686 examples of palls in sentences

The thing palls, and we must now try whether ACORN cannot be got rid of by cutting.

He saw a dark, wide, and barren shingle of the world, a desert of desolation made by man, where strange, windy shrieks and thundering booms and awful cries went up in the night, and where drifting palls of smoke made starless sky, and bursts of reddish fires made hell.

This is the third time I have been here, and of course it palls a little upon me.

True, there are blotslike spots upon the sun And genius, lavish of imagination, In sheer profusion always has outrun The bounds of strict artistic concentration; But when detraction's worst is said and done, How much remains for fervent admiration, How much that never palls or wounds or sickens (Unlike some moderns) in great generous DICKENS!

This does not seem to have been adopted by other cartographers; although a Palls map of 1739 gives "Picos" in about the same place.

Now Ishtar lifts her eyes within a room Prepared for her, and sees her maidens come, Before a weird procession wrapped in palls, That soundless glide within and fills the halls.

The channel then narrowed and deepened itself for another plunge, and soon brought us to the top of the Kabika Palls.

And then once more we get the view we have seen so often on Cotswold; yet it never palls upon the senses, but thrills us with its own mysterious charm.

70 Why, then, thy flowing sable stoles, Deep pendent cypress, mourning poles, Loose scarfs to fall athwart thy weeds, Long palls, drawn hearses, cover'd steeds, And plumes of black, that, as they tread, Nod o'er the 'scutcheons of the dead?

As I left the church a funeral procession approached, women carrying palls by the four corners a little in front of the coffin, according to the custom of the country when the dead person is of their own sex.

I fancy I am enjoying nature and art together, a consummation of luxury that never palls upon the appetitea dessert of uncloying sweets.

Oh! contemplation palls upon the spirit, Like the chill silence of an autumn sun: While action, like the roaring south-west wind, Sweeps laden with elixirs, with rich draughts Quickening the wombed earth.

In various places I discovered coffins lying on the ground covered with sable palls, and bodies extended on the bare earth, meanly enveloped in miserable garbs.

"I think that'll do," said H.R.H. "HALSBURY is in very uncomfortable attitude; besides this is a sort of game that palls after the third round.

The Riddle Club at Rocky Palls. SEE Hardy, Alice Dale.

Co. (PWH); 2Jul68; R438371. WORKS, ALLAN PALLS.

The Riddle Club at Rocky Palls. SEE Hardy, Alice Dale.

"'Aw,' said the soldier, with a leer, 'I've got de lapsy-palls, and I wanter go to de horspittle, I do.' "I never saw such a mad man as Kemp was.

"'So you've got the lapsy-palls, have you?' "'Bet yer boots, I have.'

"'Sure cure for the lapsy-palls,' said Kemp; and, turning his glare on the rest of the shivering line: 'Anybody else got 'em?'

This was merely the bull-fighting coming now; but bull-fighting never palls, even though bigger things are yet in store.

Strange dim colors appeared along the desert horizons, half visible in the gloomfuneral palls of dim purple, with pale, ghostly reflections almost to mid-heaven.

But, after this excitement, Etretat palls upon us.

Paris is essentially a holiday town, but I get horribly tired of too long a holiday, and after the newness is worn off one discovers that it is the superficiality of it all that palls.

They are quite as large, and more picturesque, from their sombre foliage and the infinite variety of their formsa beauty wanting in the New England elm, which invariably rises and spreads in a way which, though the most graceful in the world, at length palls on the capricious human eye, which seeks, above all other beauties, variety.

686 examples of  palls  in sentences