5472 examples of pardons in sentences

The latter's discharge arrives in the nick of time, and as he is thus beyond the reach of the Colonel's vengeance, he graciously pardons him, and joins his hand to that of ESTELLE.

She pardons thee.

For gallant services rendered to the Colony, and unselfish devotion to Mistress Dorothy Fairfax, I release Geoffry Carlyle from servitude, pending advices from England; I also grant parole to these seamen, on condition they remain within our jurisdiction until this judgment can be confirmed, and full pardons issued.

His manner, in fact, left nothing to be desired; and the French in which immediately he begged a thousand pardons for the intrusion was so admirable that it seemed hard to believe he was the same man who had, only a few hours earlier, composedly traded the slang of the States with a chauffeur in front of the Café de l'Univers.

But with thee sweet Mercy stands, Sealing pardons, working fear.

"A thousand pardons," he said in French.

[Sidenote: And reason pardons will.]

Young England, led by Pitt the younger, hailed the new French republic and offered it friendship; old England, which pardons no revolutions but her own, looked with horror on the turmoil in France and, misled by Burke and the nobles of the realm, forced the two nations into war.

He pleads the Act of Oblivion for all the good deeds that are done him, and pardons himself for the evil returns he makes.

For these and other reasons, there should be power somewhere to grant reprieves, commutations, and pardons.

They may freely trespass, and do as they please, no man dare accuse them, no not so much as mutter against them, there is no notice taken of it, they may securely do it, live after their own laws, and for their money get pardons, indulgences, redeem their souls from purgatory and hell itself,clausum possidet arca Jovem.

For when lovers swear, Venus laughs, Venus haec perjuria ridet, Jupiter himself smiles, and pardons it withal, as grave Plato gives out; of all perjury, that alone for love matters is forgiven by the gods.

He has power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.

But I am a realist and not an idealist, and for that I beg the reader a thousand pardons.

A thousand pardons, said the Captain, but the door was open and I have knocked twice.

" "Ten thousand pardons!

When God pardons his enemies, and adopts them as children, does he make them articles of property?

The president is commander-in-chief of the military and naval forces of the United States, and of the militia of the several states when actually engaged in the service of the United States; and he has the royal prerogative of granting reprieves and pardons for offences against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.

In respect to reprieves and pardons.

Yet Mammon has not so engross'd him quite, But Belial lays as large a claim of spite; Who, for those pardons from his prince he draws, Returns reproaches, and cries up the cause.

Here is one more illustration of the way in which Jesus pardons our sins, and of the effect which that pardon has on those who receive it.

" "With a thousand pardons for the liberty taken, and best wishes for a good voyage and speedy return," chuckled Engineer Serko, following the phrase with a loud and prolonged laugh.

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Louis was both alarmed at these incessantly renewed conspiracies of the great lords and vexed at the futility of his pardons.

The thing that would interest me in Austria, and for the maintenance of which one almost pardons (not quite) their retaining that other old-fashioned thing, the State prisons, is their having kept up in their splendour those grand old monasteries, which are swept away now in Spain and Portugal.

5472 examples of  pardons  in sentences