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54 example sentences with  papooses

54 example sentences with papooses

The Indians then talked among themselves for a few minutes, and upon the conclusion of the consultation, old Rain-in-the-Face turned to me and gave me to understand that as I was yet a "papoose," or a very young man, they would not take my life.

After taking a survey of what we had accomplished, it was found that we had killed about one hundred and forty Indians, and captured one hundred and twenty squaws and papooses, two hundred lodges, and eight hundred horses and mules.

"They tied me to a boardlike a papoose," said Donnegan, "and they straightened my backbut they left me this waywizened up."

It was as if every brave, squaw, and papoose howled his or her loudest in token of sorrow, and three of us within the fort had a very good idea of what would have been our fate had we not been rescued before the assault.

Bucks, squaws, and papooses tumbled out to see them with guttural exclamations of greeting.

Infant N. infant, babe, baby, babe in arms; nurseling, suckling, yearling, weanling; papoose, bambino; kid; vagitus.

Very shortly Muskwa was trussed up like a papoose.

The boat being unable to approach the shore, we were obliged to ride papoose-back upon the shoulders of the brawny watermen for some little distance; but what amused us much was the perfect sang-froid with which the women, with their bare legs, held up their clothes above the knees and waded to the boat before us....

He never comes to see me... Oesteindiossquaw (scuรณ) papoose (papรบs)tablacolgaba.

Un bebรฉ indio se llama un papoose.

El papoose estaba atado a una tabla que colgaba de un รกrbol.

La squaw dejรณ a Gilberto que lo cogiese, Mi pequeรฑo papoose,dijo ella.

No, no te lleves mi papoose,dijo la squaw.

Gilberto le diรณ el papoose.

An Indian baby is called a papoose.

The papoose was tied to a board hanging on a tree.

"My little papoose," said she.

"May I take it to mamma?" "No, don't carry off my papoose," said the squaw.

Gilbert gave her the papoose.

They wouldn't accept my prices, but would declare they were being cheated by the papoose;" and the boy threw so much scorn into his tone that Mr. Selincourt laughed aloud.

The first thing you know they stick themselves up by their tails, and spin a noose to hang back their heads in, and there they are, like a papoose in a basket.

Many of the squaws and papooses were gorgeous in white doe skin suits, gaudily trimmed with beads, and bows of bright ribbons.

[Illustration: PAPOOSES IN BICKOOSES] [Illustration: SUTTER'S MILL, WHERE MARSHALL DISCOVERED GOLD, JANUARY 19, 1848] He pointed out the rancheria by the river where the Indian herders lived with others of their tribe, among them, Billy and his mother.

"Come look, see squaw, papoose!

When no more bulbs could be found, the baskets were put on the ground in groups, and the mothers carefully leaned their bickooses against them in such positions that the wide awake papooses could look out from under their shades and smile and sputter at each other in quaint

Like buzzards came the squaws and papooses to take what was left of the food, and to claim a share from the pile of worn-out clothes which grandma brought out for distribution.

"Bless you, it is the first thing they teach the papooses in an Indian wigwam.

"And how did they tell you?" "Tut, an Indian papoose could have told," said Du Lhut impatiently.

"If the snow comes, it will be a thousand times more dangerous," said Amos, "for we shall leave a track then that a papoose could follow.

I shouted, then ran forward, straddling papooses and shouldering squaws out of my way.

" "What do you mean, uncle?" "Why, half a dozen Indians, with their squaws and papooses are on the road, and I told them to stop here, and I would trade with themso get something for them to eat, will you?"

The squaws were in a squalid condition, and equally drunk with the men, while the papooses, that were placed in sacks upon their backs, peeping up, with their bare heads and dirty faces, added to the wretchedness of the scene, and the sight of them blanched the cheek of the poor woman, as she tremblingly looked upon them.

The runaway papoose.

The runaway papoose.

MOON, FRANCIS M. The runaway papoose.

The runaway papoose; illustrated by Carl Moon.

The runaway papoose.

The runaway papoose.

MOON, FRANCIS M. The runaway papoose.

The runaway papoose; illustrated by Carl Moon.

Tell Hurstbridge I will bring him a "gun," and Ermyntrude a papoose doll.

Kitty was never weary of the bright beads and ornaments of the Indian maidens, and Rudolph found great delight in shooting with the bows and arrows of the papooses or children, who, in turn, were wonderfully amused at the bad shots of the little pale-face.

For instance: when they, or any of the little papooses, were naughty or disobedient, they were put under what might be called the water-cure treatment.

He wouldn't hunt like other Indians, but would spend whole days at his shack playing with it and teaching it to do things; and when he did go hunting he would often tote it on his back, even when it wasn't much more than a squalling papoose.

On the wharf was a mixed lot of peopleAmericans, Canadians, Irish, Indians, squaws and papooses.

At the shore near by the Indians were loading a large white birch bark canoe, putting their luggage along the middle lengthways, and the papooses on top.

At the same time I consider that only a papoose, made of string and sawdust, would give more than ยฃ10,000 for any one of them.

They seemed to be utterly without curiosity; the warriors put aside their bows and lay down to sleep; the old squaw hurried off to pick up her bundle of fuel; even the papooses were silent and stupid.

Vainly the shivering aborigine drew her tightly bandaged papoose closer to her square, flat breast, and looked longingly toward the cabin; the old man backed her against the palisade.

Flip remained leaning against the door; but the young man in rising dropped the bandaged papoose, which rolled from his lap into the fire.

From some instinctive prompting I had lashed the poor, frail baby to my girdle with the scarf of knotted silk I wore about my neck, and, wan and exhausted, he lay upon my shoulder tranquilly as any Indian papoose might do on its mother's breast.

The film showed children screaming as the dentists did work on them, as the children were held in papoose boards.

The State of Colorado made a law to limit how much they could use the papoose boards.

There is a lot of physical comedy โ€“ the sight of Conor and Billy wrestling with a papoose is hilarious and criminally short, as are Billyโ€™s attempts to wrestle a pushchair into some sort of flat, vehicle-friendly shape.