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150 examples of  palette  in sentences

150 examples of palette in sentences

On this monument, which is ornamented with a mask, a laurel wreath, a palette, pencils, and a book, inscribed, "Analysis of Beauty," are the following lines, by his friend and contemporary, the late David Garrick: "Farewell, great painter of mankind, Who reached the noblest point of art, Whose pictur'd morals charm the mind,

With pencil and with palette hitherto You made your art high Nature's paragon; Nay more, from Nature her own prize you won, Making what she made fair more fair to view.

Therefore we may picture the Fifth stage of the Self-contemplation of Spirit as its awakening to the recognition of its own Artistic Ability, its own absolute freedom of action and creative powerjust as in studio parlance we say that an artist becomes "free of his palette."

Untying the long tasseled strings that bound a small brown buckskin bag, my mother spread upon a mat beside her bunches of colored beads, just as an artist arranges the paints upon his palette.

Genius comes with inspiration, as inspiration does with genius; and we are our own architects and draughtsmen, rioting at liberty with Nature's splendid palette at our command, and no thought of rule or stint.

These include the four Canopic jars, in which the internal organs were deposited, the Ushabti figures, tomb provisions and various articles that had belonged to the deceased; his favourite chair, his head-rest, his ink-palette, inscribed with his name and the name of the king, Osorkon I, in whose reign he lived, and other smaller articles.

You see that the dead man was provided with all his ordinary comforts: provisions, furniture, the ink-palette that he had been accustomed to use in writing on papyri, and a staff of servants to wait on him.

"It had been a bitterly cold night, and the day was even worse; a cutting north-easterly gale was blowing, there had been a great deal of snow during the night which lay quite thick on the ground, and at five o'clock in the afternoon, when the last glimmer of the pale winter daylight had disappeared, the confraternity of the brush put palette and easel aside and prepared to go home.

Known to all writers and artists, intimate friend of the palette, familiar spirit of the writing-desk, he was the Asmodeus of the arts.

"It is just as necessary," pursued the old connoisseur, when Peter was reseated, "it is just as necessary for a gentleman to have a delicate palate for the tints of the vine as it is for him to have a delicate eye for the tints of the palette.

We are all splashed and streaked with sentiments,not with precisely the same tints, or in exactly the same patterns, but by the same hand and from the same palette.

The essay of life and manners at the beginning of the eighteenth century presents us at once with various pigments necessary for the palette of the novelist.

(A palette knife is the best.)

PALETTE KNIFE.For beating white of egg, scraping basins, etc. PASTE BOARD and ROLLING PIN.

One colour thus becomes the parent of many, when the painter takes a portion of this and of that from his palette in order to imitate flesh.

Slip in your hand, and you will bring out a magic palette.

You must be very careful to paint with colors from that palette every day.

There on the doorstep was the little key, and in the pine tree he found the magic palette.

After that he spent nearly all his time working with the magic palette.

The lily had never faded, and he still worked every day with his magic palette.

He began to doubt whether he should ever be a painter, and one day he threw down his palette.

An energetic young lady who seemed to know all about the graphic arts endeavoured to sell to him a magnificent and complicated box of paints, which opened out into an easel and a stool, and contained a palette of a shape preferred by the late Edwin Long, R.A., a selection of colours which had been approved by the late Lord Leighton, P.R.A., and a patent drying-oil which (she said) had been used by Whistler.

Then he opened the sketch-box, and oiled the palette, and tried the elasticity of the brushes on his hand.

His palette is somewhere in the upper ether and his head in the interplanetary spaces.

Jack saw that the supply of cake in the Galway pantry must be as limitless as the pigments on the Eternal Painter's palette.

She said that if you had not forsaken your love of the plastic for love of the graphic arts you would long ago have stolen a little gold off the Eternal Painter's palette, just to clothe her decently for the sake of her own self-respectthe town having set her so high that its sense of propriety was quite safe.

Just because I'm a little out of practice" "Two years, isn't it, since you've touched a palette?" "Give me a chance at such a model as she is!

I set my palette to-day at ten o'clock and waited until four o'clock this afternoon before he came in.

While preparing my palette a monk, decently habited for a monk, who seemed to have come to the Vatican for the purpose of viewing the pictures, after a little time approached me and, with a very polite bow, offered me a pinch of snuff, which, of course, I took, bowing in return, when he instantly asked me alms.

I only regret that he did not insist on our sticking to this kind of study a longer time and drill us more severely in it; but he indulged our hankering for color too soon, and, when once we had tasted the luxury of a full palette of colors, it was a dry business to go back to plain black and white.

She opens her lids, but no longer her eyes Behold the fair youth she would woo; Now appears the PAINT-KING in his natural guise; His face, like a palette of villainous dies, Black and white, red, and yellow, and blue.

Now reaching his palette, with masterly care Each tint on its surface he spread; The blue of her eyes, and the brown of her hair, And the pearl and the white of her forehead so fair, And her lips' and her cheeks' rosy red.

the PAINT-KING when, behold, he descries Not a speck on his palette of black!

For the convenience of sitters, Simon Perkins had his painting-room in Berners Street: thither it was his custom to resort in the morning, by penny steamer or threepenny omnibus, and there he spent many happy hours working hard with palette and brush.

Truth to tell, she is tired to death of ittired of the room, the palette, the easel, the queen, the rhymer, the little dusky imp in the corner, whose wings are changing into scales and a tail, almost tired of dear Simon Perkins himself; who is working contentedly on (how can he?)

Picturesque groupings of natural objects, architectural surprises, sermons from the sculptor's chisel and the painter's palette, the ravishment of the soul by its superior senses, the refinement of mind and body by the sympathetic power of beauty,these are a portion of the means which a due estimation of art, as an element of civilization, inspires the ruling will to provide freely for all.

The petroleum-launch was washed from the davits; down at one time to 40ยฐ below zero sank the thermometer; while a high aurora was whiffed into a dishevelled chaos of hues, resembling the smeared palette of some turbulent painter of the skies, or mixed battle of long-robed seraphim, and looking the very symbol of tribulation, tempest, wreck, and distraction.

Ani making an offering before a hare-headed god, a snake-headed god, and a bull-headed god; behind him stand his wife Thuthu and Thoth holding his reed and palette.

The artist had spilled all his shades of green upon the palette, and so delicately blended them that they melted into one another in a very enchantment of green.

Whether you approach in the early morning, when gulls arc wheeling above the palette of tones of the Bay, or at night, when illuminated ferryboats glide by like the yellow-bannered halls of fable, the buoyancy of San Francisco is manifest.

Now that I have come to the love part of my story, I am suddenly conscious of dingy common colors on the palette with which I have been painting.

Again and again I found my chair, palette and other materials waiting for me, while she sat in her little nook, busy as a bee over some painting of her own.

Then Luca seized his palette: hour by hour Silence was in the room; none durst approach: Morn wore to noon, and noon to eve, when shyly A little maid peeped in and saw the painter Painting his dead son with unerring hand-stroke, Firm and dry-eyed before the lordly canvas.

It is not an insignificant, though a slight, detail, that the predominant colour of Florence is brown, while the predominant colour of Venice is that of mother-of-pearl, concealing within its general whiteness every tint that can be placed upon the palette of a painter.

Markham bowed in the general direction of the shadow in the hallway into which Miss Challoner had vanished and then turned back and took up his palette and brushes.

Gobs of paint from the tubes melted into pearly-grays and purples in the middle of his palette to be quickly transposed and placed tone beside tone like a pale mosaic enriched and blended by the soft fingers of Time.

And now He dropped his palette and brushes and ran forward, suddenly alive to the serious nature of the interruption.

He had been so sure of herso sureand now He wiped his brushes on a square of cheesecloth, cleaned his palette and lay in his chair frowning at the portrait, which smiled back at him with ironical amusement.

Accustomed as I had been to the color of Turner as the aspect of the Grand Canal, it seemed to me that what I saw from the steamer was the ghost of Venice, pallid, wan, faded to tints which were only the suggestion of Turner's, but still lovely in their fading, and the impression was more pathetic than it would have been with all the glow of the great Englishman's palette.

At first sight of him I remember resenting his cap-ร -pie perfection; it struck me as bad formhere in Mortimer Street, among fellows of the pen and the palette.

For decorative schemes we collect as many gradations of color as are obtainable in such durable materials in their natural or manufactured state, and thus form a color palette which we regard in the same sense as a painter would his pigments.

Referring again to the Ravenna mosaics, I can only add that at the present day an extended palette of colored glass is available.

True art has no pleasure in sin and suffering, in torture, horror, and death; but on its palette must lie the sober colorings of human life, and so to-day the most popular picture of the world is the "Angelus" of Millet.

A canvas stood ready upon the easel; palette, colors and brushes were at hand.

Mrs. Taine obediently kept the pose; her eyes upon the point the artist had indicated; butas the man, himself, was almost directly in her line of visionit was easy for her to watch him at his work, when his eyes were on his canvas or palette.

Then, laying aside his palette and brushes he said abruptly, "That is all for to-day; thank you.

Presently, with an air of relief, he laid aside his palette and brushes; and turning to Mrs. Taine, with a smile, held out his hand.

I'd let you ride to hell on your own palette, and be damned to you.

With his brush poised between palette and canvas, the artist paused,turning his head to listen,half inclined to the belief that his fancy was tricking him.

He arranged his palette, paints, and brushes ready to his hand, indeedbut he, then, did nothing with them.

Every day, Aaron King waited her comingsitting before his easel, palette and brush in hand.

Won't it come right?" Slowly he laid aside his palette and brushes.

Instead, he laid his palette and brushes beside his color-box, and greeted her with, "How do you do, Mrs. Taine?

As for your idiotic claim that you have painted the truth" She seized a large palette knife that lay with the artist's tools upon the table, and springing to her portrait, hacked and mutilated the canvas.

For an hour, he had been sitting there, before the easel, brush and palette in hand, without touching the canvas.

To be disgusted with them, to allow them to disturb our serenity, is as though a painter should sicken at the odour of his pigments and the offscourings of his palette.

One gave her beauty, another genius; the fairy Gracious offered her a pencil and a palette.

Yet, occasionally, an artist has appeared, making Rome or Florence his home long enough to win a place, which, when he has departed, is not quickly filled, who has ideas of history and events calling for the record of the palette; or there has been wrought in the studio of some resident painter a composition in which landscape has been employed as accessory.

There must be a middle way somewhere, as there must be somewhere an unmarried man with no position, reputation, or other vanity to lose, who most keenly wants to find out what his palette is set for in this life.

On a table beside him were many loose and scattered sketches, and an unfinished page of the Breviary he was executing, rich in quaint tracery of gold and arabesques, seemed to have recently occupied his attention, for his palette was wet and many loose brushes lay strewed around.

It has been said of certain painters that they had only to upset their palette on the canvas to compose their pictures!

He probably painted with a more simple palette.

The sky that has been all of one hue during the live-long daywherever you looked, nothing but pale, pale azureis now like the palette of some God-painter splashed and freaked with all manner of great and noble colorsa most regal blaze of goldwide plains of crimson, as if all heaven were flashing at some high thoughtlittle feathery cloud-islands of tenderest rose-pink.

It has been well said that almost literally the chief colour on Giorgione's palette was sunlight.

[Footnote N: How the eyes wept by the cypresses that were strewn around.] Painter, seize thy brush and palette and paint the Maenadebut not her who treads the winebag, whilst her hair flutters in the wind, and she sings ecstatic songs.

" It took him perhaps thirty seconds to block in the figure, and at once he fell to mixing his palette, his fingers moving with a nervous, delicate haste.

He was scraping an old palette as we entered, and advanced with it in one hand, while he saluted me with the air of a gentleman and the simplicity of an honest man.

Turner has even gone farther, and given us pictures of pure color, as in the illustration of Goethe's theory of colors,a fantasie of the palette.

One painter is impressed with the success of another and strives to imitate, adopts his methods, his palette, his key, his color scheme, his brush work, and so on;these conscious efforts of imitation usually result in failures which, if not immediately conspicuous, soon make their shortcomings felt; the note being forced and unnatural, it does not ring true.

And once he had cut off part of the skirt of his Sunday coat, taking it in his blindness for an old one, to clean his palette with; and it was thought, by the boys, that it was the unseemly result of this rash act, as disclosed at church the following Sunday morning, which had led to the poor old man's dismissal.

I had thought The stations of my course should rise unsought, As altar-stone, or ensigned citadel.' CHAPTER III 'Why does that fellow upstairs always pass you as though he were in a passion with somebody?' said Richard Watson, stepping back as he spoke, palette on thumb, from the picture upon which he was engaged.

His companion in the dingy Bloomsbury studio, where they were both at work, also put down palette and brush, examining the canvas before him with a keen, cheerful air.

Watson was silent a moment, then, walking up to his picture, he took his palette-knife and scraped out the whole passage.

I assure youthat's the fairy-tale way.' Fenwick, who had flushed hotly, turned away and occupied himself in replenishing his palette.

Then he added, suddenly putting down his palette and brushes, while his black eyes

Madame de Pastourelles, feeling that for the moment she also had come to the end of her tether, fell into a reverie, from which she was presently roused by finding Fenwick standing before her, palette in hand.

The model, a thin, dark-faced fellow, was standing meekly on the spot to which Fenwick had motioned him, while the artist, palette on thumb, stood absorbed and frowning, his keen eye travelling from the man's head to the canvas behind it.

Now look here, where can we talk business?' Fenwick put down his palette, and slipped his arms into his coat.

On the table lay a palette, laden with some dark pigment with which Fenwick had just been sketching in part of his new picture.

Presently he returned with a canvas and palette.

' She lifted the sketch, the palette and brushes, and carried them into the house.

Did you ever stand on the top of a high hill in the early morning, when the eastern sky is beginning to put on its morning robe of variegated colors, with all the blended shades of an artist's palette, and watch the town, nestling in the valley at your feet, wake up after its night of slumber?

All the colors of the artist's palette are thrown across the sky, changing from red to orange, from orange to purple; each white-capped wave is touched with a rosy phosphorescence, and scintillates like a thousand jewels.

To this I replied that I must have more light and more fire, and so proceeded to disembarrass myself of my cloak, and prepare my palette.

So I packed up my colors and palette again, and, while I was doing so, observed that he not only drew the cloth once more over the features of the dead, but concealed the likeness behind the altar in the oratory, and even restored the chairs to their old positions against the wall.

Meanwhile Mรผller laid aside his brushes and palette, informed me with a profound bow that my lordship had honored him by sitting as long as was strictly necessary, and requested my opinion upon the progress of the work.

But the main interest of the scene concentrated itself in the unfinished picture, the hired model (a brawny fellow in a close-fitting suit of black, leaning on a huge two-handed sword), and the artist in his holland blouse, with the palette and brushes in his hand.

The room had the air of scrupulous cleanness which his things always wore, and there was the "Apache" picture waiting for her to take, in a new gold frame; and the "London Fog" seemed to be advanced, too; he had evidently worked at it late, because his palette and brushes, still wet, were on a box beside it, and on a chair near was his violin.

The palette and brushes showed he must have put them hurriedly down.

I've no skill of brush and palette like those unforgotten men; My Cecilia must content herself with an unworthy pen.