1875 examples of parade in sentences

Next comes the hero of the parade, the King himself.

The parade takes place after night-fall, and consists of very costly pageants and displays.

The Vigilance Committee gained almost sovereign power, and before it disbanded in August, it had a parade in which over 5,000 armed, disciplined men took part.

There is, however, a fine and spacious Place, which serves as a parade for the garrison, and being planted with trees by the French when they held it, forms an agreeable promenade.

Carriages, with persons in them, generally masked, parade up and down this space in two currents, the one ascending, the other descending the Corso.

I saw the tragi-comic parade go by, as I leaned against a supporting tree: the advance guard of clamorous urchins, the rail-bearers, the white-faced figure of Plooie, jolted aloft, bleeding but calm, self-forgetful, and still calling out reassurances to his wife; the jostling rabble, and upon the edge of it a frantic woman, clawing, sobbing, imploring.

"The youngsters can't have got back from the parade already, have they?" "A very tall man has stopped him," said the Bonnie Lassie.

In Simla the Commander-in-Chief will be present at a parade on the Ridge at 11.45 a.m., civilians in leaves dress assembling at 11.30."Times of India.

He did not uncover himself in presence of funerals, saying he did not want to bow to the dead; he called the church the priests' bank, the altar a parade of mountebanks, the confessional the antechamber to the brothel.

It reminds me of my Colonel's wife who, when her husband gave orders for a review and parade for Sunday, said, "My dear, you want then to deprive the poor soldiers of the holy Mass, ought they not to work out their salvation?"

One may see, for instance, Russian cossacks, French chasseurs, German uhlans, and Austrian cuirassiers incongruously mixed up together in the ranks on parade.

After an hour or so of bumping we turned into a transverse valley, as level almost as if it had been made for a parade-ground.

Introduces McClellan at preëlection parade.

"Some time in the fall of 1835 I was passing along the easterly walk of Washington Parade-Ground, leading from Waverly Place to Fourth Street, when I heard my name called.

As the shattered regiments fell back before the Russians in a state of disorder, they saw advancing up the slope behind them the brigade of Guards in as regular order as if on parade.

" After parade the men scattered in groups; some went down to the river to fill their canteens, others strolled through the vineyards picking grapes, and in spite of the fact that in many places the dead lay thickly together, a careless laugh was sometimes heard.

I'm sure you fellows obey orders on parade none the less promptly and readily because the colonel has been chatting with you in the mess-room half an hour before.

Of these he chewed the bitter cud while he rode home, wondering with whom Miss Bruce could thus dare to parade herself in public, maddened at the open rebellion inferred by so ignoring his presence and his love, vowing to revenge himself without delay by tightening the curb and making her feel, to her cost, the hold he possessed over her person and her actions.

The sufferers parade their miseries, tear the lint from their bruises, reveal their indictable crimes, that you may pity them.

" "It's just over in the northeast eighty," said Sylvia, with a rather conscious parade of her mastery of bucolic vernacular.

I will build me a palace, vast as a city, in which to strut and parade my Monarchy before the Heavens, with stones of pure molten gold, and rough frontispiece of diamond, and cupola of amethyst, and pillars of pearl.

The French eagles never cooed as they did on parade then, when they were held high above all the flags of Europe.

The parade-ground being full, I expected to see an instant attack; but he was too knowing to be caught napping in that way.

The fool's parade.

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1875 examples of  parade  in sentences
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