160 examples of palsy in sentences

It may prove a perpetual blessing to mankind, if it dissipates, as it ought to do, a weak and common prejudice, which often operates as a palsy upon the first idea of a great and generous undertaking.

Oh! nothing, nothing, but the Palsy shook my Lips a little.

It frequently terminates in apoplexy or palsy, from the extension of disease in the brain.

Accordingly, it is a frequent forerunner of apoplexy and palsy.

Culpepper speaks of it as a sure panacea for apoplexy, palsy, and falling sickness, a belief current in Sweden, where finger rings are made of its wood.

'Tis the palsy makes me shiver so bad.

I saw him in his old age and the decay of his faculties, palsy-smitten, in the last sad stage of human weakness"a remnant most forlorn of what he was,"yet even then his eye would light up upon the mention of his favourite Garrick.

Last summer he had a stroke of the palsy, from which he recovered almost entirely.

A man who has had two shakes of the palsy!'

When, three months later on, he was struck with palsy, he wrote to Mrs. Thrale:'I have in this still scene of life great comfort in reflecting that I have given very few reason to hate me.

The Cock-a-whoop cowboy was seized with a palsy; great tears rolled down the cheeks of the gaunt Missourian; one man began to swear incoherently, cursing himself and his fellows; another prayed aloud.

Mamie saw the face of her husband crumble into an expression of hideous terror and palsy.

His head, and sometimes also his body shook with a kind of motion like the effect of a palsy: he appeared to be frequently disturbed by cramps, or convulsive contractions, of the nature of that distemper called St. Vitus's dance.

But the others, losing control of their nerves, shook like men stricken with palsy.

[So that you have Mr. Doleman's testimony to the credit of the house and people you are with; and he is] a man of fortune, and some reputation; formerly a rake indeed; but married to a woman of family; and having had a palsy blow, one would think a penitent.

The diseases of the nerves, cramps, stupor, convulsion, tremor, palsy: or belonging to the excrements of the brain, catarrhs, sneezing, rheums, distillations: or else those that pertain to the substance of the brain itself, in which are conceived frenzy, lethargy, melancholy, madness, weak memory, sopor, or Coma Vigilia et vigil Coma.

Happiest of souls, if lethargy is bliss, and palsy the chief beatitude! America owes its political freedom to religious Protestantism.

He led the way back to the door where the machine waited, his head shaking with the palsy of age, muttering as he went.

All these pleas, and scores of others, are bruited in every corner of the free States; and who that hath eyes to see, has not sickened at the blindness that saw not, at the palsy of heart that felt not, or at the cowardice and sycophancy that dared not expose such shallow fallacies.

Who, in the terrible palsy of trade, would furnish her employment? CHAPTER XXIII.

Muscular retraining help to cerebral palsy victims.

What can be done for cerebral palsy.

And she sat down in a palsy of senile passion.

A beautiful caballero, I suppose, with eyes that melt and a mouth that trembles like a woman in the palsy.

"This is what I verily believe, my child: that there were causes to make you weakly, and that you may have had some palsy stroke or convulsive fit perhaps at the moment you were left alone.

160 examples of  palsy  in sentences