1875 examples of parade in sentences

He made a parade of adhesion to the ancient Chinese tradition: his followers cut off their pigtails and allowed their hair to grow as in the past.

The love parade.

The love parade.

(In Story parade, Sept. 1938)

(In Story parade, Nov. 1938)

(In Story parade magazine, Jun 1939)

Gaily we parade; a collection of poems about people, here, there and everywhere.

(In Story parade, Sept. 1940) © 15Aug40; B464881.

Thomas Y. Crowell Co. (PWH); 5Dec67; R423418. Science on parade.

Science on parade.

Walt Disney's Vacation parade.

The Easter parade.

(In Story parade, Oct. 1950)

Walt Disney's Christmas parade.

R114871, 13Jul53, Jeannette Porter Meehan (PPW) POST, EMILY (PRICE) Parade, a novel of New York society.

Paris on parade.

Paris on parade.

ROBERT FORREST Paris on parade.

(In Story parade, Mar. 1940) © 25Feb40; B445840.

The short story parade.

The short story parade.

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Queen Clotilde had the corpses of the two children placed in a coffin, and followed them, with a great parade of chanting, and immense mourning, to the basilica of St. Pierre (now St. Genevieve), where they were buried together.

At the March parade held at Braine, in the spring of 754, the Franks approved of the war against the Lombards; and at the end of the summer Pepin and his army descended into Italy by Mount Cenis, the Lombards trying in vain to stop them as they debouched into the valley of Suza.

HEZEKIAH, a king of Judah; reigned from 725 to 697 B.C.; distinguished for his zeal in the celebration of the worship of Jehovah and for his weakness in making a parade of his wealth; reigned in the golden age of Hebrew prophecy, Isaiah and Micah being his contemporaries.

1875 examples of  parade  in sentences