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75 examples of  pard  in sentences

75 examples of pard in sentences

Well, I reckon I did, old pard; It came like a streak of lightnin',

He always thought well of you, pard, And had it been heaven's will, In a few more days you'd met him, And he'd welcome his old scout Bill.

But little we knew even then, pard, (And that's just two weeks ago), How little we dreamed of disaster, Or that he had met the foe That the fearless, reckless hero, So loved by the whole frontier, Had died on the field of battle In this, our centennial year.

But I mean what I'm telling ye, pard; I'm letting them down mighty easy, Perhaps they may think it is hard.

In line 12 the word pard means leopard.

" Of the words we have examined, only sans is obsolete, though pard, saws, and pantaloon are perhaps not entirely familiar.

Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon's mouth.

(30) Then came the Mountain Shepherds, bewailing Adonais: the Pilgrim of Eternity, the Lyrist of lerne, and (31) among others, one frail form, a pard-like spirit.

A pard-like Spirit beautiful and swift A love in desolation maskeda power Girt round with weakness; it can scarce uplift The weight of the superincumbent hour.

"Never did, pard," the man answered.

"We're pards nowwith no secrets", he continued, with a different note in his voice.

"Bill, are you goin' in with me after this pard of the Kaiser's?" inquired Jake, leisurely stretching himself as the car halted.

Pard, they say he's a bad man!"

I got laid outnot knocked out, for I could seebut I wasn't any help to pard Montana.

" "What's ailin' you, pard?" drawled Brewer.

There was a boy named Griggs who ran the German barragean' that's a gantletseven times to fetch ammunition to his pards.

"Owens was shot just as he jumped up with his pards to meet the chargin' Germans.

Dorn ripped them all open, an' before they'd stopped floppin' he was on the bunch that'd killed Brewer an' were makin' it hard for his other pards....

But didn't we leave Bluff in campI don't see anything of our pard, do you, boys?" A sharp "click" close to Frank's ear announced that Will was at his old tricks again.

"This must be Rustem, stronger than the pard, The lion, or the Egyptian crocodile, Or fell Iblรญs; dreams never painted hero Half so tremendous on the battle plain.

more relentless even than wolf or pard, Thou hast at length received thy just reward!

I left Dorset a smooth- faced boy; to-day I'm bearded like the pard.

"Say, you're the pard I've been a-looking for!"

the strength and the stay Of the daughters of Zion;now up, and away; Lo, the hunters have struck her, and bleeding alone Like a pard in the desert she maketh her moan: Up with war-horse and banner, with spear and with sword, On the spoiler go down in the might of the Lord! Lunt.

The choir contains about the usual complement of smiling young men and maidens, with a central gentleman "bearded like the pard," who sits in state in an elaborately backed chair, and conducts the proceedings with legitimate authority.

You've got that longing feeling that there's nothing satisfies, And your pard can't interest you, no matter how he tries, You're lonesome, moody, restless, out at Camp, or in the Town Your mind will not rest easy, and your troubles will not drown.

Who live on lone creeks all alone here Where the living and dying are hard, And where oft times their only companion Is a malamute pup for a pard.

I've had a few pards that would stand the hard grind

At once their wrath subsides; tame as the lamb The lion hangs his head, the furious pard, Cowed and subdued, flies from the face of man, Nor bears one glance of his commanding eye.

The king of brutes In broken roarings breathes his last; the bear Grumbles in death; nor can his spotted skin, Though sleek it shine, with varied beauties gay, Save the proud pard from unrelenting fate.

And now a spotted Pard the lover stalks, Plays round her steps, and guards her favour'd walks; [The Proteus-love.

"I've noticed you frown a whole lot lately, which is unusual for my cheery pard, Frank.

It's the plugging away that will win you the day, So don't be a piker, old pard; Just draw on your grit; it's so easy to quit It's the keeping your chin up that's hard.

"We was too much for 'em that time, old pard," said Jerry, familiarly slapping the Arapahoe upon his naked shoulder.

"Where's your folks, old pard?" inquired Jerry.

That's all, ain't it, ole pard?"

Also, she talks deliciously, in a silver voice, about "old pards."

If you want to be pards, put her thar!"

"I made a vow that night that if ever again I had to call in any one to help me in business of that kind I wouldn't go pards with him.

" "Oh, don't pard my begonerthat is, begon my pardno, I mean peg my bardon!

Jack was in his most frolicsome mood and amused them both with tricks half-puppy and half-monkey like, and in the morning, when the stranger was leaving, he said: "Say, pard, I'll give you twenty-five dollars for the pair."

"Say, pard, I done wrong.

"Ye got the drop on me," he said; "I ain't got no gun; but look-a here, stranger, that there little B'ar is the only pard I got; he's my stiddy company an' we're almighty fond o' each other.

And again he took up the trail of Grizzly Jack, his one-time "pard," now grown beyond his ken.

"I'm honest about it, pard.

"It's the same old B'ar," said Lan to his pard.

Jacky, old pard, don't you know me?"

Zelma was large, but lithe, supple, and vigorous, with a pard-like freedom and elasticity of movement,dark, with a subdued and changing color,the fluttering signal of sudden emotion, not the stationary sign of robust health.

"Hello, pard!" called one of the trio, "where from and where going?" This was a pointed demand, to which Mont Sterry made an equally pointed response.

"Yes, that's what's left of Jack Perkins; he was my pard.


The men were bearded like the pard, and in tattered garments, their feet bare.

All his pards in the underworld always said he'd die before he'd give up, but he let the cop take him like he was a baby.

" "My pard's got an old craft, and he and I are goin' to pack it out next trip."

In case of my death I leave all I die possessed of including my brother Hiram's claim near Yuga River to my pard and buddy, Ben Darby.

Ezra Melville was my pard.

His ample forehead bore a coronet, With sparkling diamonds and with rubies set: Ten brace, and more, of greyhounds, snowy fair, And tall as stags, ran loose, and coursed around his chair, A match for pards in flight, in grappling for the bear: With golden muzzles all their mouths were bound, And collars of the same their necks surround.

It represents a curtain drawn aside to reveal a velvet cushion, on which sits a graceful little Italian lap-dog with pendant silky ears and sleek sides spotted like the pard.

It was another rancher, surnamed Crosby, hatchet-faced, slow of speech, who spoke, "Ain't that question a bit superfluous, pard?

"I'll give you one more chance there, aborigine;" slowly, with an effort, almost gratingly came the words, like the friction of a rusty spring at the striking of a clock; "and I ain't in the habit of doin' that either, pard."

The devil's trigger pard.

Cottonwood pards.

The devil's trigger pard.

Cottonwood pards.

Presently, turning off the Gilgit road, along a track to the left, we came upon Walterbearded like the parda pard which had left off shaving for about a week.

"Them and your pards must have been pretty nigh together for a minute, then," he said, pointing to the ground.

Not only does she say with Christ her Master, "Suffer the little children to come unto Me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven," but she makes of all those who come to her, be they fierce of aspect or bearded like the pard, her own children.

Sporting the lion ramped, and in his paw Dandled the kid; bears, tigers, ounces, pards, Gambolled before them; the unwieldy elephant, To make them mirth, used all his might, and wreathed His lithe proboscis.

As we rode up to him, my pard held dead on him.

Me and my pard were the only ones that bucked up against them.

And Loys and me, we were full pards from date.

"Getting even on our esteemed friend the stage driver was right in your Uncle Reddy's line, and Aggy and our new pard White seemed to take kindly to it, also.

"When I could speak, says I, 'We'll rise like a couple of them Fenian birds from the ashes, pard.'

"You wan' to tague the pard of dose Grandissime'?" The daughter returned a look of agony.

A dozen men made casts, and Juan Mesa, a Mexican from the Eagle Chief, lassoed a fine buck, while "Pard" Sevenoaks, from the J+H, fastened to the smallest one in the band.