191 examples of packer in sentences

The laden jumper was a sight for a mountain packer or a steerage passenger agent or a street car magnate to see and enjoy most mightily.

Mr. Brown's interesting duty is to be the packer of currency under James F. Meline, the Assistant Treasurer of the United States, who, says that his is a place where automatic safeguards and checks fail, and where the government must trust to the honesty of the official.

That is, the packer has handled $25,000,000 in a single day, and not one dollar has gone astray.

The note was from Faith Marvin, the new packer whom he had employed.

"There's a girl, a packer, down in the ribbon department.

"I was a packer for two days," said Faith very softly.

You know I could see you plainly when I was a packer and, well, I liked your looks and that's about all there is to it.

The new packer was a girl about two years her junior, and as Faith handed up her goods she could not help thinking of Miss Jennings.

In company with Rev. Mr. Packer, late Rector of St. Thomas, we rode out to the Belle estate, which is considered one of the finest in the island.

He whispered, "I asked for Myrtle Packer down round the station.

Sadie, take Mr. Packer's bag up to the spare room.

She had told him a thousand times that he mustn't gamble or mistreat women or chew tobacco "like your Grandfather Packer did."

And here was Grandfather Packer, ready to welcome Adam home!

Her memory of Packer was slim.

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Five people in a carriage in Europe is nowise unusual, but five people in an Indian one (and that a narrow, very narrow gauge), accompanied by rolls of bedding, tiffin-baskets, and all the quantity of personal luggage which is absolutely necessary, not to speak of a large-sized bird-cage (which cannot, strictly speaking, be classed as a necessary), requires the ingenuity of a professional packer of herrings or figs to adjust nicely!

The pack-horse was the first, and for a long time the only, method of carrying on trade in the backwoods; and the business of the packer was one of the leading frontier industries.

Old Ham was a sure-thing packer, like myself, and let speculating alone, never going into the market unless he had the goods or knew where he could get them; but when he did plunge into the pit, he usually climbed out with both hands full of money and a few odd thousand-dollar bills sticking in his hair.

What you want to do is to keep mother-in-law from mixing up in your family affairs until after she gets used to the disgrace of having a pork-packer for a son-in-law, and Helen gets used to pulling in harness with you.

191 examples of  packer  in sentences