1970 examples of pastures in sentences

The innumerable graves, single or grouped, among the harvest fields and the pastures, have been covered with flowers, and bright, mile after mile, with the twinkling tricolour, as far as the eye could see.

Edible mushrooms are found in closely-fed pastures, but seldom grow in woods, where most of the poisonous sorts are to be found.

Thence they have spread into the valleys of the Tweed; thence to the Lothians, in Scotland; and southward, into the fine pastures of England.

They are fed for part of the year on the higher and thinner pastures of the mountains.

The farinaceous fruits are sold to the confectioners, who take also a portion of the milk and all the meat supplied by the pastures.

The sun rose red over the fertile valleyover the harvest fields and the pastures and the orchards, and over the many towns that appeared lost in the green and gold of luxuriance.

O! come to him, my precious lambs, and he will feed you, and "lead you beside the still waters, and make you lie down in green pastures.

Such sights may be witnessed still in portions of Montana and British Columbia, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado, where bald, rolling mountains, showing little or no rock, are frequented by the sheep, which graze over the uplands, descending at midday to the valleys to drink, and then slowly working their way up the hills again to their illimitable pastures.

Red and white firs are found, the incense cedar, the Douglas spruce, the big cone spruce, and a number of deciduous trees, mainly oaks of several varieties, with sycamore along the lower creeks, and the alder tree, strikingly like the alder bush of our eastern streams and pastures, but of Gargantuan proportions, grown out of all recognition.

Now it happened some years ago that the sheep frequenting these pastures became affected with the disease known as 'liver-rot'; and here we must make a short digression into the domain of pathology.

The last lease expired about two years ago, and since then the beds have been out of cultivation; but, for the safety of the adjacent pastures, it was considered necessary to make the customary periodical inspection, and it was in the course of cleaning the beds for this purpose that the present discovery was made.

From thence Terah migrated to the plains of Mesopotamia, probably with the desire to share the rich pastures of the lowlands, and settled in Ur of the Chaldeans.

A long drouth burned the fields; seed rotted under the clods; the cattle moaned in the barren and dried-up pastures; while locusts devoured what the drouth had spared.

This man was Theodosius the Great, a young man then,as modest as David amid the pastures, as unambitious as Cincinnatus at the plough.

Pastures and grazing lands are still often held by the community, and similarly mountain pastures.

Pastures and grazing lands are still often held by the community, and similarly mountain pastures.

A saeter is a summer ranch or dairy farm peculiar, to Norwaya cabin among the pastures way up in the mountains, where the cattle are driven during the summer months and butter and cheese are made.

This Ban happened to have his appointed residence in inferior pastures, and one day when drunk, he said to his people, that being of the race of Zingis as well as Baatu, whose brother or nephew he was, he thought himself entitled to feed his flocks on the fine plains of the Volga as freely as Baatu himself.

In this plain there used to be many towns; but most of these have been destroyed by the Tartars, that the excellent lands around them might be converted into pastures for their cattle.

There he arriving round about doth flie, From bed to bed, from one to other border; 170 And takes survey, with curious busie eye, Of every flowre and herbe there set in order; Now this, now that, he tasteth tenderly, Yet none of them he rudely doth disorder, Ne with his feete their silken leaves deface, 175 But pastures on the pleasures of each place.

I was an animal again, let out to run in green pastures.

Since that day in the field, though my fences include no more acres, and I still plow my own fields, my real domain has expanded until I crop wide fields and take the profit of many curious pastures.

So I looked across the countryside; a group of elms here, a tufted hilltop there, the smooth verdure of pastures, the rich brown of new-plowed fieldsand the odours, and the sounds of the countryall cropped by me.

Just as the first spring-showers pattered against the ground, there arose such shouts of joy from all the small birds in groves and pastures, that the whole air rang with them and the boy leaped high where he sat.

Parson Manners held rule over an obscure and quiet village in the wilds of Vermont, where hard-handed farmers wrestled with rocks and forests for their daily bread, and looked forward to heaven as a land of green pastures and still waters, where agriculture should be a pastime, and winter impossible.

1970 examples of  pastures  in sentences