1264 examples of oxes in sentences

When he had placed it on the ground, they served a couscous with this ox.

When he came back, the second covered himself with the ox-head.

They divided the other ox to eat it.

He planted two sticks above the water, hung the skin on the sticks, and placed the horns of the ox opposite the road.

He took an ox-horn and began to dig in the earth that covered the body.

" "Why break me?" said the knife; "bring the ox and I'll kill him.

" "Why kill me?" said the ox; "bring the water and I'll drink it.

The Commodore accordingly attempted to grasp his arm, which he found as solid as it was huge, and then passed his hand over the monstrous neck, which fell in folds of massive flesh, like the dewlap of a prize ox.

You have been as strong as an ox, and keen as a race-horse, now you have to slow upyou have to get out of this country before another winter, and when you come back in Spring you can go on with your patientsalways with care.

* CHAPTER XXX A JEALOUS OX Mr. Wood had a dozen calves that he was raising, and Miss Laura sometimes went up to the stable to see them.

"Uncle asked me if I had ever heard of such a thing as a jealous ox, and I said no.

Of a truth it almost makes me laugh, To see men leaving the golden grain To gather in piles the pitiful chaff That old Peter Lombard thrashed with his brain, To have it caught up and tossed again On the horns of the Dumb Ox of Cologne!

In this place, between two mountains, is a plain, in which is a great lake, and a fine river runs through the plain, on the banks of which are such excellent pastures, that a lean horse or ox will become quite fat in ten days.

The inhabitants of that country worship a living ox as their god, which is made to labour in husbandry for six years, and in his seventh year, he is consecrated as holy, and is no more allowed to work.

They worship an idol also, which resembles a man from the navel upwards, all below being in the likeness of an ox; and this idol delivers oracles, as they believe, and sometimes requires the sacrifice of forty virgins.

They have dogs faces, and worship an ox as their god, and all of them wear the image of an ox in gold or silver on their foreheads.

They have dogs faces, and worship an ox as their god, and all of them wear the image of an ox in gold or silver on their foreheads.

It contains a large and well classified collection of natural history, of objects of ancient and medieval art, of ancient manuscripts, of coins, of pictures, sculpture, &c. Saw the horns of a South African ox, each of which was about four feet long and five or six inches thick.

He complains that an ox would all be eaten in two days, while a load of hay would disappear in a night, Fond as he was of company, he would not allow his guests to rob him of the hours he devoted to work, either in his library or on his grounds.

Your envye will discredite you, my lorde. Gentyllmen, have you not hearde of Aesopps dogge That once lay snarlinge in the oxes maunger? Orl.

In reality, he was a great coward, though strong as an ox, and whipping with ease every man who could force him into a fight.

The Barrenswell, they are the Barrens, the bad lands of the Arctic, the deserts of the Circle, the bleak and bitter home of the musk-ox and the lean plains wolf.

I came in from Edmonton after musk-ox, and like Pike and the rest of them, had my mischances, only I lost my party and outfit.

13."The genitive case, in my opinion," says Dr. Ash, "might be much more properly formed by adding s, or when the pronunciation requires it, es, without an Apostrophe: as, men, mens; Ox, Oxes; Horse, Horses; Ass, Asses.

"To write Ox's, Ass's, Fox's, and at the same time pronounce it Oxes, Asses, Foxes, is such a departure from the original formation, at least in writing, and such an inconsistent use of the Apostrophe, as cannot be equalled perhaps in any other language."Ib.

1264 examples of  oxes  in sentences