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179 example sentences with  pardonable

179 example sentences with pardonable

It was with pardonable pride that Billy Adams reined in his foaming team, and rushed John Thomas into the polling booth, where he was greeted with loud cheers.

Yet I should have thought that a preference for my own world, even were it wholly irrational, might seem at least natural and pardonable."

"He was very proud of his wife, and very desirous of talking about her, a weakness quite pardonable in the judgment of one who is desirous to know.

As the captain had known Joel too long to be ignorant of his love of money, and the offence was very pardonable in itself, he readily forgave the breach of orders.

But with, perhaps, pardonable egotism, she had taken it for granted that Peter must be different.

"It would not be fair on Sarah, knowing all Londonworth knowingas she does," said Peter with pardonable exaggeration, "to rob her of the season altogether.

The suddenness of Whitehead's decease came near leaving a royal birthday unsung,an omission scarcely pardonable with one of George the Third's methodical habits.

According to their idea of the matter, it was a folly, indeed, but pardonable, inasmuch as Ernest was industrious, kind, and neighborly, and neglected no duty for the sake of indulging this idle habit.

Nothing is represented but that with which he daily converses: so that, by consequence, all faults lie open to discovery; and few are pardonable.

Yet of the two, I think that error the most pardonable, which, in too straight a compass, crowds together many accidents: since it produces more variety, and consequently more pleasure to the audience; and because the nearness of proportion betwixt the imaginary and real time does speciously cover the compression of the Accidents.

He was a widower, and childless, circumstances that rendered his love of gain still less pardonable; for many a man who is indifferent to money on his own account, will toil and save to lay up hoards for those who are to come after him.

His wife, whose torturing suspense may be imagined the while, concealed the stratagem as long as it was possible to impose on the jailer with the pardonable and praiseworthy fiction of her husband's illness and confinement to his bed.

In spite of the loss incurred, the achievement accomplished was of such a character as to fill them with pardonable pride.

And the pulses of those gallant lads throbbed with pardonable pride when they realized what magnificent efforts America was making to win the war in favor of the Allies, after entering it so late herself.

"Yes," said Tom gravely, and yet with a pardonable trace of pride in voice and manner, "the Atlantic has been conquered, and saddled, and bridled, like any wild broncho of the plains.

"I suppose," Lady Mary wrote with pardonable pride to Lady Mar in the spring of 1722, "that the same faithful historians give you regular accounts of the growth and spreading of the inoculation of the small-pox, which is become almost a general practice, attended with great success."

and allow that this extreme is more pardonable than its opposite error.

He yielded to them at a time when they were pardonable.

While, then, the Poles look upon the promises from either of these two capitals with pardonable suspicion and reserve, it is certain that to-day such hopes as they may entertain from foreign aid centre more and more upon Russia.

But the somewhat equivocal attitude of her statesmen has been determined not merely by an astute desire to win the spoils of war without making the necessary sacrificea policy which is apt to overreach itselfbut also by a very pardonable anxiety as to the attitude of Bulgaria and Turkey.

His only recreation save eating is being led about by the mulatto turnkey, the one human being with whom he, dimly understanding what is fit for him, will at all consort; and having wild pines thrown down to him from the Poui tree above by the spider monkey, whose gambols he watches with pardonable envy.

{187b} I incline to the former belief, as the leaves seemed to me pinnated: but the doubt was pardonable enough.

excusable, defensible, pardonable; venial, veniable^; specious, plausible, justifiable.

Therefore, he devised what he called, with pardonable elation, the 'Nelson touch,' the attack in successive lines so directed as to overwhelm one part of the enemy's fleet, whilst the other part was prevented from coming to the assistance of the first, and was in its turn overwhelmed or broken up.

No doubt there are a few rare cases where such a form of sentence may be pardonable.

Well, if he'd been a soldier, it would be pardonable; but as it is....

My natural sense of humor has led me into the pardonable extravagance of giving them both appropriate names.

This was a pardonable illusion in an old-fashioned lady who had not received the polyglot education of the present day; but I observe that even now much nonsense and bad taste win admiring acceptance solely by virtue of the French language, and one may fairly desire that what seems a just discrimination should profit by the fashionable prejudice in favour of La Bruyรจre's idiom.

Able pens (according to a familiar metaphor) appeared to shake their heads good-humouredly, implying that Ganymede's crudities were pardonable in one so exceedingly young.

Mrs. Sinclair and the nymphs are all of opinion, that I am now so much a favourite, and have such a visible share in her confidence, and even in her affections, that I may do what I will, and plead for excuse violence of passion; which, they will have it, makes violence of action pardonable with their sex; as well as allowed extenuation with the unconcerned of both sexes; and they all offer their helping hands.

Doubtless a gross error, yet pardonable, for to errors nearly as gross it was opposed.

Oh, thrice pardonable anger of those who starve!

There are a few good books too, and a few handsome prints; while some really valuable nick-nacks are set out, with pardonable ostentation, on a little table covered with crimson velvet.

If he made a mistake, it was at least a pardonable one.

Many of the sentences so pleased me that I had turned back with pardonable conceit to read them over and admire them: but now, like a destroying angel, came the news that shook from beneath my beautiful superstructure its very foundations, and left me nothing but the humiliation of so much time and labor lost.

I will confess even morethat when the truth first broke upon me, thy repeated services, and, what is even less pardonable, thy tried worth, were for an instant forgotten in the reluctance I felt to admit that my fate could ever be united with one so unhappily situated.

This, however, is a very pardonable sort of coxcombry; and tho' it appear sometimes pedantic, and occasionally laughable, yet it tends to encourage learning and science, and compels the young men to read in order to shine and captivate the fair.

Many misdeedseven robberies and other crimes, which were ordinarily punishable by deathwere pardonable on payment of a proportionate fine, and oaths, in many cases, might be absolved in the same way.

Are you not ashamed to fall into errors which would scarcely be pardonable in a seminarist?

A little sin of vanity, but extremely pardonable.

Mr. SPECTATOR, The ostentation you showed yesterday would have been pardonable had you provided better for the two Extremities of your Paper, and placed in one the letter R., in the other Nescio quid meditans nugarum, et lotus in illis.

Error on such points, he told us-on the subject of religion, for example-was both pardonable and harmless; for no blame could be imputed to the man who acted faithfully up to his own belief, whatsoever that might be." S. "Bravely spoken of him, and worthily of a free state.

True song requires for its atmosphere a state rather of careless Arcadian prosperity, than of struggle and doubt, of earnest looking forward to an unknown future, and pardonable regret for a dying past; and in that state the mind of the masses, throughout North Britain, has been weltering confusedly for the last few years.

Errors of this kind were always pardonable, and are now simply ludicrous.

We should not do justice to Johnson's intense tenderness, if we did not see how often it was masked by an irritability pardonable in itself, and not affecting the deeper springs of action.

Mr. Irvine is himself, we believe, a most agreeable and deserving man, and has been led into the natural and pardonable error we speak of, by the tempting bait of European popularity, in which he thought there was no more likely method of succeeding than by imitating the style of our standard authors, and giving us credit for the virtues of our forefathers.

She had a few pardonable vanities, which no arguments could overcomesuch as a little ostentation in dressa little pride in the neatness of her houseand a good deal in the beauty of her children, especially in that of Amabelas well as in the wealth and high character of her husband, whom she regarded as the most perfect of human beings.

As they jingled and rattled away from the gate, a pardonable curiosity prompted the elderly gentleman to inquire the name of this beautiful Samaritan, clad in silks and satins, so ready to succour the fallen and give shelter to the homeless.

It would be pardonable to suppose, that, out of so many boarding-houses, some would be in reality what they are in name.

These aspects of their activity are apt to be obscured owing to a pardonable disposition of Unitarianism to point to the 'great names' associated with their churches.

The actor suppressed his surprise and with pardonable pride said that his salary was six hundred dollars a week and royalties on each film.

Though an excess in wine is highly blamable, yet it is more pardonable than most other excesses.

In foro conscientiae: grosser minds, Whose humbler aim is but the public weal, Know of no mesh which holds them: yet, great Prince, Some dare not see their sovereign's strength postponed To private grace, and sigh, that generous hearts, And ladies' tenderness, too oft forgetting That wisdom is the highest charity, Will interfere, in pardonable haste, With heaven's stern providence.

All this is very human and pardonable, and would be even harmless if there were no such things in the world as danger and honour and intellectual responsibility.

With some it may be a mere pardonable weakness; with others it may be a very serious and dangerous fault.

What the unique genius of Ghiberti made not merely pardonable but even admirable, became under other hands no less repulsive than the transference of pictorial effects to painted glass.

But it is too fine to be put among the Notes, and it may easily, by a pardonable stretch, be made to refer to the whole body of Lamb's poetical and dramatic work, although Album Verses, 1830, was dedicated separately to Edward Moxon.

he announced with pardonable pride.

"The want of connexion here, as well as in the description of the prodigies that accompanied the death of Cรฆsar, are scarce pardonable.

While waiting for her, Harold happened to say it was my birthday, and Mr Goodchum tendered me the orthodox wishes, remarking, "It is surely pardonable at your time of life to ask what age you have attained today?

But, as it had turned out, his circumstances at the moment were such as to make his conduct pardonable.

I am not a purist; an error of diction is very pardonable if it does not err on the side of the commonplace; the commonplace, the natural, is constitutionally abhorrent to me; and I have never been able to read with any very thorough sense of pleasure even the opening lines of "Rolla," that splendid lyrical outburst.

The absurdity of a calumny may be as evident as the absurdity of a miracle; the ground for belief may be no more than a lightness of mind, and a less pardonable wish that it may be true.

We newspaper folk awaited the capture with professional interest and pardonable excitement....

In her professional prowess she felt a pardonable pride.

"Mr. Scudder chose it for me, himself, at the silk-factory in Lyons," said Mrs. Scudder, with pardonable pride, "and I want it tried on to Mary."

The sight of men, who all bore in their hearts, the remembrance of the faults, of a husband, of a father, could not be an object which they would be desirous of seeking, or meeting with; and in this point of view, the care, which they took to avoid the hospital, seems to us almost pardonable.

Pardonable, natural, even laudable as was the anxiety of the daughter upon such a subject, an instinct with which she could not struggle closed the lips of Venetia for ever upon this topic.

In the case of unscientific travellers, such a loose use of words may perhaps be pardonable, but a specialist who writes a history of marriage should not put the label of "affection" on everything that comes into his drag-net, as Westermarck does (pp.

What makes the traditional attitude of scientific men in this matter the less pardonable is thatas we have seenthere is always a simple, practical explanation for the predilections of these savages, so that there is no necessity whatever for assuming the existence of so paradoxical and impossible a thing as an esthetic admiration of these hideous deformities.

So much was plain, and Pringle felt a curiosity, perhaps pardonable, as to who the murderer really was.

He laughed with pardonable vanity.

Binchester rang with the story of her wrongs, and, being furnished with three different accounts of the same incident, seemed inclined to display a little pardonable curiosity.

Such vanity, however, is not pardonable: a man has a right to ruin himself, or to make himself ridiculous; but when his vanity becomes baneful to others, as it has all the effect, so does it merit the punishment, of vice.

No language but flattery approached her ear; the Beaux told her, that a woman of her wit, was not to be confined to the dull formalities of her own sex, but had a right to assume the unreserved freedom of the male, since all things were pardonable to a lady, who knew to give laws to others, yet was not obliged to keep them herself.

'It is such a thing, as cannot but for want of a word to express it, be called a religion; nor is it to be mentioned with that civility, which is otherwise decent to be used in speaking of the differences of human opinions about divine matters; were it either open Juadism, or plain Turkery, or, there is yet a certain Bona Fides in the most extravagant belief, and the sincerity of an erroneous profession may render it more pardonable:

But this sort of Carriage, which prompts a Man against Rules to urge what he has a Mind to, is pardonable only when you sue for another.

That foreigners, and, in particular, Frenchmen, who ordinarily speak the most strange language of antiquity and the middle ages, as if cannibalism had been terminated in Europe only by Louis XIV., should entertain this opinion of Shakespeare, might be pardonable; but that Englishmen should join in calumniating that glorious epoch of their history, which laid the foundation of their national greatness, is incomprehensible.

With what I hope may be deemed a pardonable curiosity, we peeped and sometimes stepped into these interiors, and were gratified by the neatness and even elegance which they exhibited.

Young and good-looking, he had, with pardonable, but perhaps dangerous, vanity, studied the becoming in his costume, which was composed of the very finest materials.

Of the very same crime as hers,the most ancient and most pardonable crime of youth and maiden,that sweet and guiltless crime of love in the first degree.

Nihil humani alienum, there is a curiosity about the affairs of our neighbours which is not only pardonable, but even commendable.

The negro evinced a pardonable weakness in pretending to be ill whenever he could hope to make the pretense successful.

"Owing," he said, "to a very natural and pardonable emotion, the apology has been read in such a way that you could not have understood it.

But they must have the blame, the heavy blame, which belongs to all those who, when good is before them, do not recognise it according to its due measure.[100] In the next place, the authorities attacked and condemned the Tractarian teaching at once violently and ignorantly, and in them ignorance of the ground on which the battle was fought was hardly pardonable.

With an excitement pardonable under the circumstances, yet tempered with thankful humility, I now applied my last and severest trial, my experimentum crucis.

"I'd slip, I'd slide, I'd jazz, I'd glide, I'd fox-trot, one- and two-step, And show with pardonable pride My skill at every new step.

Yet, of the two, I think that error the most pardonable, which in too strait a compass crowds together many accidents, since it produces more variety, and, consequently, more pleasure to the audience; and, because the nearness of proportion betwixt the imaginary and real time, does speciously cover the compression of the accidents.

Pardonable curiosity caused Mistress Charity to venture a little nearer to the soot-covered figure of her adorer.

"Well, father, we have our girl home again," Mrs. Barrington said with pardonable sentiment.

Only when he rode into Jason for supplies did he wear his chaps, a bit of cowboy vanity quite pardonable in his years.

The date was, in fact, 1551; yet so small was the difference of the figures, that the mistake was really a pardonable one.

But surely this, in a person who has not long been in command of fine clothes, and even in that short time has had very few opportunities of airing them, is pardonable.

But extremes are quite pardonable, where it is so important to explore all the sources of danger.

The most malicious of the world, invented To mad your King; he that will say so next, Let him draw out his sword and sheath it here, It is a sin fully as pardonable:

It is with pleasure, and pardonable pride, that the Publishers announce the appearance of The International Jewish Cook Book, which, "though we do say it ourselves," is the best and most complete kosher cook book ever issued in this country.

If, therefore, this sketch should seem to exceed or fall short of the truth, the reader must attribute its imperfections to the inability of the writer to do justice to the subject, or to the great, but he hopes pardonable, admiration which he has long entertained for his relative's literary productions.

The whole circle of walls, towers, and ditches was practically finished by 1452, when with pardonable pride Tucher wrote, "In this year was completed the ditch round the town.

I confess that it was with a pardonable feeling of agitation that I tugged at the wrought-iron bell-pull on the perron of the magnificent mansion in the Avenue du Jura.

Most of these pieces were written in collaboration with various dramatists, of whom the least forgotten are Saintine, Bayard, and Saint-Georges, men of whom it is quite pardonable to be ignorant.