207 examples of palpitates in sentences

It was as when you lift a wreck from the tranquil sea and let it fall again to the depths, useless to wave or shore; the black and ghastly hulk is covered; it is seen no more; but the water palpitates with circling rings, trembles above the grave, dashes quick and apprehensive billows upon the sand, and is long in regaining its quiet surface.

The heart palpitates under the slightest stimulus, she perspires almost annoyingly, heat and emotion are prostrating.

Divine passion swept bythe glow which makes the fields palpitate, which rolls on through the waters, and floats in the wind, begetting millions and millions of existences.

Your name abruptly mentioned, casual words Of comment on your deeds, praise from your uncle, News from the armies, talk of your return, A word let fall touching your youthful passion, Suffused her cheek, call'd to her drooping eye A momentary lustre, made her pulse Leap headlong, and her bosom palpitate.

Fielding's novels often lack refinement, but they palpitate with life.

swell, glow, warm, flush, blush, change color, mantle; turn color, turn pale, turn red, turn black in the face; tingle, thrill, heave, pant, throb, palpitate, go pitapat, tremble, quiver, flutter, twitter; shake &c 315; be agitated, be excited &c 824; look blue, look black; wince; draw a deep breath. impress &c (excite the feelings) 824.

The viewless atoms of the air Around me palpitate and burn, All heaven dissolves in gold, and earth Quivers with new-found joy.

latin, m., Latin. latir, to beat, palpitate; to bark, yelp; subst.

palpitar, to palpitate, quiver.

The painter is a chemist delving into the secrets of pigments, varnishes, mixtures of tints and mysterious preparations of grounds and overlaying of colors; occult arts by which the inward light is made to gleam from the canvas, and the warm flesh to glow and palpitate.

Below, by the roadside, the long yellow house seemed to waver and palpitate in the glare; but steep by steep, behind it, the cool ilex-dusk mounted to the ledge where Ralph Marvell, stretched on his back in the grass, lay gazing up at a black reticulation of branches between which bits of sky gleamed with the hardness and brilliancy of blue enamel.

"Sweet loving hearts around her beat, Sweet helping hands are stirred, And palpitates the veil between With breathings almost heard.

Moreover, so pure and irrepressible is the natural desire of the heart, so does it color and constitute all the dream of Paradise, that the divinest Hope not only thrills and palpitates with Love's ripest imaginings, but puts on nuptial robes.

And while she palpitates and listens, Still fluttering where the sunbeam glistens, He shows her all his pretty things, His bow and quiver, dart, and wings; Now, proud in power, he sees her eyes Dilate with beautiful surprise;

S. Matthew seems to palpitate with life while we scrutinise the amorphous block; and yet there is little there more tangible than some such form as fancy loves to image in the clouds.

Though the last touches of the chisel are lacking, every limb palpitates and undulates with life.

While on the air it vacillates, Its owner's bosom palpitates To see it open, as he waits Impatient close beside it.

Beneath the helmet of polished steel, with its two wings of white plumes, her blond locks fell, while a savage flash glittered in her green eyes, and her nostrils seemed to palpitate with indomitable fierceness.

I saw her hands pile up the wood, arrange flat stones in some mysterious fashion, and then, Fire, I saw the sparks flash and your joyous soul palpitate, grow big, soar naked and rose-colored, veil itself in smoke, snap noisily (for yours is a belligerent soul), agonizeand disappear....

When the carriage stopped, and he accompanied her into the house, Elise pressed his hand more firmly, and turned her gaze upon him with a look of deep gratitude, which made his heart palpitate with a mixture of delight and anguish.

Terror acts in the same manner on them as on us, causing the muscles to tremble, the heart to palpitate, the sphincters to be relaxed, and the hair to stand on end.

Human language may be polite and powerless in itself, uplifted with difficulty into expression by the high thoughts it utters, or it may in itself become so saturated with warm life and delicious association that every sentence shall palpitate and thrill with the mere fascination of the syllables.

How the round fresh breasts palpitate in the light!

Here, like those chimes which wander unheeded over the house-tops of the roaring town, till they drop down blessed dews of Heaven into still, grass-grown courts and deserted by-ways, the great universal human heart beats closer to our own, and our whole being palpitates with almost ethereal sympathies.

The paper is time-stained, the ink is faded; but each sentence still palpitates with the passion that inspired it a century and a quarter ago.

207 examples of  palpitates  in sentences