26915 examples of papers in sentences

Amongst his papers is a rough sketch from life of Leichhardt in bush costume.

"I didn't think a Congressman could be spared from Washington but rarely, especially when the papers say the country needs such a lot of saving.

" He drew out a bunch of blue papers with blanks for describing the name of the machine, its power, driver and other details.

I have read your names in zee papers.

" "Oh, those awful papers!" cried Jess, who hated publicity; "they are always printing things about us.

[From the Washington Papers (Executive Proceedings, vol. 17), Department of State.]

Gentlemen of the Senate and of the House of Representatives: I now lay before you a letter from the Secretary of State, covering the copy of one from the governor of Virginia, with the several papers therein referred to, on the subject of the boundary between that State and the territory of the United States south of the Ohio.

The papers herewith sent will inform you of the result.

These papers, being original, are to be again deposited with the records of the Department of State after having answered the purpose of your information.

After we had got our freedom papers, they had our ages and all on them, they were lost so we guess at our ages.

They were received by the proprietors, and managers, and acting managers, with the customary etiquette, backing most adroitly up stairs, and holding wax candles in their hands (which circumstance was properly stated in the papers the next morning, for fear it should be supposed that tallow had been used on the occasion.)

among the Hammond papers in the Library of Congress.]

" [Footnote 4: MS. bound volume, "Plantation Manual," among the Hammond papers in the Library of Congress.]

among the Hammond papers in the Library of Congress.]

This solemnity would begin with the furious pealing of some bells hanging over the parlor door, causing the notary's clients, seated in the vestibule waiting for the papers that the clerks were just scribbling off at full speed, to raise their heads in astonishment.

The doctor had arranged all the papers necessary to enable her to cross the frontier.

MELLISH, Maude H. SEE The writing of medical papers.

SEE Searles, William H. IVINS, WILLIAM MILLS, Jr. Prints and books, informal papers.

Collected papers of the Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Foundation, v. 16, 1924; edited by Mrs. M. H. Mellish.

Scientific autobiography and other papers.

An able and learned discussion of this proposition will be found among his papers.

In his papers will be found frequent and interesting discussions of this question.

His vetoes of "An act to execute certain treaty stipulations relating to Chinese" and of "An act making appropriations for the construction, repair, and preservation of certain works on rivers and harbors, and for other purposes," are interesting and effective papers.

President Cleveland's papers fill 558 pages of this volume, occupying more space than any other Chief Magistrate, Andrew Johnson being next with 457 pages.

The Senate demanded of him and of the heads of some of the Executive Departments the reasons for the suspension of certain officials and the papers and correspondence incident thereto.

26915 examples of  papers  in sentences