51 examples of ozone in sentences

Drink in the ozone; bathe in the sunshine; and out in the silent night, under the stars, say to yourself again and yet again, "I am a part of all my eyes behold!"

Constant supply of fresh ozone.

Altogether a morning to cry one to leap eagerly from bed, to rush to the window, to drink in deep draughts of electric balmy ozone, and to thank heaven for the grace of mere existence.

Cook, the traveller, who has given this subject much attention, has come to the conclusion that it is caused by the generation in the atmosphere of a highly concentrated form of ozone, by some intensely marked electrical condition.

"I came," he says, "to swallow priceless ozone Under Britannia's elemental spell; She rules the waves, as all her conquered foes own; I wish she ruled her seasides half as well.

It requires ozone and the light of the sun.

There is more ozone in them.

This state of affairs continued till January 18, when there was a notable snow storm, and a gale from the E.N.E. For four days, up to and inclusive of January 8, ozone was present in more than its usual amounts.

Similar meteorological conditions (calm and no ozone) were found to precede previous epidemics.

The ozone-laden air of the surrounding piney woods, the mild and equable climate, the peaceful leisure of country life, had brought about in hopeful measure the cure we had anticipated.

A curious snapping and crackling noise followed, becoming more rapid, and as it mounted in intensity I could smell a pungent odor of ozone which told of an electric discharge.

The pungent odor of ozone from the electric discharge filled the room.

You can hear the vibration of an electric contact-maker, smell the ozone, see the sparks, and feel the thrill, co-consciously as it were or in one field of experience.

When the oxygen of our atmosphere is exposed, while in its usual hygrometric state, to the influence of bodies attracting a portion of it, such as decomposing substances, or when it forms the medium of electrical discharges, it suddenly assumes new powers, acquires a greatly increased activity, affects our organs of smell, dissolves in fluids, and has been mistaken for a new substance, and even named "ozone."


"London is a terrible consumer of ozone.

A'R"The Dutchman's Little Dog." O where and O where, is our treasured Ozone?

Condensed form of oxygen, essence of air That's fresh, or electricitee, Ozone is the stuff shaken health to repair.

Solidified Ozone they talk about now, To be bought in small bricks like pressed tea.

How pleasant to buy one's Ozone, like one's coal, And store it up an-nu-al-lee!

Ah yes, let us have it, this needful Ozone, In portable parcels!

But enterprising Weston has turned even this gibe to advantage by claiming that the ozone which exhales from the ooze is one of the chief elements in its salubrity.

OZONE, is an allotropic form of oxygen, from which it can be developed by electricity, and into which it can be resolved by heat, present in small quantities in the atmosphere, and possessing strong oxidising properties.

There is a tincture of iron that seeps into a boys blood with the ozone of the earth, that can come to him by no other way.

It was a pleasure, and a stimulant surpassing wine, to breathe the north temperate ozone again, and after a while to catch a frosty savor on the breeze.

51 examples of  ozone  in sentences