75 examples of pard in sentences

Well, I reckon I did, old pard; It came like a streak of lightnin',

He always thought well of you, pard, And had it been heaven's will, In a few more days you'd met him, And he'd welcome his old scout Bill.

But little we knew even then, pard, (And that's just two weeks ago), How little we dreamed of disaster, Or that he had met the foe That the fearless, reckless hero, So loved by the whole frontier, Had died on the field of battle In this, our centennial year.

But I mean what I'm telling ye, pard; I'm letting them down mighty easy, Perhaps they may think it is hard.

In line 12 the word pard means leopard.

" Of the words we have examined, only sans is obsolete, though pard, saws, and pantaloon are perhaps not entirely familiar.

"Bill, are you goin' in with me after this pard of the Kaiser's?" inquired Jake, leisurely stretching himself as the car halted.

Pard, they say he's a bad man!"

I got laid outnot knocked out, for I could seebut I wasn't any help to pard Montana.

I left Dorset a smooth- faced boy; to-day I'm bearded like the pard.

"Say, you're the pard I've been a-looking for!"

the strength and the stay Of the daughters of Zion;now up, and away; Lo, the hunters have struck her, and bleeding alone Like a pard in the desert she maketh her moan: Up with war-horse and banner, with spear and with sword, On the spoiler go down in the might of the Lord! Lunt.

At once their wrath subsides; tame as the lamb The lion hangs his head, the furious pard, Cowed and subdued, flies from the face of man, Nor bears one glance of his commanding eye.

The king of brutes In broken roarings breathes his last; the bear Grumbles in death; nor can his spotted skin, Though sleek it shine, with varied beauties gay, Save the proud pard from unrelenting fate.

That's all, ain't it, ole pard?"

Jack was in his most frolicsome mood and amused them both with tricks half-puppy and half-monkey like, and in the morning, when the stranger was leaving, he said: "Say, pard, I'll give you twenty-five dollars for the pair."

"Ye got the drop on me," he said; "I ain't got no gun; but look-a here, stranger, that there little B'ar is the only pard I got; he's my stiddy company an' we're almighty fond o' each other.

Jacky, old pard, don't you know me?"

Zelma was large, but lithe, supple, and vigorous, with a pard-like freedom and elasticity of movement,dark, with a subdued and changing color,the fluttering signal of sudden emotion, not the stationary sign of robust health.

The men were bearded like the pard, and in tattered garments, their feet bare.

The devil's trigger pard.

Not only does she say with Christ her Master, "Suffer the little children to come unto Me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven," but she makes of all those who come to her, be they fierce of aspect or bearded like the pard, her own children.

As we rode up to him, my pard held dead on him.

Me and my pard were the only ones that bucked up against them.

"Getting even on our esteemed friend the stage driver was right in your Uncle Reddy's line, and Aggy and our new pard White seemed to take kindly to it, also.

75 examples of  pard  in sentences