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404 examples of  pawned  in sentences

404 examples of pawned in sentences

He got into debt, and pawned his clothes in order to procure the means to go to taverns and places of amusement.

and sober, till the poor devil went stark, staring mad, and would have pawned his very soul to tell her that he loved her!

But not purchasing me, my master pawned me to him for ten pounds, and returned to Stonington.

" "Plato's manuscripts pawned!"

"I am Louis the Esteemed, King of France and Navarre," replied the distrousered personage, "and I lament for my pantaloons, which I have been enforced to pawn, inasmuch as the broker would advance nothing upon my coat or my shirt.

To see the homes of those whom we know and respect, though they are but working men, stripped of every bit of furnitureto see long-cherished books and pictures sent one by one to the pawn-shop, that food may be hadand to see that food almost loathsome in kind, and insufficient in quantity,are hard, very hard things to bear.

"Even the very nets and tackle of these poor fishermen, I heard, were pawned, and, unless they be assisted to redeem them, they will be unable to take advantage of the herring shoals, even when they approach their coast.

Thus it is: My castle and my lands are in pawn for a debt that I owe.

So it came that I had to pawn my lands to the Priory of Emmet for more money, and a hard bargain they drove with me in my hour of need.

"I have a story to tell you all, so listen to what I have to say," quoth he; whereupon, without more ado, he told them all about Sir Richard, and how his lands were in pawn.

With him may be placed the Norman duke Robert, whose carelessness had lost him the crown of England, and who had now pawned his duchy for a pittance scarcely less paltry than that for which Esau bartered away his birthright.

On one of these occasions, Dr. Johnson collected a sum of money to redeem his friend's clothes, which in two days after were pawned again.

He was in debt, had fraudulently drawn cheques when he had nothing at the bank to meet them, and was so reduced to poverty that he had pawned his watch and his case of surgical instruments.

Write an order on Graham to deliver to me those old family mementos you pawned to him.

Can you make proof wherever I sold away my conscience, or pawned it?

Her husband, the count, insisted on her appearing at the ball and wearing the family diamonds, which she had pawned to discharge her lover's gambling debts, and which had been redeemed to save the family honour.

It was comforting to know that so far at all events Mr. Gow had neither sunk her nor pawned her.

LeonI would appear to be guilty of conceit, but I honestly think that I was not the last pawn on the chessboard in the drawing-room, and that is perhaps the reason why I have been thinking during the past two years and could not understand why I was thrown aside like a common pawn.

LeonI would appear to be guilty of conceit, but I honestly think that I was not the last pawn on the chessboard in the drawing-room, and that is perhaps the reason why I have been thinking during the past two years and could not understand why I was thrown aside like a common pawn.

That these articles be true, we pawn our honours, and subscribe our names.

But when to virtuous hands 'tis given, It blesses, like the dews of heaven: Like Heaven, it hears the orphan's cries, And wipes the tears from widows' eyes; Their crimes on gold shall misers lay, Who pawned their sordid souls for pay?

I do not doubt it will be pawned or sold in a twelvemonth; which will prove to those that now protect him how little he deserves it.

The nation had to deal with a man whom no tie could bind, a man who made and broke promises with equal facility, a man whose honor had been a hundred times pawned, and never redeemed.

His wife pawned her jewels; on several occasions it is said that she even went into the street to beg a few pennies for their supper.

The locket might be pawned, but Juli shook her head.

He waylays the reports of services, and cons them without book, damning himself he came new from them, when all the while he was taking the diet in the bawdy-house, or lay pawned in his chamber for rent and victuals.

His boots are the legacies of two black jacks, and till he pawned the silver that the jacks were tipped with it was a pretty mode of boot-hose-tops.

Lady Heyburn doesn't give her pearls to be pawned, out of mere friendship, you know.

" "Not, perhaps, for their own use, but a glass like this may be pawned for a considerable sum.

" "No doubt it has been pawned by this time.

It is clear enough who pawned the glass.

"It was stolen and pawned at Simpson's on the Bowery.

" "Why don't you take Ben to Simpson's, or the detective?" suggested Conrad, in great alarm, bethinking himself that it would hardly do to take Ben, since the attendant would certify that he was not the one who pawned the glass.

"It is only fair to tell you, Ben," said Mrs. Hamilton, that the person who pawned the opera glass gave your name.

"Can you remember the appearance of the boy who pawned the opera glass?" "He was taller than this boy, and pale.

"Why not?" "After what he has done?" "What has he done?" "He stole your opera glass and pawned it.

Well, I pawned some of my things, my cloak even, and my silk bonnet, to pay honest; and as I could not do no otherwise, I left them in pawn, and, with the little money I raised, I set out forwards on my road to Dublin again, so soon as I thought my boy was able to travel.

They devoted themselves with such frantic eagerness to the excitement of gambling, that we read of their staking hundreds of pounds on a single throw of the dice, when they could not even restore the pawned tunics to their shivering slaves.

" Thanks to this benevolent decree, you may now hope that things you have pawned will be restored to you before three or four hundred days!

My last trinket was gone; I had pawned whatever I could spare from the hard exigencies of living; for I am no coward,I did not wish to die,I had challenged my fate, and would meet it.

I could quote you an appropriate passage from the tippler of Teos, and in the original Greek, if I had not long ago pawned my copy of Anacreon (Barnes, 12 mo.

Indeed, it must be admitted that Mr. Flinks, while a man of undoubted talent in his particular line of business, was, like many of your great geniuses, in outward aspect unprepossessing and misleading; for whereas he looked like a very shiftless and very dirty tramp, he was as a matter of fact as vile a rascal as ever pawned a swinish soul for whiskey.

Said Widow Decaux is well known in New Orleans as a notorious swindler, having been prosecuted for having pawned logs of wood to a merchant of this city instead of dry goods.

Uniforms and clothing issued to enlisted men must not be sold, pawned, loaned, given away, lost or damaged through neglect or carelessness.

Why had she pawned it for Lagors?

Warned by an anonymous letter that his wife had pawned her diamonds for the benefit of Lagors, the banker came upon them when they were together in Lagor's rooms.

You got the proper value for the land you pawned, and squandered the money.

"I mean to buy all the land Mr. Osborn has pawned.

Finally some old family jewels were pawned without her father's knowledge, and ultimately they were lost.

I know an instance of a little boy finding a shawl in the street; and being in the habit of going to the pawnbroker's for his mother, instead of taking the shawl home to his parents, he actually pawned it and spent all the money, which might never have been known by his parents, had not the mother found the duplicate in his pocket.

Can't offer you a chair, he's pawned 'em all.

this is indeed warm-clothes time, but yesterday I pawned away my last shawl for two grivenki.

She took the letter with as little emotion as if it had been an ordinary tradesman's bill for a few shillings; yet had she once pawned a good many hundred pounds' worth of diamonds only on the chance of recovering its contents.

By May 16th he had "sold his wardrobe, pawned his watch, was in debt to his landlord, and finally at some loss how to eat a week longer."

Two days later he had pawned his surgical instrumentsredeemed and repawned his watch on more favourable termsand was rejoiced to find himself still the possessor of ten shillings.

He had pawned all his personal property, his books and his surgical implements, and was still in debt.

Now must I pay, whate'er betides; Me the Jew spares not; he provides Anticipation-bonds which feed Each year on that which must succeed; The swine are never fattened now; Pawned is the pillow or the bed, And to the table comes fore-eaten bread.

He cursed his sons and died miserably, deserted by his followers, who took such clothing as fitted them best, and would have pawned the throne had it not been out of style and unavailable for that purpose, beside being secured to the castle.

" "Well, at any rate, the coincidence appealed to me so far that it struck me it might be worth while to describe the brooch to the police in order that they could trace it if it had been pawned.

A woman had pawned it in Londonat a shop in Chelsea.

" "Had any of the servants left you between the time the brooch was lost and the date of the pawn ticket?" "No." "Were all your servants at home on the day the brooch was pawned?" "Oh, yes!

When it was over, he smoked a few whiffs and then said: "But Mrs. Armitage's brooch was pawned, and by a woman.

I had one housekeeper who sometimes pawned my property in the evening, and then another who used to break my most valuable china, till I could never sleep or take a moment's ease at home for fear my stock was being ruined here.

At first he spent his spare time and his spare money upon it, but as the hobby took possession of him, he devoted all his time and all his money to it; then he pawned his clothes, and then he raised money on the furniture; the brokers came in, and finally the poor fellow was taken to a lunatic asylum, and his wife and family were thrown on the parish.

Heaven knows, I grudge not I have sold my plate, have pawned my robes and jewels.

For any price she asked; has pawned your jewels, And mortgaged sundry farms, and all for food.

All pawned and eatenand for her, you know, She never bore the worth of one day's meal About her dress.

She has pawned a heap of clothes, and promises to leave every day; but Mrs. Myers hasnt got rid of her yet.

The protector pawned them to the Dutch court for upwards of 50,000l., and, after the revolution, King William brought them over again to England, and built a gallery for their reception in Hampton Court.

She told him that she had long ago pawned it all.

"I am that man," said the caliph, and he then told the hermit how in his boyhood he once stole a bracelet and pawned it, whereupon his nurse ever after called him "Moclas" (thief).

Mrs. Brown lived in great poverty, her only known vocation being to "strip children of their clothes, which she sold or pawned.

About a week afterward, I learned that the Sabbath-school was again without a musical instrument, the organ having been pawned for twenty dollars, Thomas paying ten per cent a month on the money.

A few weeks ago she pawned a silver pitcher to one of our neighbors for five rubles without her husband's knowledge.

The current expenses of her household amounted annually to the sum of three hundred and forty-five thousand livres, an enormous outlay for that period; while she was so lavish to her favourites that she was constantly applying for further supplies; and on one occasion, when these were withheld, had actually pawned the crown jewels, which it was necessary to redeem by a disbursement from the public treasury.

"She says one of her grandmothers was the daughter of a fellow who kept a kind of pawn shop, and that she's a case of atavism.

They stole all my clothes and pawned them to a whiskey dealer.

Betel and pawn, a mixture for chewing, frequently offered in politeness, as snuff with us.

Pawn ticket 210.

THE BELOVED PAWN, by Harold Titus.

PAWN TICKET 210, a photoplay in five reels by

that in Guiana "chastity is not considered an indispensable virtue among the unmarried women" (Dalton, I., 80); that the Patagonians often pawned and sold their wives and daughters for brandy (Falkner, 97); that their licentiousness is equal to their cruelty (Bourne, 56-57), etc., etc.

"On one occasion, when some poor lovers of the daughter of Gnathaena came to feast at her house, and threatened to throw it down, saying that they had brought spades and mattocks on purpose; 'But,' said Gnathaena, 'if you had these implements, you should have pawned them and brought some money with you.'

The first week she assigned her life-insurance money; the second she pawned the furniture; until at last she owed Hogan only sixty-five dollars.

No one but ourselves; and that good queen who pawned her jewels so that Columbus should accomplish his voyage.

On Griffiths finding that the new suit had been pawned to free the poet's landlady from the bailiffs, he abused him as a sharper and a villain, and threatened to proceed against him by law as a criminal.

Lord Tyrconnel farther alledged against Savage, that the books of which he himself had made him a present, were sold or pawned by him, so that he had often the mortification to see them exposed to sale upon stalls.

I remember I tried to buy a part of it from him, but could not succeed until once, when his funds from home failed to come, and he was so hard up, as we used to say, that he actually sold, or rather pawned, half of the shining tress for the sum of five dollars.

She had beautiful jewels; he told her he would deposit them in a bank, but he pawned them, because at the horse-races he had lost a big bet and needed much money.

Thus she found out that they were pawned and had been sold for the charges on them.

"Do you mean to tell me you've pawned my clothes?" he shouts.

The reader has, in just such way, marched a knight across the chess-board to escort back a necessary pawn, to make desperate fight against some Cornwallis of a castle.

"IIwell, to confess the truth, I pawned it, my bud.

At Venice he met the famous Mr. Law, of whose former grandeur nothing remained but projects fortunately destined to die away unorganized, and a diamond which he pawned to play at games of hazard.

How often pawned her Sunday gown and shawl, to redeem that coat without which Adolphe cannot appear before the examiners to-morrow morning?

I picked it up in the lobby and pawned it.

In spite of Mirko's care and watching of his father that gentleman was capable of giving one of them to a beggar if the beggar's face and story touched him, and any of the others could go in a present to Mirko or herselfto be pawned later, when necessity called.

On the morning of the tenth, M. de Firmin-Latour having pawned the emeralds, and obtained the money for them, was to deposit that money in his own name at the bank of Raynal Frรจres and then at once go to the office in the Rue Daunou.

But just look at Susy Flรถrsheim down there, wearing the necklace which Daniel Flรคsch pawned to her husband!

He had pawned the country's trade to the merchants of Lรผbeck and there was nothing else left.