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5472 examples of  pardons  in sentences

5472 examples of pardons in sentences

The latter's discharge arrives in the nick of time, and as he is thus beyond the reach of the Colonel's vengeance, he graciously pardons him, and joins his hand to that of ESTELLE.

She pardons thee.

"My dear fellow, a thousand pardons!

The proverb says, 'Who punishes pardons; who hates awaits.'

For gallant services rendered to the Colony, and unselfish devotion to Mistress Dorothy Fairfax, I release Geoffry Carlyle from servitude, pending advices from England; I also grant parole to these seamen, on condition they remain within our jurisdiction until this judgment can be confirmed, and full pardons issued.

His manner, in fact, left nothing to be desired; and the French in which immediately he begged a thousand pardons for the intrusion was so admirable that it seemed hard to believe he was the same man who had, only a few hours earlier, composedly traded the slang of the States with a chauffeur in front of the Café de l'Univers.

Stoop, Envy, stoop, bow to the earth with me, Let's beg our pardons on our bended knee.

Mr. Phillips came to me, to beg ten thousand pardons for having only fowls for dinner.

But with thee sweet Mercy stands, Sealing pardons, working fear.

" "Still, I beg a thousand pardons," repeated the Prince.

'The parliament is acquainted with all, and pardons you.

"A thousand pardons," he said in French.

Mr. Edgcombe begged ten thousand pardons, and said, if she would play Godi, it was a tune he died to hear, and it would be an obligation he should never forget.

[Sidenote: And reason pardons will.]

Young England, led by Pitt the younger, hailed the new French republic and offered it friendship; old England, which pardons no revolutions but her own, looked with horror on the turmoil in France and, misled by Burke and the nobles of the realm, forced the two nations into war.

Lendoul, over against Britain Divit[)i][)a]cus, the Aeduan, his attachment to the Romans and Caesar, G. i. 19; Caesar, for his sake, pardons his brother Dumnorix, ibid.

[Sidenote: The mountaine of pardons.]

The Carouan hauing abode within the citie of Mecca fiue dayes, the night before the euening of their feast, the captaine with all his company setteth forward towards the mountaine of pardons, which they call in the Arabian tongue, Iabel Arafata.

And when Adam and Euah were cast out of paradise by the angel of the Lord, the Mahumetans say, they came to inhabite this litle mountaine of pardons.

Thus hauing had the Santones blessing and saluted the Mountaine of pardons, they returne the way they came vnto Mina, whereof wee haue made mention.

Also from the mountaine of pardons vntill they be passed the said pillers none dare looke backward, for feare least the sinnes which he hath left in the mountains returne to him againe.

That morning he had worked, as usual, over transfers, suspensions of employees, deportations, pardons, and the like, but had not yet touched the great question that had stirred so much interestthe petition of the students requesting permission to establish an academy of Castilian.

[Horace]; more in sorrow than in anger; comprendre tout c'est tout pardonner [Fr.]; the offender never pardons [Herbert].

He understands in war there is no mean to err twice, the first and last fault being sufficient to ruin an army: faults, therefore, he pardons none; they that are precedents of disorder or mutiny repair it by being examples of his justice.

He pleads the Act of Oblivion for all the good deeds that are done him, and pardons himself for the evil returns he makes.

The epic machinery is fully set agoing; after the battle of Cannae, for instance, Juno in a full council of the gods pardons the Romans, and Jupiter after obtaining the consent of his wife promises them a final victory over the Carthaginians.

For these and other reasons, there should be power somewhere to grant reprieves, commutations, and pardons.

No remedy, sweet Beauties, for which rudnesse I lay my hands thus low for your pardons.

"II beg your pardons," he said, faintly, as though he had committed some blunder.

They may freely trespass, and do as they please, no man dare accuse them, no not so much as mutter against them, there is no notice taken of it, they may securely do it, live after their own laws, and for their money get pardons, indulgences, redeem their souls from purgatory and hell itself,clausum possidet arca Jovem.

For when lovers swear, Venus laughs, Venus haec perjuria ridet, Jupiter himself smiles, and pardons it withal, as grave Plato gives out; of all perjury, that alone for love matters is forgiven by the gods.

One while by bulls, pardons, indulgencies, and their doctrines of good works, that they be meritorious, hope of heaven, by that means they have so fleeced the commonalty, and spurred on this free superstitious horse, that he runs himself blind, and is an ass to carry burdens.

AE] No gaine. AD] pardons.

Good my friends go to your houses and by me have your pardons, and my love, And know there shall be nothing in my power You may deserve, but you shall have your wishes.

He has power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.

Neither the games of Vévey, nor the use of old jokes, will make us the youths we have been, dear de Willading!" "Signore, a million of pardons," interrupted Baptiste, "but this western wind is more inconstant even than the spirits of the young.

"A thousand pardons, great bailiff;" he answered.

But I am a realist and not an idealist, and for that I beg the reader a thousand pardons.

A thousand pardons, said the Captain, but the door was open and I have knocked twice.

"Ten thousand pardons!"

Tom drew back; begged a thousand pardons; and saw Stangrave's face in turn.

"Ten thousand pardons, your Excellency, for my most unbecoming tone, but may I ask how you became possessed of this information?" "Jones told me," he said simply.

" "Ten thousand pardons!

"A thousand pardons, Sir," said Mr. Raleigh, then.

God pardons and bestows grace.

Mais, I most laafs,mille pardons,you àve non too moch peep's, mais c'est impossible d'abandonner mes compatriots.

When God pardons his enemies, and adopts them as his children, does he make them articles of property?

When God pardons his enemies, and adopts them as children, does he make them articles of property?

When God pardons his enemies, and adopts them as children, does he make them articles of property?

When God pardons his enemies, and adopts them as his children, does he make them articles of property?

When God pardons his enemies, and adopts them as children, does he make them articles of property?

When God pardons his enemies, and adopts them as children, does he make them articles of property?

The president is commander-in-chief of the military and naval forces of the United States, and of the militia of the several states when actually engaged in the service of the United States; and he has the royal prerogative of granting reprieves and pardons for offences against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.

In respect to reprieves and pardons.

One of the pardons is said to be still in existence; and the reason assigned for granting it is, that the conspirator was within the tenth degree of kin to Macduff, thane of Fife.

And then in confusion: "I beg a thousand pardons, I am nervous.

From this conviction of the inequality of the punishment to the offence, proceeds the frequent solicitation of pardons.

His wife Alicia in her sleep reveals to him her guilty love for Mosby, but he pardons her on condition that she will never see the seducer again.

DEFENDER OF THE FAITH, the title first given to Henry VIII, by Pope Leo X., for a volume against Luther, in defence of pardons, the papacy, and the seven sacraments.

"I beg a thousand pardons of your Majesty," said Ebn Oaz, "but I thought it was her Highness the Sultana."

Yet Mammon has not so engross'd him quite, But Belial lays as large a claim of spite; Who, for those pardons from his prince he draws, Returns reproaches, and cries up the cause.

Here is one more illustration of the way in which Jesus pardons our sins, and of the effect which that pardon has on those who receive it.

'A thousand pardons,' he said, 'M. le Maire; but I entreat you, do not go.

And at that moment, silent as we all were, his 'Pardon, Madame, mille pardons, Madame,' and his tone of horror at his own indiscretion, seemed to come to me like a voice out of another life.

" "With a thousand pardons for the liberty taken, and best wishes for a good voyage and speedy return," chuckled Engineer Serko, following the phrase with a loud and prolonged laugh.

The Orders of the Preachers and the Begging Friars became her militia and police; the mystery of Christ's presence in the Eucharist was made an engine of the priesthood; the dreams of Paradise and Purgatory gave value to her pardons, interdictions, jubilees, indulgences, and curses.

"A thousand pardons!"

I am given to something which a man never pardons in a woman.

But though there were twenty pardons she ought not to go back to him.

And many pardons in America have been granted on the assumption that no satisfactory answer could be given to the philosophical question: "What use can the swinging body of the poor creature be to any one?"

"A thousand pardons for causing you so much trouble, Monsieur," he said, turning to Calvert, with one foot on the step of the carriage.

Your sister-in-law very charmingly admits it, graciously overlooks and pardons my many delinquencies, and has asked me to come again.

pardons the rebelsIrish peers summoned to CourtPerkin Warbeck in IrelandQuarrels between the Kildares and OrmondsSir Edward PoyningsKildare's trial and acquitalRestored to powerBattle of Knocktow.

'A thousand pardons if I intrude,' he said, bowing this way and that, that he might hide a lurking grin. '

Nous allâmes de loger à Samarie, parce que je voulois visiter la mer de Tabarie (lac de Tibériade), l'on dit que saint Pierre pèchoit ordinairement, et y a aucuns (quelques) pardons; c'étoient les quatre-temps de Septembre.

Mecque qu'on gagne les pardons, mais à

Mecque, qu'est le tombeau de Mahomet; c'est à la Mecque, et non à Médine, qu'est la prétendue maison d'Abraham, que les pélerins gagnent les pardons et que se fait le grand commerce.]

Louis was both alarmed at these incessantly renewed conspiracies of the great lords and vexed at the futility of his pardons.

His Majesty readily pardons offences; and he becomes heartily reconciled with those whom he has offended."



It has always been the province of the Chief Executive of a state or nation to grant pardons or clemency to those who are confined in prison.

In most states this has called for the creating of a board of pardons and parole.

A board of pardons and paroles should be made up of men who are really interested in their work.

In the present mad crusade against crime consequent upon the Great War, penalties have been increased, new crimes created, and paroles and pardons have been made almost impossible.

Pardons, granting of, to criminals, 263-272.

There is certainly a very great Difference between the Reading a Prayer and a Gazette, which I beg of you to inform a Set of Readers, who affect, forsooth, a certain Gentleman-like Familiarity of Tone, and mend the Language as they go on, crying instead of Pardoneth and Absolveth, Pardons and Absolves.

But he shall finde, that in my fell revenge, I am a woman: one that never pardons The rude contemner of her proffered sweetness.

Ladies, once more your pardons.

On the whole, I think he has the best disposition of the four black dummies, begging their pardons.

Musidorus and his mistress on their side have been captured by outlaws, who, discovering their identity, bring them back, hoping thereby to secure their own pardons.

12; and so there shall be no use made of Christ for new pardons, or remissions of new sins.

For the stranger, who evidently had not noticed the presence of the young girl before, started, took a step quickly forward, bent stiffly but profoundly over the little hand that held the account, raised it to his lips, and with "a thousand pardons, mademoiselle," laid a small canvas bag containing the rent before the disorganized Mr. Nott and stiffly vanished.

Mille pardons, the face, milord, a little more to the right.

She implored a thousand pardons!

Monsieur Philomène darted a withering glance at her, and went on: "Mon coeur; mon pauvre coeur" ... More wrong chords, and a smothered "mille pardons!" from Mdlle.

"I beg a thousand pardons!"

A thousand pardons, lovely mistress of la Cour des Fées.

The thing that would interest me in Austria, and for the maintenance of which one almost pardons (not quite) their retaining that other old-fashioned thing, the State prisons, is their having kept up in their splendour those grand old monasteries, which are swept away now in Spain and Portugal.

Throughout her trials and temptations Marianne preserves her innocence and her hand for M. de Valville, a handsome and wealthy young aristocrat, who is really enamoured of Marianne, despite certain infidelities of which he is guilty, and which Marianne pardons with the same forbearing charity and kindly philosophy that characterize our author himself.