404 examples of pawned in sentences

and sober, till the poor devil went stark, staring mad, and would have pawned his very soul to tell her that he loved her!

But not purchasing me, my master pawned me to him for ten pounds, and returned to Stonington.

He was in debt, had fraudulently drawn cheques when he had nothing at the bank to meet them, and was so reduced to poverty that he had pawned his watch and his case of surgical instruments.

But when to virtuous hands 'tis given, It blesses, like the dews of heaven: Like Heaven, it hears the orphan's cries, And wipes the tears from widows' eyes; Their crimes on gold shall misers lay, Who pawned their sordid souls for pay?

The nation had to deal with a man whom no tie could bind, a man who made and broke promises with equal facility, a man whose honor had been a hundred times pawned, and never redeemed.

It is clear enough who pawned the glass.

"It was stolen and pawned at Simpson's on the Bowery.

" "Why don't you take Ben to Simpson's, or the detective?" suggested Conrad, in great alarm, bethinking himself that it would hardly do to take Ben, since the attendant would certify that he was not the one who pawned the glass.

"It is only fair to tell you, Ben," said Mrs. Hamilton, that the person who pawned the opera glass gave your name.

"Why not?" "After what he has done?" "What has he done?" "He stole your opera glass and pawned it.

Indeed, it must be admitted that Mr. Flinks, while a man of undoubted talent in his particular line of business, was, like many of your great geniuses, in outward aspect unprepossessing and misleading; for whereas he looked like a very shiftless and very dirty tramp, he was as a matter of fact as vile a rascal as ever pawned a swinish soul for whiskey.

Uniforms and clothing issued to enlisted men must not be sold, pawned, loaned, given away, lost or damaged through neglect or carelessness.

Finally some old family jewels were pawned without her father's knowledge, and ultimately they were lost.

this is indeed warm-clothes time, but yesterday I pawned away my last shawl for two grivenki.

She took the letter with as little emotion as if it had been an ordinary tradesman's bill for a few shillings; yet had she once pawned a good many hundred pounds' worth of diamonds only on the chance of recovering its contents.

I had one housekeeper who sometimes pawned my property in the evening, and then another who used to break my most valuable china, till I could never sleep or take a moment's ease at home for fear my stock was being ruined here.

Mrs. Brown lived in great poverty, her only known vocation being to "strip children of their clothes, which she sold or pawned.

About a week afterward, I learned that the Sabbath-school was again without a musical instrument, the organ having been pawned for twenty dollars, Thomas paying ten per cent a month on the money.

"On one occasion, when some poor lovers of the daughter of Gnathaena came to feast at her house, and threatened to throw it down, saying that they had brought spades and mattocks on purpose; 'But,' said Gnathaena, 'if you had these implements, you should have pawned them and brought some money with you.'

No one but ourselves; and that good queen who pawned her jewels so that Columbus should accomplish his voyage.

On Griffiths finding that the new suit had been pawned to free the poet's landlady from the bailiffs, he abused him as a sharper and a villain, and threatened to proceed against him by law as a criminal.

"IIwell, to confess the truth, I pawned it, my bud.

How often pawned her Sunday gown and shawl, to redeem that coat without which Adolphe cannot appear before the examiners to-morrow morning?

I picked it up in the lobby and pawned it.

On the morning of the tenth, M. de Firmin-Latour having pawned the emeralds, and obtained the money for them, was to deposit that money in his own name at the bank of Raynal Frères and then at once go to the office in the Rue Daunou.

404 examples of  pawned  in sentences