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1328 example sentences with  oxes

1328 example sentences with oxes

Gentyllmen, have you not hearde of Aesopps dogge That once lay snarlinge in the oxes maunger?

At one end of the room was a sideboard that would not have groaned under an ox whole, and at the other a fire, over which an ox might have been roasted in its entirety, leaped under a mantelpiece upon which Goliath could not have put his elbows.

At one end of the room was a sideboard that would not have groaned under an ox whole, and at the other a fire, over which an ox might have been roasted in its entirety, leaped under a mantelpiece upon which Goliath could not have put his elbows.

What if the Southern aristocrat, who lords it over him as the panther does over the ox, should transfer (as he has threatened many a time)

"Portrait painters now depend for their effect on the mere accidents of the entourage; on dress, on landscape, even on broad hints of a man's occupation, putting a plan on the engineer's table, and a roll in the statesman's hands, like the old Greek who wrote 'this is an ox' under his picture.

The first sight that presented itself, as they came trooping up the slope in front of the log-hut, was an ox roasting whole before a gigantic bonfire.

The German Hippogriff becomes an Ox, dull and domestic, and treads out the corn placed before him, content to have his share thereof in peace and quietness.

I've seen trouble caused in this world by kitten faces, by pure, classic faces, by ox-eyed-Juno faces, by vivid blond faces, by dreamy, poetic faces, by passionate Southern faces, but for real power of catastrophe, for earthquake and eclipse, for red ruin and the breaking up of laws, commend me to the humanized, feminized monkey face.

* * * * * To see a miller grinding corn, is no news; But to see an ox blowing a horn, is strange indeed!

I wish to think of the work, the views, the fancies, the emotions, which are yielded by the human soul in its immature stages,while the calf (so to speak) is only growing into the ox,while the clever boy, with his absurd opinions and feverish feelings and fancies, is developing into the mature and sober-minded man.

And if it be a reasonable calf, modest, and free from prejudice, it is well aware that the joints it will yield after its demise will be very different from those of the stately and well-consolidated ox which ruminates in the rich pasture near it.

There was population,one man and one great ox.

Following the inland-pointing nose of the ox, we saw, penetrating the forest, a wooden railroad.

Ox-locomotive, and no other, befitted such rails.

I am sorry to chronicle that Iglesias hereupon turned to the ox and said impatiently, "Now, then, bullgine!"

Corduroy railroad, ox-locomotive, and go-cart train up in the pine woods were a novelty and a privilege.

A very fat ox was this, protesting every moment against his employment, where speed, his duty, and sloth, his nature, kept him bewildered by their rival injunctions.

Here, at Bullgineville, the pluralist railroad-manager had his cabin and clearing, ox-engine house and warehouse.

If they did, why was there so wide a difference between the commandment respecting the stray man, and that respecting the stray ox or ass?

If a man stole an ox and killed or sold it, he was to restore five oxen; if he had neither sold nor killed it, the penalty was two oxen.

So the ox-thief might not have two oxen, or if he had killed it, five.

But if God permitted men to hold men as property, equally with oxen, the man-thief could get men with whom to pay the penalty, as well as the ox-thief, oxen.

"Thou shall not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn," or literally, while he thresheth.

The ox representing all domestic animals.

See 1 Corinthians ix. 9, 10"For it is written in the law of Moses, Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn.

"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's WIFE, nor his man servant, nor his maid-servant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor's" EXODUS xx. 17.

From Oswego they went in sloops to Lewiston on the Niagara River, whence they were carried in ox wagons to Buffalo, and then in sailing vessels to Westfield, and by Chautauqua Lake and the Allegheny River to Pittsburg.

Thus the slow ox would gaudy trappings claim; The sprightly horse would plough.

Once, after whipping him for such neglect of workhe had left the cider apples out in the frostMartin Conwell asked his son's pardon because he had invented an improved ox-sled that was of great practical value.

The sugar industry, which by 1542 exported the staple to the amount of 110,000 arrobas of twenty-five pounds each, was standardized in plantations of two typesthe trapiche whose cane was ground by ox power and

13."The genitive case, in my opinion," says Dr. Ash, "might be much more properly formed by adding s, or when the pronunciation requires it, es, without an Apostrophe: as, men, mens; Ox, Oxes; Horse, Horses; Ass, Asses.

"To write Ox's, Ass's, Fox's, and at the same time pronounce it Oxes, Asses, Foxes, is such a departure from the original formation, at least in writing, and such an inconsistent use of the Apostrophe, as cannot be equalled perhaps in any other language.

Among the Tambanks, in exchanging the women for stock, a woman, full-grown and of ordinary strength, was considered equal in value to two cows or one ox.

The story isthough it is not generally believedthat having bargained with the natives for as much land as an ox-hide would encompass, she cut it up into the smallest possible strips, and by this means made it capable of surrounding a large extent of ground; and, as a bargain is a bargain, she gained possession of the inclosure by agreeing to pay an annual tribute for it.

It reminds one of the rows of ox skeletons that used to mark out the roads to California.

For example, among the Saxons the theft of a horse or an ox or anything worth three solidi merited death; but murder was atoned for by pecuniary damages.

The diet, too, is not that "giant ox-beef" which the Saxon race requires.

The following forenoon the baggage started, in a couple of two-wheeled ox-carts, for the landing where the steamboat awaited us.

We overtook the ox-carts.

Under it the half-clad, wild-looking ox-drivers and horse- herders slung their hammocks; and close by they lit a fire and roasted, or scorched, slabs and legs of mutton, spitted on sticks and propped above the smouldering flame.

Next morning, with real regret, we waved good-by to our dusky attendants, as they stood on the bank, grouped around a little fire, beside the big, empty ox-carts.

Fires were lit, andafter a fourteen hours' fast we feasted royally on beans and rice and pork and beef, seated around ox-skins spread upon the ground.

We breakfasted before leaving camp, the aluminum cups and plates being placed on ox-hides, round which we sat, on the ground or on camp- stools.

At intervals along the trail we came on the staring skull and bleached skeleton of a mule or ox.

Cartucho was lying with his head on the ox-hide that served as table, waiting with poorly dissembled impatience for his share of the banquet.

The mantis flew down on the ox-hide and proceeded to crawl over it, taking little flights from one corner to another; and whenever it thought itself menaced it assumed an attitude of seeming devotion and real defiance.

Then the mantis suddenly flew in Cartucho's face, whereupon Cartucho, with a smothered yelp of dismay, almost turned a back somersault; and the triumphant mantis flew back to the middle of the ox-hide, among the plates, where it reared erect and defied the laughing and applauding company.

That night a pack-ox got into the tent in which Kermit and I were sleeping, entering first at one end and then at the other.

It is extraordinary that he did not waken us; but we slept undisturbed while the ox deliberately ate our shirts, socks, and underclothes!

On February 3 the weather cleared and we started with the mule-train and two ox-carts.

On the Juruena we expected to meet the pack ox-train with Captain Amilcar and Lieutenant Mello; the other Brazilian members of the party had returned.

Next morningowing to a desire to find out what the facts were as regards the ox-carts, which were in difficultiesCherrie, Miller, Kermit, and I walked back to the Burity River, where Colonel Rondon had spent the night.

Then, healthily hungry, we gathered around the ox-hides to a delicious dinner of soup, beef, beans, rice, and coffee.

The mules and a span of six oxen dragging an ox-cart, which we had overtaken, were ferried slowly to the farther side that afternoon, as there was no feed on the hither bank, where we ourselves camped.

Now and then we came across a mule or ox which had been abandoned by Captain Amilcar's party, ahead of us.

Our attendants made two kitchens: one was out in the open air, one was under a shelter of ox-hide.

Next morning they mustered their soldiers, muleteers, and pack- ox men and marched off.

There were occasional bays and ox-bows from which the current had shifted.

The big cat had not seized the ox with its claws by the head, but had torn open its throat and neck.

Before they arrived at the Senegal, the Irish officer, of whom we have already spoken, bought an ox: it was immediately killed; they collected such combustibles as they could find, and when the animal was divided into as many portions as there were persons, each fixed his portion to the end of his sabre or bayonet, and thus they prepared a repast which they found delicious.

On the 11th of July, after having walked from one o'clock in the morning till seven, we arrived at a place where the Englishman expected to meet with an ox.

Meantime, this Englishman was gone, on his camel, to see after an ox.

After a most painful march, till night, we, in fact, met with an ox which was small, but tolerably fat.

A negro twisted the neck of the ox, as we should have done that of a fowl.

There was also the learned pig, and the Herefordshire ox, and a hundred other sights which I cannot now remember.

The Child With the Ears of the Ox LIV.

At such a barbecue an ox or a sheep, a bear, an elk, or a deer, was split in two and roasted over the coals; dinner was eaten under the trees; and there was every kind of amusement from horse-racing to dancing.

Who "shall have an ass or an ox fallen into a pit"?

" In the first long street, certain forms he did meet, But scarce might behold their faces; From matted elf-locks eyes stared like an ox, And shambling were their paces!

Seeing how Richard continued to shiver, and how cold he was, he persuaded him to lie down upon the bed, and piling the blankets upon him, made such a fire as he said to himself, "would roast a common ox"; then, when Hal Clifford came to the door and knocked, he kept him out, with that "Dick had been broke of his rest, and was tryin' to make it up."

We are told of one man, who in the public games carried a full grown ox for a mile, and we are told that he accomplished this by gradually accustoming himself to the weight.

He began when the ox was a tiny calf to carry it a mile every day, and the increase of weight was so gradual that he did not feel it; his arms became used to the weight, and as the ox grew bigger, he at the same time grew stronger.

He began when the ox was a tiny calf to carry it a mile every day, and the increase of weight was so gradual that he did not feel it; his arms became used to the weight, and as the ox grew bigger, he at the same time grew stronger.

The killjoys like you who have straddled the neck of industry and throttled it with absurd theories that a man's back must be bent like an ox-bow and his locks snowy white before he can be entrusted with responsibility and a living wage, have caused all of our wars and strikes.

We sprang to our saddles, Don Guillermo mounted heavily, and we cantered to the beach, followed by the ox-cart which would carry the fragile cargo home.

Nor was this all: brown, soberly-dressed old men and women in satin-padded carretas,heavy ox-carts on wheels made from solid sections of trees, and driven by a gaรฑan seated on one of the animals; the populace in cheap finery, some on foot, others astride old mules or broken-winded horses, two or three on one lame old hack; all chattering, shouting, eager, interested, impatiently awaiting the bride and a week of pleasure.

340 Milo when ent'ring the Olympic game, With a huge ox upon his shoulder came.

The roses like the Virginale seemed cut out of varnished cloth or oil-silks; the white ones, like the Albano, appeared to have been cut out of an ox's transparent pleura, or the diaphanous bladder of a pig.

BOร–TES (the ox-driver or waggoner), a son of Ceres; inventor of the plough in the Greek mythology; translated along with his ox to become a constellation in the northern sky, the brightest star in which is Arcturus.

BOร–TES (the ox-driver or waggoner), a son of Ceres; inventor of the plough in the Greek mythology; translated along with his ox to become a constellation in the northern sky, the brightest star in which is Arcturus.

BOS`PHORUS (Ox-ford), a channel 17 m. long and from 3 to ยฝ m. broad, and about 30 fathoms deep, strongly defended by forts, extending from the Sea of Marmora to the Black Sea; subject to Turkey.

It derives its name from the channel which, according to the Greek myth, Zeus, in the form of an ox, crossed into Europe with Europa on his back.

BUCEPH`ALUS (i. e. ox-head), the horse which Alexander the Great, while yet a youth, broke in when no one else could, and on which he rode through all his campaigns; it died in India from a wound.

He may be eatin' grass like a ox, as did that same old king o' Israel as growed the feathers and claws in consequence; and I don't say he ain't; but one thing I'm sure of, and that is, that if he be, it's by cause he can't help it.

One such was pointed out to us, who had never left the Eremo for more than fifty years, a tall, very gaunt, very meagre old man with white hair, hollow cheeks, and parchment skin, a nose like an eagle's beak, and deep-set burning eyesas typical a figure, in its way, as the rosy mountain of a man whom we met travelling down in his ox cart.

It is only when a man has really ceased to see a horse as it is, that he invents a centaur, only when he can no longer be surprised at an ox, that he worships the devil.

An ox is over four years old and grown to full size when it begins to work.

Chogo Prudente set: Chogo Prudente on vocals and guitar; Hรฉctor Diaz on lead guitar; Rai Jhalel Prudente on quijada de burro (ox jaw) and arcusa; and Anibal Cruz Lรณpez on bongo.

Goulette adds the Layne Ox System is working.

Her diligence in pursuing this career is something that every ox will be able to appreciate.

"My doctor said I was healthy as an ox, and I still died from Covid."

Rowland is still studying the specimens to confirm that his suspicion is true, that the fossils are from the extinct Ice Age helmeted musk ox, which would be the first example of the species in the state.

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In summertime, the highway ends in Inuvik, a town on the coast of the Arctic Ocean coast where restaurants serve caribou and musk ox and the town landmark is an igloo-shaped church.

I think itโ€™s a job of immense demands and I would hope that my successor has the constitution of an ox and the skin of a rhinoceros really!

Leading each procession was a flautist and an ox, its horns painted gold.

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