561 examples of owne in sentences

Unto the Prince, but by his owne addresse: For all that els did come were sure to faile; Yet would he further none but for availe.

With that in hast, disroabed as he was, He toward his owne pallace forth did pas; And all the way he roared as he went, 1345

To hide himselfe from his owne feared thought.

If the blinde Furie which warres breedeth oft Wonts not t'enrage the hearts of equall beasts, Whether they fare on foote, or flie aloft, Or armed be with clawes, or scalie creasts, What fell Erynnis, with hot burning tongs, Did grype your hearts with noysome rage imbew'd, That, each to other working cruell wrongs, Your blades in your owne bowels you embrew'd?

Not thou, O Clarion, though fairest thou Of all thy kinde, unhappie happie flie, Whose cruell fate is woven even now 235 Of loves owne hand, to worke thy miserie!

For that his mother which him bore and bred, The most fine-fingred workwoman on ground, 260 Arachne, by his meanes was vanquished Of Pallas, and in her owne skill confound**, When she with her for excellence contended, That wrought her shame, and sorrow never ended.

The silly flie, that no redresse did see, Spide where the Eagle built his towring nest, And, kindling fire within the hollow tree, Burnt up his yong ones, and himselfe distrest; Ne suffred him in anie place to rest, But drove in Ioves owne lap his egs to lay; Where gathering also filth him to infest, Forst with the filth his egs to fling away: For which, when as the foule was wroth, said Iove, "Lo!

The subtill vermin, creeping closely* neare, Did in his drinke shed poyson privilie; Which, through his entrailes spredding diversly, Made him to swell, that nigh his bowells brust, And him enforst to yeeld the victorie, That did so much in his owne greatnesse trust.

Faire blewe the wind into her bosome right, And th'heavens looked lovely all the while, That she did seeme to daunce, as in delight, And at her owne felicitie did smile.

No worke it seem'd of earthly craftsmans wit, But rather wrought by his owne industry That thunder-dartes for Iove his syre doth fit.

I saw a thousand huntsmen, which descended Downe from the mountaines bordring Lombardie, That with an hundred speares her flank wide rened: I saw her on the plaine outstretched lie, Throwing out thousand throbs in her owne soyle**: Soone on a tree

I saw her rise, and with a larger flight To pierce the cloudes, and with wide pinneons To measure the most haughtie* mountaines hight, Untill she raught** the gods owne mansions.

These friends and editors in their preface profess thus: 'It had bene a thing, we confesse, worthie to haue bene wished, that the Author himselfe had liu'd to haue set forth, and ouerseen his owne writings;

Before my God, I might not this beleeue Without the sensible and true auouch Of mine owne eyes.

[Sidenote: 134] To make it truster of your owne report Against your selfe.

[Sidenote: of his will, but] His greatnesse weigh'd, his will is not his owne; [Sidenote: wayd]

[Sidenote: watchman] Doe not as some vngracious Pastors doe, Shew me the steepe and thorny way to Heauen; Whilst like a puft and recklesse Libertine Himselfe, the Primrose path of dalliance treads, And reaks not his owne reade.

This aboue all; to thine owne selfe be true:

I will speake of mine owne experience concerning this subject.

Fitzherbert anticipated a modern poet, Henley, in one of his most happy phrases: "Ryght so euery man is capitayne of his owne soule".

I am content, so as Ramis, when hee finds me cold in love, or hard in beliefe, hee attribute it to his owne folly; in that I retaine some nature of the Rocke he chaunged me into.... Celia.

Thy death was lately reported, And he beleevs thy death, and therfore seeketh his owne death.

Liv'd my Earine, you should have twenty, For every line here, one; I would allow 'hem From mine owne store, the treasure I had in her: Now I am poore as you.

Nations shall owne you for their Queen.

Proc., 118 (A warden of Long Newton detected to the official because "he refused to present faltes with his fellowe churchwardone, et fatebatur delationem, viz., that he wolde not present his owne wief." 1579).

561 examples of  owne  in sentences