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630 examples of  paring  in sentences

630 examples of paring in sentences

This was an ugly knife, such as a cobbler uses for paring hides.

He will not lose the paring of his nailes.

This mellow pippin, which I pare around, My shepherd's name shall flourish on the ground: I fling th' unbroken paring o'er my head Upon the grass a perfect L is read.

Yet on my heart a fairer L is seen Than what the paring marks upon the green.

In the early hours of the next afternoon with the sun shining across the threshold, Lulu was paring something at the kitchen table.

If the skull is split an almost imperceptible paring of the skull bones at the joint would suffice to drop the antlers either laterally out of their proper plane, or else pitch the main beam backward.

if shaving, or boxing, or scouring, Or 'nointing, or scraping, or purging, or blood-letting, Or rubbing, or paring, or chafing, or fretting, Or ought else will rid it, he shall want no ridding.

Boy, keep the wall: I will not budge for any man, by these thumbs; and the paring of the nails shall stick in thy teeth.

The Negro's stronger incisors tear it without paring.

[reduce in size by abrasion or paring.

Suppose a corn-cutter being to give little Isaac a cast of his office should fall to paring his brows (mistaking the one end for the other, because he branches at both), this would be a plot, and the next diurnal would furnish you with this scale of votes: Resolved upon the question, That this act of the corn-cutter was an absolute invasion of the city's charter in the representative forehead of Isaac.

'Twas he kild Burbon; if you love him dead, Shew it by paring off this valiant head: Do you the like.

I told him to take three hairs from his wife's head, and a paring from her thumb and big toe nails, and at the rising of the moon to burn them outside the walls of his hut.

In very many cases a good practical shoer can remove the trouble by proper paring and shoeing. BLEEDING.

In a sort of court of honour a group of muscular, hairy males, silhouetted against an illuminated latticework of scaffolding, were chipping and paring at huge blocks of stone.

Had they been paring them for generations before, I wonder?

He was cut off in the Flower of his Age by the Blow of a Paring-Shovel, having been surprized by an eminent Citizen, as he was tendring some Civilities to his Wife.

So long as there was no probability of war, the people of England have quietly permitted the cheese-paring politicians who govern us to cut down the army and navy to a point when we can hardly be said to have an army at all.

Molly Tooney, who was sitting on a low stool, paring potatoes, looked up in amazement at the person who entered her kitchen.

" "Indade, an' I am," said Molly, still upon the stool, with a knife in one hand, and a potato, with a long paring hanging from it, in the other; "an' the washer-woman, an' the chambermaid, an' the butler, too, as loike as may be.

He cannot bring it home to him at how many points change will be cutting into him, and hedging him in, and paring him down.

Thus anything tending to the removal of the pressure from below, such as a decayed condition of the frog or excessive paring in the forge, will diminish the extent of expansion of the solar edge.

A point to be remembered in making this exploratory paring of the foot is the peculiar consistency of the horn of the frog, and its tendency to hide the existence of punctures.

Much may then be done in the way of paring and probing that would otherwise be impossible.

It may be, however, that given a cause for contraction, such as the removal of the frog's counter-pressure with the ground by faulty shoeing or excessive paring, the fore-feet, by reason of their being called upon to bear the greater part of the body-weight, are the first to suffer.

On the other hand, an ill-developed frog, one wasted by long-continued and spreading thrush, or one robbed of its normal function by excessive paring in the forge, is a common starting-point of the condition we are considering.

Excessive paring of the bars, to which we have already partly alluded, is also an active agent in bringing about an inward growth of the horn of the heels and quarters.

Trimming or paring of any kind, save 'straightening up' of the wall, must be severely discountenanced.

When a horse with spongy feet is shod for the first time, care must be taken to avoid excessive paring of the sole, for already the natural wear of the foot has been sufficient to keep the soft horn in a state of thinness.

That common malpractice of the forge, 'opening up the heels,' must, in this case, be especially guarded against, or the excessive paring of the frog and partial removal of the bars that this operation consists in will lay the foot open to risk of contraction.

In the very young animal the condition may be induced by an improper paring of the footcutting away too much at the toe, and allowing the heels to remain.

While arising in the majority of instances from faulty conformation of the limb, crooked feet may also be brought about by bad shoeing, or by unequal paring of the foot, and, in a few cases, from unequal wear of the foot in a state of nature.

Where, by reason of the thinness of the horn or other causes, sufficient paring to equalize the tread cannot be practised, then the same end may be arrived at by the use of special shoes.

In any case, whether depending upon paring, or upon the use of a special shoe, the animal should be sent to the forge quite often, for it is only by a well-directed, and therefore constant, application of the principles here laid down that improvement may be brought about.

The same state of affairs may be occasioned in the forge by leaving one side of the foot too high, and subjecting the other to excessive paring for several consecutive shoeings.

A careful paring away of the overhanging horn, however, reveals the true state of affairs, and exposes to view the original cause of the mischiefa simple fissure in the wall.

Whether occurring as a natural deformity, or as the result of insufficient paring, bruises of the sole in feet thus shaped are common.

By this unequal paring of the toe and the heels greater weight is thrown upon the posterior half of the foot.

For this one reason alonethe manner in which it favours the production of corntoo great a condemnation cannot be placed upon excessive paring of the sole, the bars, and the frog.

When corns are already present, as they may be from other causes, the same remarks will again apply to excessive paring.

The fitting of the shoe is, perhaps, to a greater extent responsible for the causation of corn than is the paring we have just described.

When, for instance, the stain is not to be found in the superficial layers of the sole, but is only discoverable by deep paring, then the injury is a recent one.

Finally, even with the present method of shoeing, whenever it is possible to allow the frog to come to the ground, it should be encouraged to do so, and excessive paring either of the latter organ or of the bars or the sole should be strictly discountenanced.

When corn is present, the first treatment usually adopted is that of 'paring it out.'

'Paring it out,' and by that we mean thinning down the sole until close on the sensitive structures, can only be advised in the case of suppurating corn, or in cases where doubt exists as to whether pus is present or not.

In the latter case paring becomes necessary as an exploratory means to diagnosis.

When it appears fairly certain, even in the case of a moist corn, that pus does not exist, then paring is to be discountenanced, for the reason that it only tends to weakening of the parts and to assist largely in the corn's recurrence.

A moderate paring may, however, be indulged in, say, to about one-half the estimated thickness of the sole.

In the case of a moist corn the paring should be stopped immediately the true nature of the injury has made itself apparent.

After a day or two day's poulticing, should pain still continue with any symptom of severity, the formation of pus may be expected, and it is then time for the paring to be carried further, until the question 'pus or no pus?' is definitely settled.

When dealing with suppurating corn, then, a considerable paring away of the horn of the sole becomes a matter of necessity.

Where, however, the corn is attended with a more than ordinary degree of inflammation, or where for some reason or other excessive paring has been practised, then it will become needful to shoe with a special shoe.

On removing the sole with the knife, however, a distinct black mark is discovered, which, when followed up by careful paring, is often found to have pus at the bottom.

In some cases of this description the knife in the act of paring comes into contact with the cause of the trouble.

In the latter case, the veterinary surgeon must not be content with confining his paring operations to one spot.

The first of these objects is to be arrived at by paring down the horn in a funnel-shaped fashion over the seat of the prick.

The paring should be carried on, until either pus or hรฆmorrhage shows itself, in at least three positionsnamely, at the most anterior portion of the sole, and in the sole at each side of the frog.

In such instances paring may often be commenced over the exact position of suppuration as previously ascertained by percussion.

At the same time, the bearing of the wall on the shoe on either side of the fissure should be eased by slightly paring it, and the hypertrophied horn on the outer surface of the wall removed with the rasp.

The lameness may also be increased, and diagnosis helped, by paring the heels, so as to leave the frog prominent and take the whole of the body-weight.

With ordinary contracted foot, too, careful paring and suitable shoeing soon sees a diminution in the degree of lameness, and a return to the normal in shape (see Treatment of Contracted Foot, p. 125).

There was a comb I had contrived out of the stumps of the king's beard, and another of the same materials, but fixed into a paring of her majesty's thumb-nail, which served for the back.

They have come out to talk and enjoy the coolness of the evening, and, in order that their tender consciences may not prick them for being idle, they are paring potatoes, and getting ready other vegetables for the morrow.

Well, what with whistling, hammering down all the nails in the house that had started, paring my nails, pulling my fire to pieces and rebuilding it, changing my clothes to full dress though I dined alone, trying to make out the figure of a Cupid on my discolored ceiling, and thinking of a lady I had not thought of for ten years before, I got along the first week tolerably well.

He was always sending home a bargain in a ham, or a sack of potatoes, or fifty pounds of sugar, or a window clamp, or a new kind of paring knife.

Somebody engineered it to the paring of a fingernail: bare quorum to act; members who might have filibustered weeded out, on one pretext or another, to a man; pages all excused, and nobody here with the privilege of the floor.

Bardolph calls Slender a "Banbury cheese" (Merry Wives of Windsor, act i. sc. 1); and in Jack Drum's Entertainment we read, "You are like a Banbury cheese, nothing but paring."

As I crossed the lot, near the milk-trough, ash-heap, and paring of fruit and vegetables thrown from my neighbor's kitchen, I saw a litter of these pigs having their awkward sport over some strange red plaything, which one after another of them would shake with all its might, root and tear at, or tread into greater shapelessness.

Whilst I remained at Spring Garden, the alligators were yet in full life; the white-headed eagles setting; the smaller resident birds paring; and strange to say, the warblers which migrate, moving easterly every warm day, and returning every cold day, a curious circumstance, tending to illustrate certain principles in natural economy.

If we have sinn'd in paring down a name, 202.

He did not scruple to declare aloud that old Humphrey Babington was a thick-headed fool; nor did Humphrey Babington, who, with his ten or twelve thousand a-year, was considerably involved, scruple to say that he hated such cheese-paring ways.

John Caldigate felt more distaste to the cheese-paring ways than he did to his uncle's want of literature.

These are in extensive use in the factories at Leicester, Nottingham, and elsewhere, while Northampton and Norwich use the same device for paring the seams in boot upper manufacture.

"So John a'n't a-comin', Miss Gris'ld," squeaked Polly Mariner, entering the great kitchen, where Mrs. Griswold was paring apples and Lizzy straining squash.

He is, we think, continually paradoxical and reckless in his statements; and his book is more thickly strewn than almost any we know with half-truths, broad axioms which require much paring down to be of any use, but which are made by him to do duty for want of something stronger.

The nominal income of the living was but moderate; but when the reductions were all made, nothing but a cheese-paring seemed left.

Open the doors right and left and you find it at work like reason, breaking oil-cake, grinding corn for the fat stock, turning the grindstone, pitching, pounding, paring, rubbing, grabbing, and twisting, threshing, wrestling, chopping, flopping, and hopping, after the manner of "The Waters of Lodore.

He was cut off in the Flower of his Age by the Blow of a Paring-Shovel, having been surprized by an eminent Citizen, as he was tendring some Civilities to his Wife.

A boisterous Peripatetick hardly goes through a Street without waking half a Dozen Kings and Princes to open their Shops or clean Shoes, frequently transforming Sceptres into Paring-Shovels, and Proclamations into Bills.

In the evening it was so cool that we thought a fire would be more comfortable, so we sat in the kitchen, paring apples, shelling beans, and talking over the Bible argument; and, as we had a fire, I thought we had better stew the apples at once.

He cuts towards the straight jog where the chip was taken out, paring the wood away, sloping up to within an inch of the end of the bark.

It was not a positive argument, it was not an appeal to authorities; it was a paring down of language, alleged in certain portions of the Articles to be somewhat loose, to its barest meaning; and to those to whom that language had always seemed to speak with fulness and decision, it seemed like sapping and undermining a cherished bulwark.

In her surprise and disappointment she let fall some remarks which opened Richard's eyes a little, and made him look at her half amused and half sorry, as, suspending her employment of paring apples for the dinner pie she put the corner of her apron to her eyes, and "hoped the new bride would not have many airs, and would put up with his mother's ways.

In his younger days, when he and Abigail Jones attended the quilting-frolics together and the "paring bees," he had with other young men, tried his feet at Scotch reels, French fours, "The Cheat," and the "Twin Sisters," with occasionally a cotillion, but he was not accomplished in the art.

This family was the life of every husking-bee, where each red ear of corn led to rollicking fun, resounding smacks on rosy cheeks, and of paring-bees when even numbered apple-seeds were the match-makers for bachelors and maids.

Barbara rose from her chair with a red ringlet of apple-paring hanging down against her white apron, and seated herself again at her work when the visitors had taken the two opposite corners of the deep, cushioned sofa.

I must have the five hundred pounds before I put my neck into the noose, and there must be no paring off for petticoats and pelisses.

Remove the strong fiber, or strings, as they are called, by paring both edges with a sharp knife; few cooks do this thoroughly.

APPLE ROSE CREAM.Wash, core, slice, and cook without paring, a dozen fresh snow apples until very dry.

Or, bake the apples without paring and when done, remove the skins, and serve in the same manner.

Prepare some tart apples by paring, dividing midway between the stem and blow ends, and removing the cores.

Prepare apples for pies by paring, coring, and dividing in eighths.

Such vegetables as potatoes, carrots, or turnips, when used for soups, are easiest cut, after paring in the usual manner, by taking the vegetable in the left hand, holding it on the table or board between thumb and finger, and with the right hand cutting downward in even slices not over one third of an inch wide, to within a quarter of an inch of the bottom.

" Wesley Tiffles, profiting, at a late day, by the lesson of the "Cosmopolitan Window Fastener," finally invented and patented a striking improvement in an apple-paring machine, and, at last accounts, was clenching a good bargain for the sale of his invention.

They were to see that the powdered and salted meats in the larder were properly kept; and vigilant supervision was to be exercised over the cellar, buttery, and other departments, even to the prevention of paring the tallow lights.

Quarter and core five apples without paring.

FRIED APPLES Quarter and core five apples without paring.

QUINCE CHEESE Wipe off each quince before paring, core and slice them, weigh your fruit and sugar, allowing 3/4 of a pound of sugar for every pound of fruit and set the sugar aside until wanted.

" "He that's left him such heaps of money?" "Ay, boy, the very same, though he wouldn't have given him or any one else a cheese-paring whilst he lived.

A woman stood by, paring celery, with an infant playing on the mat inside the door and a cat purring at her feet.