphatic allusion to the pig that once shared with him the hospitalities of his grandmother's cabin.

We 'eld the bleedin' fort," and the last effect of the departing mind upon the shot-torn, knife-slashed body was manifested in a gasping, quavering wail of "'Owld the Fort fer Hi am comin'" Jesus whispers still.

"'Owld the Fort fer Hi am comin,'" By Thy graice we will.

They do in the owld counthry.

Where's my mother and my sister?" "Miss Somers is taking her exercise, sir, and Mrs. Somers is with the owld gentleman"; opening the door, with the performance of taking father's hat.

54 examples of  owld  in sentences