630 examples of paring in sentences

He will not lose the paring of his nailes.

In the early hours of the next afternoon with the sun shining across the threshold, Lulu was paring something at the kitchen table.

I told him to take three hairs from his wife's head, and a paring from her thumb and big toe nails, and at the rising of the moon to burn them outside the walls of his hut.

In very many cases a good practical shoer can remove the trouble by proper paring and shoeing. BLEEDING.

Had they been paring them for generations before, I wonder?

He was cut off in the Flower of his Age by the Blow of a Paring-Shovel, having been surprized by an eminent Citizen, as he was tendring some Civilities to his Wife.

Molly Tooney, who was sitting on a low stool, paring potatoes, looked up in amazement at the person who entered her kitchen.

" "Indade, an' I am," said Molly, still upon the stool, with a knife in one hand, and a potato, with a long paring hanging from it, in the other; "an' the washer-woman, an' the chambermaid, an' the butler, too, as loike as may be.

Whether occurring as a natural deformity, or as the result of insufficient paring, bruises of the sole in feet thus shaped are common.

By this unequal paring of the toe and the heels greater weight is thrown upon the posterior half of the foot.

The fitting of the shoe is, perhaps, to a greater extent responsible for the causation of corn than is the paring we have just described.

When, for instance, the stain is not to be found in the superficial layers of the sole, but is only discoverable by deep paring, then the injury is a recent one.

When corn is present, the first treatment usually adopted is that of 'paring it out.'

A moderate paring may, however, be indulged in, say, to about one-half the estimated thickness of the sole.

After a day or two day's poulticing, should pain still continue with any symptom of severity, the formation of pus may be expected, and it is then time for the paring to be carried further, until the question 'pus or no pus?' is definitely settled.

When dealing with suppurating corn, then, a considerable paring away of the horn of the sole becomes a matter of necessity.

Where, however, the corn is attended with a more than ordinary degree of inflammation, or where for some reason or other excessive paring has been practised, then it will become needful to shoe with a special shoe.

On removing the sole with the knife, however, a distinct black mark is discovered, which, when followed up by careful paring, is often found to have pus at the bottom.

The first of these objects is to be arrived at by paring down the horn in a funnel-shaped fashion over the seat of the prick.

Bardolph calls Slender a "Banbury cheese" (Merry Wives of Windsor, act i. sc. 1); and in Jack Drum's Entertainment we read, "You are like a Banbury cheese, nothing but paring."

If we have sinn'd in paring down a name, 202.

"So John a'n't a-comin', Miss Gris'ld," squeaked Polly Mariner, entering the great kitchen, where Mrs. Griswold was paring apples and Lizzy straining squash.

He is, we think, continually paradoxical and reckless in his statements; and his book is more thickly strewn than almost any we know with half-truths, broad axioms which require much paring down to be of any use, but which are made by him to do duty for want of something stronger.

The nominal income of the living was but moderate; but when the reductions were all made, nothing but a cheese-paring seemed left.

They were to see that the powdered and salted meats in the larder were properly kept; and vigilant supervision was to be exercised over the cellar, buttery, and other departments, even to the prevention of paring the tallow lights.

630 examples of  paring  in sentences