517 examples of parsonage in sentences

Invalid from the first, it had doubtless been weakened by the hardships of Sterne's early years, and yet further, perhaps, by the excitements and dissipations of his London life; nor was the change from the gaieties of the capital to hard literary labour in a country parsonage calculated to benefit him as much as it might others.

Shandy Hall, as he christened his pretty parsonage at Coxwold, and as the house, still standing, is called to this day, soon became irksome to him.

In the third or fourth week of May Sterne quitted Paris; and after a stay of a few weeks in London he returned to the Yorkshire parsonage, from which he had been absent some thirty months.

His parsonage-house at Button had just been burnt down through the carelessness of one of his curate's household, with a loss to Sterne of some 350l.

Joe drove up to the church with Algy Soames, it not having been thought discreet that he should enter the parsonage on that morning, though he had been there nearly every day through the winter.

But Harry was to be the future Prosper of the county; to assume at some future time the family name; and there was undoubtedly present to them all at the parsonage a feeling that Harry Annesley Prosper would loom in future years a bigger squire than the parish had ever known before.

And Joe had brought tidings of the bet to the parsonage, so that there had been much commotion on the subject.

At two o'clock a night-light was still burning in the parsonage, and this was of course a hindrance to the need-fire.

District Parsonage.

They were accordingly opened out in the rooms of the vacant Parsonage, and, when not otherwise employed, I installed myself as a salesman of merchandise.

During this year the building was completed, and the old Church changed into a Parsonage.

It would greatly aid the Pastor in his work, if all new-comers would immediately report themselves at the Parsonage or the Church.

A Church had now been built at Lamartine, the centre of the charge, and also a Parsonage.

At the present writing, Fall River holds a most respectable rank as a charge, has a good Church, and a convenient Parsonage.

Passing down Main Street, we visited the Church, a building of respectable size and comparatively new, and passing down still further into the borders of what was formerly known as Ceresco proper, we found the Parsonage.

At Ripon, the Sabbath having passed, steps were taken to place the Parsonage in readiness to receive the Pastor's family.

The Parsonage was built by Rev. D.O. Jones in 1862.

On the third day of November, a happy group were met at the Parsonage, to celebrate the marriage of our second daughter, Laura Eunice, and Mr. Jesse Smith, of Fond du Lac.

The entire cost of buildings and grounds, including the Parsonage, was sixty thousand dollars.

The entertainment was given in the evening in the Parsonage, and was attended by about one hundred persons.

The new plan succeeded admirably, giving to the station, at the end of the first quarter of the year, the extraordinary record of having fully paid the Pastor's salary, and every other claim for current expenses, besides liquidating several bills for improvements on the Church and Parsonage.

He wrung her hand and kissed it, forgetting to give her the pattern, and Anne, still stunned, walked back to the parsonage, her one thought how to control herself so as to guard Charles's secret.

In this mode, by indicting the white men employed by Mr. Fish, to cut and carry off wood, the question could be tried, which is simply whether the fee of the parsonage is in the Indians, or whether it is in Mr. Fish, who never had any deed of it in any way.

The Overseers permitted him to take possession of the Meeting-house and the parsonage land, so called, and it is understood that they consented he should cut the annual growth of the wood off the parsonage.

Neither has Mr. Fish, even if he had been legally settled, any just right, under the deed of 1783, to take the whole parsonage, because that deed states the principal object of the sequestration of the land to be, for the important purpose of promoting the gospel in Marshpee, and merely referred to the only worship then known there, which was Congregational.

517 examples of  parsonage  in sentences