154 examples of partons in sentences

Not so, we trust, as to the belief expressed by Belle Brittan, in puffing "Jim Parton's, Fanny Fern's Jim's," Life of Burr,"more charming than a novel," because, as she implies, of the successful libertinism of its hero,when she says, speaking in the name of the maidens of America, "We all, I suppose, must fall, like our first parents, when the hour of our temptation comes"!

It is singular that so fair-minded a biographer as Parton could see nothing but rant and nonsense in the most philosophical political essay ever penned by man.

James Parton, 1822- 109.

6; Parton's Life of Jackson, Vol. III., Chaps. 29-31; Tyler's Memoir of Roger B. Taney, Vol.

[Footnote 3: Parton's Jackson, Vol.

" "Don't tell him about it, Reggie," lisped Mrs. Parton-Mills.

Et après?Maîtres de cette ville, nous partons aussitôt pour Carthage, et nous nous en emparerons.


James Parton (PPW); 5Oct72; R537382. PARTON, JAMES.

James Parton (PPW); 5Oct72; R537382. PARTON, JAMES.


n='1958h1/A/0759' /> PARTON, ETHEL.

James Parton (NK); 23Apr58; R213501. PARTON, JAMES.

James Parton (NK); 23Apr58; R213501. PARTON, JAMES.

SEE Parton, Ethel.

c'est vous qui n'avez qu'à vous mettre en campagne, Et qu'à dire: Partons!

'Je suis ton maître et ta proie; Partons, c'est la fin du jour; Mon cheval sera la joie, Ton cheval sera l'amour.

"Nous partons," was all I said.

In our review of Parton's Life of Burr, published in the March number, the following passage occurs, as a quotation from that work:"Hamilton probably implanted a dislike for Burr in Washington's breast.

" We do not wonder that Mr. Parton should have been annoyed by so damaging a criticism of his book, but we can account for his forgetfulness only by supposing that he has been so long "immersed in the reading of that period" as to have arrived nearly at the drowning-point of insensibility.

Appelez ma femme de chambre, et partons! MONTRICHARD.

Partons, monsieur. MONTRICHARD.

Vous le voulez?... partons!

Non, non, partons.

Oh! c'est trop fort, partons!

154 examples of  partons  in sentences