155 examples of paymaster in sentences

The PRESIDENT of the commons, who always in a committee takes his seat as another member, rose here, and spoke to the following effect, his honour being paymaster of the navy:Mr. Chairman, the nature of the employment with which I am intrusted makes it my duty to endeavour that this question may be clearly understood, and the condition of the seamen, with regard to the reception of their pay, justly represented.

The paymaster-general is sending £1,000 to Argos this morning by the path near the Scironian Rocks," said the captain.

Madame Vauquer occupied the small, and the other was let to Madame Couture, the widow of a paymaster in the army of the French Republic.

While Gnaeus with his corps, containing a third of the Roman and all the Spanish troops, lay encamped opposite to Hasdrubal Barcas, the latter had no difficulty in inducing the Spaniards in the Roman army by means of a sum of money to withdrawwhich perhaps to their free- lance ideas of morals did not even seem a breach of fidelity, seeing that they did not pass over to the enemies of their paymaster.

Considering the distribution of the military forces of the United States required by the circumstances of our country, I recommend also to the consideration of Congress the expediency of providing for the appointment of an additional number of general officers, and of deputies in the Adjutant's, Quartermaster's, Inspector's, and Paymaster's departments of the Army, and for the employment in cases of emergency of additional engineers.

The great and good Boerhaave used to say, as I remember very well, that the poor were his best patients; for God was their paymaster.

Hugo Schmidt, who was reputed to be the paymaster of the gang, was caught trying to burn a copy of this code at the German Club.

The paymaster could scarcely find time to discharge the bills, so much was his day filled up with doing eternal sums about the stoppages in the pay of the patients.

There were thirteen kinds of stoppages in the army, three of which were for the sick in hospital: the paymaster could never be quite certain that he had reckoned rightly with every man to the last penny; the men were never satisfied; and the confusion was endless.

The commissariat, the purveyor, and the paymaster were all kept waiting to get their books made up, while soldiers were working the sums,being called from their proper business to help about the daily task of the stoppages.

no person of modern ideas could see; and the paymaster's toils would have been lessened by more than one-half, if he had had to reckon the deduction from the patients' pay at threepence or fourpence each, all round, instead of having to deal with thousands per day individually, under three kinds of charge upon the pay.

Poor Sukey returned home with a joyful heart, saying, as she displayed her treasures, "See, my children, the Lord is a good paymaster, giving us 'a hundred-fold even in this present life, and in the world to come life everlasting.'

Mr. Lamar will pay the United States paymaster for them, and rely upon the State to repay him.

if I was your grace I would pardon him, and make him paymaster.

" [Footnote 1: "I would make him paymaster."

The paymaster at this time was Mr. Pitt.]

Donovan, the manager; the paymaster, Quigley; and the assistant manager, a young American fresh from the East.

"I'd like to see him ride in," said Donovan, turning to the paymaster.

But if he was paymaster here, he'd put the fear of God into some of those greasers.

The paymaster glanced up and nodded, expecting Donovan to speak.

As the paymaster began to gather up the money on the table, Waring pocketed the check and rose, watching Quigley's nervous hands.

MAIS" Mr. Bull (Paymaster).

And Mr. Punch (Umpire-in-Chief) to JOHN (Paymaster), cries, "You'll have to test the truth of this before the need arise For our lads away to go.

The first time the pay-car stopped and the paymaster handed me my envelope I repaid Foreman McDonald every cent I owed him, and although this settled my financial indebtedness to him, the debt I owe him to this day for his timely help can never be repaid with mere coin.


155 examples of  paymaster  in sentences
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