150 examples of palette in sentences

Therefore we may picture the Fifth stage of the Self-contemplation of Spirit as its awakening to the recognition of its own Artistic Ability, its own absolute freedom of action and creative powerjust as in studio parlance we say that an artist becomes "free of his palette."

Now that I have come to the love part of my story, I am suddenly conscious of dingy common colors on the palette with which I have been painting.

Again and again I found my chair, palette and other materials waiting for me, while she sat in her little nook, busy as a bee over some painting of her own.

Markham bowed in the general direction of the shadow in the hallway into which Miss Challoner had vanished and then turned back and took up his palette and brushes.

Gobs of paint from the tubes melted into pearly-grays and purples in the middle of his palette to be quickly transposed and placed tone beside tone like a pale mosaic enriched and blended by the soft fingers of Time.

And now He dropped his palette and brushes and ran forward, suddenly alive to the serious nature of the interruption.

At first sight of him I remember resenting his cap-à-pie perfection; it struck me as bad formhere in Mortimer Street, among fellows of the pen and the palette.

True art has no pleasure in sin and suffering, in torture, horror, and death; but on its palette must lie the sober colorings of human life, and so to-day the most popular picture of the world is the "Angelus" of Millet.

A canvas stood ready upon the easel; palette, colors and brushes were at hand.

Mrs. Taine obediently kept the pose; her eyes upon the point the artist had indicated; butas the man, himself, was almost directly in her line of visionit was easy for her to watch him at his work, when his eyes were on his canvas or palette.

Then, laying aside his palette and brushes he said abruptly, "That is all for to-day; thank you.

Presently, with an air of relief, he laid aside his palette and brushes; and turning to Mrs. Taine, with a smile, held out his hand.

On a table beside him were many loose and scattered sketches, and an unfinished page of the Breviary he was executing, rich in quaint tracery of gold and arabesques, seemed to have recently occupied his attention, for his palette was wet and many loose brushes lay strewed around.

It has been well said that almost literally the chief colour on Giorgione's palette was sunlight.

[Footnote N: How the eyes wept by the cypresses that were strewn around.] Painter, seize thy brush and palette and paint the Maenadebut not her who treads the winebag, whilst her hair flutters in the wind, and she sings ecstatic songs.

" It took him perhaps thirty seconds to block in the figure, and at once he fell to mixing his palette, his fingers moving with a nervous, delicate haste.

I assure youthat's the fairy-tale way.' Fenwick, who had flushed hotly, turned away and occupied himself in replenishing his palette.

Then he added, suddenly putting down his palette and brushes, while his black eyes

Madame de Pastourelles, feeling that for the moment she also had come to the end of her tether, fell into a reverie, from which she was presently roused by finding Fenwick standing before her, palette in hand.

The model, a thin, dark-faced fellow, was standing meekly on the spot to which Fenwick had motioned him, while the artist, palette on thumb, stood absorbed and frowning, his keen eye travelling from the man's head to the canvas behind it.

Now look here, where can we talk business?' Fenwick put down his palette, and slipped his arms into his coat.

On the table lay a palette, laden with some dark pigment with which Fenwick had just been sketching in part of his new picture.

Did you ever stand on the top of a high hill in the early morning, when the eastern sky is beginning to put on its morning robe of variegated colors, with all the blended shades of an artist's palette, and watch the town, nestling in the valley at your feet, wake up after its night of slumber?

All the colors of the artist's palette are thrown across the sky, changing from red to orange, from orange to purple; each white-capped wave is touched with a rosy phosphorescence, and scintillates like a thousand jewels.

To this I replied that I must have more light and more fire, and so proceeded to disembarrass myself of my cloak, and prepare my palette.

150 examples of  palette  in sentences