191 examples of packers in sentences

He stocks shelves, decks counters, and employs clerks, packers, salesmen, cash-boys, buyers, and department heads.

"There are no Indians about the lake and packers' boots don't make marks like those.

"There was work in plenty there, making the tin cans in which salmon and other fish is packed, and as I was industrious I soon had a shop of my own, and supplied cans to the packers.

He had chosen apple-farming for his career, and, naturally, seemed quite happy about it; lived on his farm near by with his mother and sister, and was at the moment out on the quest of four apple-packers for his harvesting, these experts being at a premium at this season.

But with the arrival of the packers she was afoot and in command again, and he withdrew submissively, as Mr. Spragg, in the early Apex days, might have fled from the spring storm of "house-cleaning.

When a few men get possession of one of the necessaries of life, either through ownership of a natural resource or through unfair business methods, and use that control to extort undue profits, as in the recent cases of the Sugar Trust and the beef-packers, they injure the average man without good reason, and they are guilty of a moral wrong.

Those bony, big-knuckled fingers had handed keys to potentates, and pork-packers, and millinery buyers from Seattle; and to princes incognito, and paupers much the samethe difference being that the princes dressed down to the part, while the paupers dressed up to it.

A teacher at a public-school social center inquired of a group of fifty girls, cracker-packers, garment-workers and bindery girls, how long each had been in her present situation.

Then, some of the packers drove them down to water, while others made ready the forage and grain-bags; infantry fires were lit; the provisions turned over; detachments came meekly forward for rations, and the lifting aroma of coffee enchanted the warm winds.

Then, with all the pack rigging in neat piles before the picket-line, and the untouched stores covered and piled, the packers came in with their mess-tins and coffee-cups.

The packers were at their pipes and cigarettes and were spreading blanket-rolls, and groups of "chucked" infantry had warmed into singingwhen the two boys sat down to supper.

The packers hadn't had their coffee when I gave you the pail," Bedient whispered.

Later, when only the infantry sentries were awake, and the packers' running guard (and a little apart, the interminable glow from Healy's cigarettes), the two were still whispering, though the day had been terrific in physical expenditure.

His vague memories of New York; the water-fronts that had since called his steps; different ships and captains; the men about him, Healy and the packers; his entire detachment from relatives, and his easy familiarity with the great unhasting yearsall these formed into a luminous envelope, containing the new friend.

Could it be that he was so finished as a cook, as a friend, as an indefatigableso rhythmically superior, that the packers took no offense at his aloofness?

The packers were too tired to eat, but sat around dazed, softly cursing, and smoking cigarettes; as they did one day after a big fight, in which one of their number, Jimmy the Tough, was shot through the brain.

The remarkable thing was that not one of the packers called to Bentonbut all observed the lean tough little figure of one of the neatest men that ever lived afieldregarded in silence the hard handsome profile.

It was only two or three days later that one of the packers dropped behind the Train to tighten a cinch.

Poise, indeed, for a cook among sailors and packers.

The star packers.

The star packers.

On visiting the traders' quarter of the town, the young Scot was strongly attracted by the sight of the weather-beaten packers, with their gaudy, half-Indian finery, their hundreds of pack-horses, their curious pack-saddles, and their bales of merchandise.

Another of the packers who took part in the fight, one Thomas Irwin, was struck with the spectacle offered by the slaughtered artillerymen, and with grewsome homeliness compared the reeking heads to pumpkins in a December cornfield.

Among his fellow packers were his uncle and a young man named Bonham, who was his close and dear friend.

But he added, "The law ought to interfere with the reckless use of camp-fires in the woods in such weather by packers and prospecters.

191 examples of  packers  in sentences