52 examples of passably in sentences

Sir, I have a daughter, who is considered passably good-looking by certain appreciative individuals.

Of course, wisdom without knowledge must starve or prey on its own vitals, and this was the intellectual danger of the middle ages; but knowledge without wisdom is so much food undigested and indigestible, and this is the evil of our own day, when to be passably well-informed so taxes our time and energy as to leave us no leisure for assimilating the knowledge with which we have stuffed ourselves.

Athenians could be passably just, or at least not disastrously unjust, to Athenians; Spartans to Spartans; but Sparta must needs oppress the other cities of Laconia, while Athens was at best a fickle ally; and when Grecian liberty could be strong only in Grecian union, the common sentiment was bankrupted by too great a draft upon its resources.

Some of the melons weighed as much as five or six ounces, and were passably good eating, although rather bitter.

He accepted our request with perfect composure, and by the time we had succeeded in making ourselves passably respectable he presented us with a menu that deserved to be set to music.

The young girl was just eighteen, passably old for a sixteenth-century noble bride!

" "Perhaps you find the colonists more to your mind," responded Gulian somewhat severely; but Clarissa gave his sleeve a warning twitch, as Kitty made answer with heightened color: "My own countrymen are ever first with me, as you know full well, Gulian, but one must dance sometimes to keep up one's heart in those times, and Captain Yorke has a passably good step which suits with mine.

A match was at length offered which was passably good, although it did not answer Jadu Babu's expectations.

We saw a splendid carriage and four, with a troop of soldiers in red tramping after it, and a passably pretty flag flying over them.

She could play passably.

A woman who was plump, or buxom, or chubby might be classed as passably attractive, but only the fat women were irresistible.

You know LoringGrantham Loring?" "Passably well.

Nevertheless, he had a good carriage and a passably intelligent face, and he was rather handsome.

A mechanical man can play a part in them not very well, but passably well.

Charlotte's senses, so intensely, so supernaturally alive in Jane Eyre, are only passably awake in Shirley.

But I more than suspect that when it came to temperament M. Héger took it out in faces; that he was nothing more than a benevolent, sentimental, passably intellectual bourgeois; but bourgeois to the core.

The duke, larger than the others, was passably fair in an old swallow-tail coat and brown trousers.

"For instanceI find you passably disdainful for an entomologist!" "Entomologist, it may be," replied Cousin Benedict, "but more particularly hexapodist, Captain Hull, please remember.

The appointment of a new Press Censor in Ireland furnished them with many opportunities at Question-time for the display of their wit, which some of the new Members seemed to find passably amusing.

Mr. Mount's home was situated not far from the shore of Fitch's Lake, and the trail went along the margin, and in some places the ground was quite a boggy marsh, and the trail had been fixed up to make it passably good walking.

"I would rather not say; it is a passably good example of Creole art; there is but one way by which it can ever be worth what you ask for it.

These young girls, therefore, undertook the rendering of Cinna, quite passably for children who had been trained for the stage only by an old nun.

I honestly did my best to love her, so far as I knew how, and mayhap we could have rubbed on through life passably well as things go.

I was still young, my dear Sir, and passably good looking.

In fact there was a certain young widow, comely and amiable, who lived not far from Passy, who had on more than one occasion given me to understand that I was more than passably good looking.

52 examples of  passably  in sentences