113 examples of pay up in sentences

"Then why in the name of Fortune don't you pay up?" "Because I had to pay all that to Noaks for bird-seed.

But we give our bond to pay up at mid-summer, and after the fun was over we dropped down here.

They had been a week at the tavern, and Fernando, who had lived a thousand years of alternating bliss and agony in that short period, was sitting in the bar-room in front of a great roaring fire, which the chill evening of early autumn made comfortable, utterly oblivious of the grumbling of the landlord, who was saying: "When people stay a whole week 'thout any luggage, it be high time they pay up.

If they are spies, they'll pay up without a murmur, especially if they really tried to do it on purpose.

If he don't pay up willingly, I've got that in my pocket which will make him sit up and open my lady's eyes and Sir John Etty's too about their precious noble lord.'

Already in 567 the Carthaginian government offered to pay up at once the whole instalments stipulated in the peace of 553an offer which the Romans, who attached far more importance to the having Carthage tributary than to the sums of money themselves, naturally declined, and only deduced from it the conviction that, in spite of all the trouble they had taken, the city was not ruined and was not capable of ruin.

And if I don't pay up it sells me out.

"The thing to do, Pink, is to have your prices reg'lar, and make people pay up reg'lar.

You make the t'others pay up spuntial, monthly.

If you do not pay up in a week, I will certainly have recourse to the civil court.

The Dook owes me two weeks' board, and I've give him notice to pay up or quit.

and then I soon found out there was something on hand, so I made the old rascal pay up in honest coin.

"What I can't see is that if you had money enough to pay up my board bill, why you married me," continued Jarvis.

Just when the French were putting it all over me and my orderly-room was hinting that I had best pay up and save the Entente Cordiale, the French ran out of paper and sent one of their missionaries in a car to settle the matter verbally.

But he would take care to get it before the Saturday heats were run, because once they were over the thing was done, and the principal conspirator might have refused to pay up, and Steggles couldn't have helped himself.

I haven't quite enough money to pay up,

"She will if you pay up.

"'We was always pals, Joe,'" it ses, "'you and me, and I want you to pay up fifteen bob for me wot I borrowed off of Bill the watchman.

As he entered the room of the widow, she handed him an order from the court of trustees, under which he was bound to pay up the five hundred thalers on Thursday, and, continued the lady, before the poor man had time to utter a word, "I would earnestly entreat you to pay the other three hundred thalers early on Saturday to me, for there are accounts constantly pouring in on me, and the funeral expenses," here her voice faltered.

The time was up several months ago and the agent was threatening her with a lawsuit if she did not pay up this month.

And the Juryman, finding excuses were vain, Of the Judge's displeasure has ever been fearful, Since he knew it availed not a whit to complain He must be in his place, or pay up and look cheerful.

Then I pointed out to the old man that we'd make a pretty good thing on the deal, even after we'd let Percy out, as he'd had plenty of company on the bull side that could pay up; and anyway, that the boy was a blamed sight more important than the money, and here was the chance to make a man of him.

"Even when this is done the title to the flock does not pass until they have been counted, but, nevertheless, the purchaser can hold the seller to the bargain if he does not make delivery, even though the purchase money has not passed, and by a like right the seller can hold the buyer if he does not pay up.

I have no doubt that a few hours spent in our attic will induce the High Legal Dignitaries I have mentioned (laughter) to pay up the modest ransom we demand, and to take the additional pledge of secresy.

"He says, if you don't both of you pay up the arrears by midday on Sunday next, he'll seize your goods, and turn you into the street.

113 examples of  pay up  in sentences