175 examples of pardonable in sentences

" There was Sainte-Beuve, a distinguished but inferior man, having a pardonable fondness for ugliness.

In his attempts to gain the ear of the groundlings he is often coarse without being comic; and sometimes (a less pardonable fault) he is tedious.

As the captain had known Joel too long to be ignorant of his love of money, and the offence was very pardonable in itself, he readily forgave the breach of orders.

Nothing is represented but that with which he daily converses: so that, by consequence, all faults lie open to discovery; and few are pardonable.

His wife, whose torturing suspense may be imagined the while, concealed the stratagem as long as it was possible to impose on the jailer with the pardonable and praiseworthy fiction of her husband's illness and confinement to his bed.

In spite of the loss incurred, the achievement accomplished was of such a character as to fill them with pardonable pride.

While, then, the Poles look upon the promises from either of these two capitals with pardonable suspicion and reserve, it is certain that to-day such hopes as they may entertain from foreign aid centre more and more upon Russia.

Adj. vindicated, vindicating &c v.; exculpatory; apologetic. excusable, defensible, pardonable; venial, veniable^; specious, plausible, justifiable.

No doubt there are a few rare cases where such a form of sentence may be pardonable.

But these men must know there is no sin so heinous which is not pardonable in itself, no crime so great but by God's mercy it may be forgiven.

'Tis a good sign of thy conversion, thy sins are pardonable, thou art, or shalt surely be reconciled.

Besides, they must know this, all so molested and distempered, that although these be most execrable and grievous sins, they are pardonable yet, through God's mercy and goodness, they may be forgiven, if they be penitent and sorry for them.

If the Pilgrim Fathers had been told that the haven of refuge they had selected would, within two or three hundred years, be part of a great English-speaking nation with some 70,000,000 of inhabitants, and with its center some 1,500 miles westward, they would have listened to the story with pardonable incredulity, and would have felt like invoking condemnation upon the head of the reckless prophet who was addressing them.

Such little Blemishes as these, when the Thought is great and natural, we should, with Horace impute to a pardonable Inadvertency, or to the Weakness of human Nature, which cannot attend to each minute Particular, and give the last Finishing to every Circumstance in so long a Work.

The Warren mystery seemed to be verging on a solution, but in Carroll's breast there was none of the pardonable surge of elation which normally was his under these circumstances.

As they jingled and rattled away from the gate, a pardonable curiosity prompted the elderly gentleman to inquire the name of this beautiful Samaritan, clad in silks and satins, so ready to succour the fallen and give shelter to the homeless.

These aspects of their activity are apt to be obscured owing to a pardonable disposition of Unitarianism to point to the 'great names' associated with their churches.

He was himself a wild poem; and he discoursed wild poems to us,musical romances from Dreamland; but the luxury to himself and us was bought by injury to others which was altogether irreparable, and pardonable only on the ground that the balance of his mind was destroyed by a fatal intellectual, in addition to physical intemperance.

All this is very human and pardonable, and would be even harmless if there were no such things in the world as danger and honour and intellectual responsibility.

"The want of connexion here, as well as in the description of the prodigies that accompanied the death of Cæsar, are scarce pardonable.

The sight of men, who all bore in their hearts, the remembrance of the faults, of a husband, of a father, could not be an object which they would be desirous of seeking, or meeting with; and in this point of view, the care, which they took to avoid the hospital, seems to us almost pardonable.

In attributing their antics to modesty, Crantz made an error into which so many explorers have fallenthat of interpreting the actions of savages from the point of view of civilizationan error more pardonable in an unsophisticated traveller of the eighteenth century than in a modern sociologist.

Such vanity, however, is not pardonable: a man has a right to ruin himself, or to make himself ridiculous; but when his vanity becomes baneful to others, as it has all the effect, so does it merit the punishment, of vice.

But surely this, in a person who has not long been in command of fine clothes, and even in that short time has had very few opportunities of airing them, is pardonable.

Next day Amy was rather late at school; but could not resist the temptation of displaying, with pardonable pride, a moist brown-paper parcel before she consigned it to the inmost recesses of her desk.

175 examples of  pardonable  in sentences
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