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207 examples of  palpitates  in sentences

207 examples of palpitates in sentences

[L.S.] She fell into his arms, and rested her palpitating head upon his palpitating bosom.

[L.S.] She fell into his arms, and rested her palpitating head upon his palpitating bosom.

It was as when you lift a wreck from the tranquil sea and let it fall again to the depths, useless to wave or shore; the black and ghastly hulk is covered; it is seen no more; but the water palpitates with circling rings, trembles above the grave, dashes quick and apprehensive billows upon the sand, and is long in regaining its quiet surface.

And his heart within him fluttered, Trembled like the leaves above him, Like the birch-leaf palpitated, As the deer came down the pathway.

Her heart palpitated.

The heart palpitates under the slightest stimulus, she perspires almost annoyingly, heat and emotion are prostrating.

Each sonnet seems to have been wrenched alive and palpitating from the poet's heart.

Divine passion swept bythe glow which makes the fields palpitate, which rolls on through the waters, and floats in the wind, begetting millions and millions of existences.

But a little while before, she, like himself, had come from yonder, and would have fallen unless a friendly hand had restrained her; and the frightful shudder of that moment yet palpitated in her veins; she could still and ever see the damp black pit with the little lantern far below.

There was one heart, however, amongst them, that palpitated with an emotion that hardly admitted of control, as they approached the sacred edifice, for it had identified itself completely with the welfare of the rector's son.

You may conceive what I felt at seeing mademoiselle in the place once filled by our dear mamma, I was so choked with sorrow, bitterness, and indignation, and my heart so palpitated, that I could not speak, and I believe they thought I was going to faint.

Springing from his bed, and seizing the candle which always burned in his chamber, in anticipation of such sudden and fearful emergencies, he hurried with a palpitating heart, and spite of his long habituation to such scenes as he expected, with a certain sense of horror, to the chamber of his aristocratic patient.

With a palpitating heart he advanced to the bedside, and twice essayed to draw the curtain, and twice lost courage; but gathering resolution at last, he pulled the drapery aside, and beheld all he was to see again of Richard Marston.

Your name abruptly mentioned, casual words Of comment on your deeds, praise from your uncle, News from the armies, talk of your return, A word let fall touching your youthful passion, Suffused her cheek, call'd to her drooping eye A momentary lustre, made her pulse Leap headlong, and her bosom palpitate.

The shadow still palpitated loosely on the threshold.

"Every one was on tenter-hooks, and eagerly waiting for the palpitating moment when witness would describe and identify the man who last had seen and spoken to the unfortunate woman, within five minutes probably of her strange and unaccountable death.

Fielding's novels often lack refinement, but they palpitate with life.

swell, glow, warm, flush, blush, change color, mantle; turn color, turn pale, turn red, turn black in the face; tingle, thrill, heave, pant, throb, palpitate, go pitapat, tremble, quiver, flutter, twitter; shake &c 315; be agitated, be excited &c 824; look blue, look black; wince; draw a deep breath. impress &c (excite the feelings) 824.

He got out of bed and tried to finish dressing himself, but a fresh attack seized him, and, his head giddy and his heart palpitating to suffocation, recovering from a momentary faintness, he faltered in agonized tones: "No, no, I cannot; I suffer too much.

There is certainly some chill and arid knowledge to be found upon the summits of formal and laborious science; but it is all round about you, and for the trouble of looking, that you will acquire the warm and palpitating facts of life.

When I felt his very life, so to speak, palpitate in his brain beneath my fingers, and leaned over toward the wall, my feet gently slid from the stirrups, and, with one vigorous blow, I buried the pointed blade of my knife in the seat of the vital principle.

But on this occasion we were too engrossed to notice a scene whose picturesque humour usually fascinated us, for as the carriage jogged over the rough roads the poor little arbre de Noรซl palpitated convulsively.

The viewless atoms of the air Around me palpitate and burn, All heaven dissolves in gold, and earth Quivers with new-found joy.

latin, m., Latin. latir, to beat, palpitate; to bark, yelp; subst.

palpitar, to palpitate, quiver.

Her romances of palpitating passion written between 1720 and 1730 formed a necessary complement to Defoe's romances of adventure exactly as her Duncan Campbell pamphlets supplied the one element lacking in his.

palpitated Diamond, astounded.

Her hands stole into his; her head dropped on his shoulder; and he felt a warm and palpitating union with the very breath of her life.

It was not an ordinary silence, the silence of a still room, or of emptinessbut a silence that throbbed and palpitated with an unheard life, a silence which was thrilling because it spoke a language which Roscoe was just beginning to understand.

The painter is a chemist delving into the secrets of pigments, varnishes, mixtures of tints and mysterious preparations of grounds and overlaying of colors; occult arts by which the inward light is made to gleam from the canvas, and the warm flesh to glow and palpitate.

JULIA (pleasantly palpitating).

Below, by the roadside, the long yellow house seemed to waver and palpitate in the glare; but steep by steep, behind it, the cool ilex-dusk mounted to the ledge where Ralph Marvell, stretched on his back in the grass, lay gazing up at a black reticulation of branches between which bits of sky gleamed with the hardness and brilliancy of blue enamel.

The light of the city's existence I think my successor would say, of her pulsating and palpitating or ebullient existenceis pale upon the sky, and the murmur of her voice sounds like large but distant waves.

By this time supper was over, and the family were about to separate for the night, when Stephen, the grocer's eldest son, having risen to quit the room, staggered and complained of a strange dizziness and headache, which almost deprived him of sight, while his heart palpitated frightfully.

palpitated Robinson.

Till this moment every one thought herself secure of success, but now each felt an equal certainty of being excelled; and the heart which a few minutes before exulted with hope, now palpitated with fear.

They did not reach their destination until the following morning, and Nell was glad indeed when the trip was ended, for the noisy rugged fellows on the boat were rough enough to make her heart palpitate for fear, but though they quarrelled among themselves, they were civil enough to their two passengers; and at length the boat floated into its destination.

"Sweet loving hearts around her beat, Sweet helping hands are stirred, And palpitates the veil between With breathings almost heard.

Moreover, so pure and irrepressible is the natural desire of the heart, so does it color and constitute all the dream of Paradise, that the divinest Hope not only thrills and palpitates with Love's ripest imaginings, but puts on nuptial robes.

And while she palpitates and listens, Still fluttering where the sunbeam glistens, He shows her all his pretty things, His bow and quiver, dart, and wings; Now, proud in power, he sees her eyes Dilate with beautiful surprise;

This entirely falsifies the sculptor's motive, misses the meaning of the sling, renders the broad strap behind the back superfluous, and changes into mere plastic symbolism what Michelangelo intended to be a moment caught from palpitating life.

S. Matthew seems to palpitate with life while we scrutinise the amorphous block; and yet there is little there more tangible than some such form as fancy loves to image in the clouds.

Though the last touches of the chisel are lacking, every limb palpitates and undulates with life.

I don't know if the practical American murmurs at the ear of the practical Englishwoman the adorable verse which made the heart of Lydia palpitate: "Nee tecum possum vivere sine te,"

It is very well done, it is very intelligent; but it does not seem to live, to palpitate....

A finely organized sentence should throb and palpitate like the most delicate vibrations of the summer air.

Fraught with these prepossessions, the civilities that had once or twice occurred in the bustle of a public circle, the restoring her fan which she had dropped, or the disembarrassing her of an empty tea-cup, made her heart palpitate, and gave birth to the wildest chimeras in her deluded imagination.

Her heart palpitated; for a second time she began to doubt the honesty of Grimes.

Amalia read in the noble countenance of Alvise what he felt at that moment; she was affected, and, for the first time, her heart palpitated within her bosom.

The whole neighborhood began to palpitate for him; the stone walls seemed bloody with struggling souls;

Straight before her gleamed and flashed and ebbed and palpitated the aurora.

While on the air it vacillates, Its owner's bosom palpitates To see it open, as he waits Impatient close beside it.

The hearts of the children palpitated with emotion; their sobs arose above all others; and, taking each other by the hand, the wan, emaciated, badly-dressed little girls hastened to the pulpit, where stood their father, with his face bowed upon the leaves of the Holy Book, and laying their hand upon his passive arm, they sobbed forth, "Father!

And, with palpitating heart, he again watches the manoeuvres of the brig.

She, at last, with faltering steps and palpitating heart, pressed her way to the desk and asked if her request was there.

Her heart palpitated violently, for frequent reports reached their ears, of whole families falling a fearful prey to savage brutality.

How the round fresh breasts palpitate in the light!

A second knocked two marines into a bloody palpitating mash.

Beneath the helmet of polished steel, with its two wings of white plumes, her blond locks fell, while a savage flash glittered in her green eyes, and her nostrils seemed to palpitate with indomitable fierceness.

To Redwood it seemed for a long time they were no longer on earth, but in a state of palpitating hurry through a luminous cloud.

They might deceive you, only the other letters, the letters to Ellen Nussey go on; they come palpitating with the life of Charlotte Brontรซ's soul that had in it nothing of the literary taint.

A telegraphic wire has already wound its way over the sierra among them, and will soon palpitate through Salt Lake City in its progress toward the Atlantic.

I saw her hands pile up the wood, arrange flat stones in some mysterious fashion, and then, Fire, I saw the sparks flash and your joyous soul palpitate, grow big, soar naked and rose-colored, veil itself in smoke, snap noisily (for yours is a belligerent soul), agonizeand disappear....

If it had been dipped in his own blood his utterances could not have been more forceful-could not have palpitated with a heartier affection for his Chinese brethren's sake.

See the palpitating red stuff go sliding down the slope.

Out of that palpitating speck of living joy there wells forth a sea of twittering ecstacy upon the morning and evening air.

When the carriage stopped, and he accompanied her into the house, Elise pressed his hand more firmly, and turned her gaze upon him with a look of deep gratitude, which made his heart palpitate with a mixture of delight and anguish.

"But," said the emperor, with his soft, sad smile, "have these ladies only been waiting for me in order to feel their heart palpitate?

Terror acts in the same manner on them as on us, causing the muscles to tremble, the heart to palpitate, the sphincters to be relaxed, and the hair to stand on end.

The shadow still palpitated loosely on the threshold.

She was nude and her flesh palpitated beneath the caresses of the sun.

The whole air of Freedom's capital thrilled and palpitated with hatred of her and her cause.

But, reader, think of me as one, even when four months had passed, still agitated, writhing, throbbing, palpitating, shattered.

Human language may be polite and powerless in itself, uplifted with difficulty into expression by the high thoughts it utters, or it may in itself become so saturated with warm life and delicious association that every sentence shall palpitate and thrill with the mere fascination of the syllables.

It crept above the forests, a glowing, throbbing ball of red, quivering and palpitating in an effulgence that neither cloud nor mist dimmed in this desolation beyond the sphere of man; and as it rose, almost with visible movement to the eyes, the blood in it faded, until at last it seemed a great blaze of soft light between silver and gold.

It seemed to the little group of friends as if the whole city palpitated with the fact.

The ruddy glow palpitated like a live ember naked to the wind.

Even in his palpitating excitement about Isa, he was the true minister, and gave his first thought to the spiritual wants of the afflicted woman whom he regarded as providentially thrown upon his care.

A cowering woman with a boatload of English soldiers palpitated under the darkness.

Ten long palpitating seconds and no sound!

She fairly palpitated with joy and babbled away with the freedom of a sunny brook in the shadow of a grim forest.

Quickly he raised himself at her first word and gazed with enamoured looks at the amber folds of hair, her glowing face; and with panting breath his eyes rested upon the round fulness of her form as it palpitated with rightful perturbance.

Newman seems to me in that book to have torn out his beating and palpitating heart, and set it in a crystal phial for all the world to gaze upon.

How the round fresh breasts palpitate in the light!

On the second day, while the unsated fever was running through every vein and artery, like soldiery through the streets of a burning city, and far down in the caverns of the body the poison was ransacking every palpitating corner, the poor immigrant fell into a moment's sleep.

Here, like those chimes which wander unheeded over the house-tops of the roaring town, till they drop down blessed dews of Heaven into still, grass-grown courts and deserted by-ways, the great universal human heart beats closer to our own, and our whole being palpitates with almost ethereal sympathies.

The paper is time-stained, the ink is faded; but each sentence still palpitates with the passion that inspired it a century and a quarter ago.

Here at all events had once palpitated a civilization which was now a ghost.

Nothing palpitated in his verses, which lacked depth and which, most often, contained no idea.

Now they live and palpitate.

As the coffin was taken out to the hearse, my heart twisted and palpitated, as if a command had been laid upon it to follow, and not leave her.

Burke turned to the girl who stood palpitating, pressed against him, still seeking with all her strength to oppose his advance.

Probably nothing of all this was clear at the time to the mind of the hapless boy, but something resembling it must have been the tumult of confused thoughts that palpitated in the depths of that childlike, unwavering, absolute, and exclusive devotion.

Ah, perpetrate the deed; Kill me; and drag me, palpitating yet, Before thy judge austere: my blood will be A proud acquittance for thee.

an involuntary sigh of rapture escaped [from my breast], and my heart began to palpitate; but I forcibly restrained myself.

"Half way [to the city] I reached a mountain, and lay there all night; the next morning I reached the city; when I came to the bazar and saw the shops of the bakers and confectioners, my heart began to palpitate, for I had not money to buy, nor did I feel inclined to beg.

They had the appearance of men, but with feet like goats; my heart palpitated, and I fainted through fear; I do not know what afterwards happened.'

It is memorable for causing many a gentle bosom to palpitate with a terror that is a little exaggerated by the boding name, though it is constantly the cause of pecuniary losses, and has in many instances been the source of much personal danger.

They both sat silent, palpitating with rage, and when they got there he followed her into the lift and up to the sitting-room.

The actors were all there, ready for the curtain to be rung up on the palpitating drama.