113 examples of pay up in sentences

Only Handy Solomon clung desperately to the wheel, jamming his weight to port in the hope she might pay up:

They cannot for shame come, that's heaw it is; so we lose'n their custom till sich times as summat turns up at they can raise a trifle to pay up wi'. . . .

To brag little,to showwell,to crow gently, if in luck,to pay up, to own up, and to shut up, if beaten, are the virtues of a sporting man, and I can't say that I think we have shown them in any great perfection of late.

If he don't pay up willingly, I've got that in my pocket which will make him sit up and open my lady's eyes and Sir John Etty's too about their precious noble lord.'

They had been fighting with the factory, and would not pay up their rents, and I was trying, with every probability of success, to make an amicable arrangement with them.

On a certain morning in February Ramani Babu sprung a mine on his tenants by circulating a notice among them to the effect that they would have to pay up every pice of rent on or before the 10th prox.

He would not have come here without some excellent reasonperhaps he wants to pay up part of his debt to me, or maybe he has some scheme with money in it to unfold.

If you do not pay up in a week, I will certainly have recourse to the civil court.

The Dook owes me two weeks' board, and I've give him notice to pay up or quit.

" Yesfrom that point of view it was doubtless best to pay up; but Undine obscurely wished that their doing so had not incidentally helped an unknown compatriot to what the American papers were no doubt already announcing as "another brilliant foreign alliance.

'Tis the voice of PUNCHINELLO wafting sonorously from his tower the instructive moral "Whoe'er sells stocks as isn't his'n, Must pay up or go to pris'n.

Some of 'em talked about giving 'im 'is sixpences back, but Bob said if they did they must pay up all the sixpences they had 'ad for three weeks.

Just when the French were putting it all over me and my orderly-room was hinting that I had best pay up and save the Entente Cordiale, the French ran out of paper and sent one of their missionaries in a car to settle the matter verbally.

But he would take care to get it before the Saturday heats were run, because once they were over the thing was done, and the principal conspirator might have refused to pay up, and Steggles couldn't have helped himself.

"She will if you pay up.

Yet I have been willing to pay up to get some real prime Souchong, Assam, Orange Pekoe, or what not.

"'We was always pals, Joe,'" it ses, "'you and me, and I want you to pay up fifteen bob for me wot I borrowed off of Bill the watchman.

The same week another called and gave them an order for fifty dollars more, so that they were able to pay up all their debts, and the sudden joy soon led to a speedy restoration to health, and the husband is now one of the most active Christian workers and teachers in a mission school, and the wife and daughter are also trying to do all they can to lead others to trust in Jesus.

Then, when you get your set working and let Unk listen in, he'll pay up and we'll divide the money.

He did not default more than in reason, but being a farmer, he naturally did not pay up till threatened with being sold up.

We had a little over a month to get together the lard to deliver on our short sales or else pay up, but we hadn't had enough experience in the paying-up business to feel like engaging in it.

Then I pointed out to the old man that we'd make a pretty good thing on the deal, even after we'd let Percy out, as he'd had plenty of company on the bull side that could pay up; and anyway, that the boy was a blamed sight more important than the money, and here was the chance to make a man of him.

If under charges for crime, he must remain and abide his trial, or if in arrears, must pay up his dues.

Shall I make out the receipt?" "You don't seriously expect me, Mr. Hucks, to pay for your coals on the same day you deliver them" "No," Mr. Hucks agreed, "I didn' expect it; but I looked for ye to pay up the last account before I sent any more on credit.

"He says, if you don't both of you pay up the arrears by midday on Sunday next, he'll seize your goods, and turn you into the street.

113 examples of  pay up  in sentences