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26915 examples of  papers  in sentences

26915 examples of papers in sentences

Amongst his papers is a rough sketch from life of Leichhardt in bush costume.

"I didn't think a Congressman could be spared from Washington but rarely, especially when the papers say the country needs such a lot of saving.

" He drew out a bunch of blue papers with blanks for describing the name of the machine, its power, driver and other details.

I have read your names in zee papers.

" "Oh, those awful papers!" cried Jess, who hated publicity; "they are always printing things about us.

[From the Washington Papers (Executive Proceedings, vol. 17), Department of State.]

Gentlemen of the Senate and of the House of Representatives: I now lay before you a letter from the Secretary of State, covering the copy of one from the governor of Virginia, with the several papers therein referred to, on the subject of the boundary between that State and the territory of the United States south of the Ohio.

The papers herewith sent will inform you of the result.

These papers, being original, are to be again deposited with the records of the Department of State after having answered the purpose of your information.

The history of his captivity in the Island of Juan Fernandez had appeared in the papers; several apocryphal relations had been already published, when in 1717, Daniel De Foe published his Robinson Crusoe.


Sir,Sometime ago a discussion arose in the public papers respecting the right of the King's Sergeant Trumpeter to grant licenses to minstrels for carrying on their calling in London and Westminster.

One day Father Xavier, in turning over his papers, came across an old etching of Venus rising from the sea.

I have these papers from the Mother house, and from Etienne, Director, of Algiers.

He stood behind and to one side of the Director, who was laboriously deciphering some papers through his big horn spectacles.

Her papers were forged.

His name is not more a byeword of reproach, than a watchword of alarm throughout the slave states; and the slave holders have repeatedly set a high price upon his head by advertisement in the public papers.

Some time afterwards I addressed the following letter to this individual, which was published in many of the American papers: "To HOPE H. SLAUGHTER, Slave Trader, Baltimore:

This was denied, but certain resolutions which had appeared in the public papers were appealed to in proof of the fact.

One of the daily papers also contained the following, headed "Communication.

The editor of the Pennsylvania Freeman, John G. Whittier, whose publication office and papers had been destroyed by the mob, in his next paper published the following editorial article, which I have copied simply to show that while the abolitionists on this occasion maintained their sentiments in a clear and unequivocal manner, they did not indulge in the language of revenge or anger.

I would also point attention to the fact, which is brought to light by this relation, that the slave-holders have not only to contend with the honest and open-handed means which the abolitionists most righteously employ,[A] to facilitate the escape of slaves, but with the mercenary acts of members of their own community, who live by the manufacture and sale of forged free papers.

You have access to the daily papers.


After we had got our freedom papers, they had our ages and all on them, they were lost so we guess at our ages.

They were received by the proprietors, and managers, and acting managers, with the customary etiquette, backing most adroitly up stairs, and holding wax candles in their hands (which circumstance was properly stated in the papers the next morning, for fear it should be supposed that tallow had been used on the occasion.)

among the Hammond papers in the Library of Congress.]

" [Footnote 4: MS. bound volume, "Plantation Manual," among the Hammond papers in the Library of Congress.]

[Footnote 15: MS. Letter book, 1770-1787, among the Allason papers in the New York Public Library.]

among the Hammond papers in the Library of Congress.]

In these papers schoolmasters write about their business, lectures upon the questions of their calling are reported at length, and a sort of invalid discussion moves with painful decorum through the correspondence column.

The ordinary man, when he has twelve votes to give, likes to give them all, so that there will be a good deal of wild voting at the tails of the voting papers.

In the subsequent counting the voting papers are first classified according to the first votes.

The second votes are then counted on his papers, and after the number of votes necessary to return him has been deducted, the surplus votes are divided in due proportion among the second choice names, and count for them.

All the second votes on his papers are counted, and it is found that 600, or a fifth of them, go to C; 500, or a sixth, go to E; 300, or a tenth, to G; 300 to J; 200, or a fifteenth, each to K and L, and a hundred each, or a thirtieth, to M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, W and

After the distribution of the surplus votes of the elect at the top of the list, there is a distribution of the second votes upon the papers of those who have voted for the hopeless candidates at the bottom of the list.

So the betrothal was solemnized, but since Don Luis was a Spanish officer, the marriage must await the consent of the king, and forthwith papers were dispatched to the court of Madrid.

California was an isolated province in those days and the packet boat, touching on the shore but twice a year, frequently brought papers from Spain dated nine months previous, so the older people affirmed that permission could not be received for two years, while Luis and Rafaela declared that if the king answered at onceand surely he would recognize the importance of hasteword might be received in eighteen months.

he eagerly asked his father, who was running through the papers handed him by the captain.

But there was no flag to pull down for the receiver of customs, realizing that resistance was useless, had packed the Mexican flag in a trunk with his official papers for safe keeping, so without opposition General Montgomery marched with seventy men accompanied by fife and drum from the waterfront to the Plaza, and raised the Stars and Stripes on the vacant flag pole.

Then drawing a bundle of papers from his pocket he thrust them into the officer's face.

" The policeman moved uneasily and handed back the papers.

Bawling me out in the papers and losing me my best customers!

He had risen up upon his kneeshis papers were all laid aside.

Those who shall read these slender papers, without agreeing to the kindly opinions often expressed, must account for it by remembering that "Love lends a precious seeing to the eye."

It had held the clothes and the books and the papers of generation after generation.

Nevertheless some of the papers are stamped with this original value; as the memoirs of Mrs. Siddons and Mr. Thomas Hope.

The papers are full of deaths.

It is so quiet and pleasant among your books and papers, and it was so dull up-stairs!

It was stated in 1870 that, according to papers found at the Tuileries, 26,642 persons had been arrested in France for political offences since 2nd December, 1851, and that 14,118 had been transported, exiled, or detained in prison.

"It was requisite that the papers should be sent.

So interested and energetic was the young man that Mr. Jefferson had much difficulty in getting him to lay aside his papers and make himself ready for the reception of the evening.

This solemnity would begin with the furious pealing of some bells hanging over the parlor door, causing the notary's clients, seated in the vestibule waiting for the papers that the clerks were just scribbling off at full speed, to raise their heads in astonishment.

In vain he glanced searchingly around: he could not recognize anybody in the groups that were reading the papers or conversing while waiting for the street car.

The captain received with feigned indifference the news that the dead body of a man had been found that very night,a man who appeared to be a German, but without papers, without anything that assured his identification,on a dock some distance from the berth occupied by the Mare Nostrum.

The doctor had arranged all the papers necessary to enable her to cross the frontier.

These he liberated as soon as the proper papers could be executed and sent to him at his distant post; and he always afterwards helped them when they were in need and applied to him.

We are indebted to Mrs. Anderson, not only for the correction of this error, but for permission to examine many private papers relating to Major Anderson's experience in Fort Sumter.

Get in with the right people; use your family name and your distinguished ancestors; pull a few judicious advertising wires; do a few artistic stunts; get yourself into the papers long and often, no matter how; make yourself a fad; become a pet of the social autocratsand your fame is assured.

" He put the papers in his pocket, and sat up for an hour in his room that night reading Percival Nowell's love letters.

" He pushed aside his papers, and sat with his elbow on the desk and his head leaning on his hand, waiting for Gilbert to talk.

" John Saltram hesitated, looking doubtfully at his papers.

He was never away from home, except to attend to his business at market; and she had never seen him spelling over the sporting-papers, as her father had been wont to do, night after night, with a perplexed brow and an anxious face, making calculations upon the margin of the print every now and then with a stump of lead pencil, and chewing the end of it meditatively in the intervals of his lection.

Their views, which were quite prevalent throughout New England, are effectively presented in Lowell's Biglow Papers.

Madison Papers.

Madison Papers.]

con., to make the clause read "But a tax or duty may be imposed on such importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each PERSON."Madison Papers, Aug. 25, 1787.]

MELLISH, Maude H. SEE The writing of medical papers.

SEE Searles, William H. IVINS, WILLIAM MILLS, Jr. Prints and books, informal papers.

Collected papers of the Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Foundation, v. 16, 1924; edited by Mrs. M. H. Mellish.

Tokefield papers.

The public papers of Woodrow Wilson.

U. S. The public papers of Woodrow Wilson.

War and peace; presidential messages, addresses and public papers (1917-1924).

Possible worlds and other papers.

SEE Keen, William W. KEEN, WILLIAM W. The surgical operations on President Cleveland in 1893, together with six additional papers of reminiscences.

The posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club.

SAUNDERS (W. B.) CO. Collected papers of the Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Foundation.

JAMES A. The public papers and addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The hidden Lincoln; from the letters and papers of William H. Herndon.

WILLIAM W. SEE Hewett, Edith J. HEWITT, RICHARD M. Collected papers of the Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Foundation.

Scientific autobiography and other papers.

Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters.

Nominally our Farmer's slaves were probably all Christians, though I have found no mention in his papers of their spiritual state.

Another story is to the effect that one morning Nelly Custis, Miss Dandridge and some other girls who were visiting Nelly came down to breakfast dressed dishabille and with their hair done up in curl papers.

Much light was thrown on the condition and future prospects of this people in 1835, by some papers relative to the Cape of Good Hope, which were laid before the English Government.

Mr. Waller's papers upon Christian Iconography promise to be of the highest value.

[Illustration: THE INVITATION] Uncle Brewster had read the Illustrated Papers in the Barber Shop out Home, and he certainly knew what was Expected of a Man who wanted to give a Gay Girl the Time of her Life.

Behind it, in a comfortable room fitted up with library tables, leather chairs, and cases for books and papers, sat old Augustus Mortimer.

As it was, Grand asked after the little ones, and Brandon, standing on the rug and looking down on the fine stern features and white head, began to give him a graphic account of what little Peter Melcombe had been teaching them, John Mortimer, while he unlocked his desk and sorted out certain papers, now and then adding a touch or two in mimicry of his children's little voices.

John was still arranging his papers, then his father said deliberately, "This is the first hint I ever received of any presence being supposed to haunt the place.

The papers had just come out, and I felt a curiosity to see them wet from the press.

An able and learned discussion of this proposition will be found among his papers.

In his papers will be found frequent and interesting discussions of this question.

His vetoes of "An act to execute certain treaty stipulations relating to Chinese" and of "An act making appropriations for the construction, repair, and preservation of certain works on rivers and harbors, and for other purposes," are interesting and effective papers.

President Cleveland's papers fill 558 pages of this volume, occupying more space than any other Chief Magistrate, Andrew Johnson being next with 457 pages.

The Senate demanded of him and of the heads of some of the Executive Departments the reasons for the suspension of certain officials and the papers and correspondence incident thereto.

In one of the secret repositories where during his latter years my venerable predecessor used with senile cunning to hide, indiscriminately, the coins of the Romans and of the Yankees, rags, bottles of rhubarb and magnesia, books, papers, and buttons, I had found, one night, an ancient MS.

It was a collection of copies of papers relating to various matters of accounts and law, all pertaining to a certain Beardsley family, of high and ancient fame in the Colony, and afterwards in the State.

" A week or two afterwards, I found in one of those obscure columns of "minion solid," in which the great New York papers embalm the memory of their current metropolitan crime, the following notice: "We are informed that the burglar lately killed in an attempt to rob the Historical Library has been found to be the notorious cracksman, 'Bill Young'; but that his real name was Isaac Beardsley.