48 examples of panniers in sentences

There was the little fountain in their father's garden, the lonely cottage on the island, the skeleton of the dead pine tree, with the moon peeping through its streamers of moss, and Thistle with his panniers full of flowers.

Miss Howe values not either fame or censure; and thinkest thou, that this letter will not bring the little fury up, though she could procure no other conveyance than her higgler's panniers, one for herself, the other for her maid?

One carried wooden milk vessels, the other a pair of panniers filled with herbs and salads.

Bruce turned to a pile of panniers and canvases and pulled out the dog-leashes.

And when they had been carefully packed in panniers by Little John and one of the men, there was the task of bidding them all good-bye, and then those two words grew harder every time.

Up early and down late; milked ten cows with her own hands; on with her cardinal, rode to market between her panniers, fair weather and foul, hail, blow, or snow.

In one of the two cow-hide panniers he saw that thoughtful old Donald had packed materials for their dinner, as well as utensils necessary for its preparation.

After that he found enough dry poles with which to set up the tepee, and about this he scattered the saddles and panniers, as MacDonald had suggested.

There was one weapon lefta long skinning-knife in one of the panniers near the tepee.

There were two tepees and piles of saddles and panniers and blankets about them, but not a soul that he could see.

Close to the canvas he dropped on his knees and crawled out behind a pile of saddles and panniers.

It slipped from the pile, one of the panniers followed it, and Quade saw him.

The blood came in a spurt, and with a terrible cry Quade leaped back toward the pile of saddles and panniers.

His master, however, drove him back to town and bought more salt, which he added to what remained in the panniers, and started out again.

Then he emptied his mind as an overladen ass spills its panniers.

Henton had brought over from Betto's group several large panniers made of green willows, and these Socrates had cut into strips, and thrust into the mud.

That donkey, with its worn panniers, was the only witness and helper of their work.

And yet what an astonishing difference between the two sketches! "'Twas a poor ass, who had just turned in, with a couple of large panniers upon his back, to collect eleemosynary turnip-tops and cabbage-leaves, and stood dubious with his two fore-feet on the inside of the threshold, and with his two hinder feet towards the street, as not knowing very well whether he would go in or no.

On my return through Ambleside I met, in the street, the mother driving her asses, in the two panniers of one of which were the two little children, whom she was chiding and threatening with a wand with which she used to drive on her asses, while the little things hung in wantonness over the pannier's edge.

Jones had brought a packsaddle and two panniers.

In about three jumps he had separated himself from the panniers, which were then placed upon the back of another horse.

The packsaddle being strapped on and the panniers hooked to the horns, Jones and Jim lifted Tom and shoved him down into the left pannier while Emett held the horse.

Then they unhooked one of the panniers and dumped out the lioness.

In those panniers that belong to that big sorrel mule.

Saddle for supporting panniers.

48 examples of  panniers  in sentences