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125 examples of  peacemakers  in sentences

125 examples of peacemakers in sentences

and Rosa drew a chair between them as a peacemaker.

The Medicean faction was better in hand than in his grandfather's days, and Lorenzo, therefore, in playing the rรดle of the peacemaker of Italy, at the time when he held the "balance of power" through his treaties with Milan, Naples, and Ferrara, could speak with a decision that carried weight when he found it necessary to threaten a restless "despot" with a political combination that might depose him.

She decided to assume the role of peacemaker.

Shouldn't the church be a peacemaker, instead of a trouble-maker?" "Now, John Wesley, Jr.," the other said, in mock protest, "that sermon of mine on 'Not Peace, but a Sword' must have been wasted on you.

Our Lord most certainly came to make peace, and he spoke a great blessing on peacemakers.

At this point Great Britain passed from the position of general peacemaker to that of a principal.

Then the same little peacemaker went to her cousins, and made them each and all promise to be more careful of her sister's feelings; after which there was nut-cracking in the wood-shed, and a loud call for Miss Dimple, who consented to go down after much urging, and was the merriest one of the whole party.

What we want is to be able, at critical times, to throw oil upon the troubled waters, and if the worst should come, if a war really should break out, then we want to be able to act as peacemakers, to heal as soon as possible any little sores that there may be, and to enter afterwards upon a greater friendship with a purified England.

"Look here," he said, "I seldom interfere in terrestrial strife, but it seems to me that there's an opening here for a capable peacemaker, not afraid of work, and willing to give his services in exchange for a comfortable home.

Lady Mar, on receipt of the above letter, proposed to act as peacemaker.

Thus vanished for Mr. Ward the alluring prospect of winning for himself and his country the beatitude of the peacemaker.

Concord N. concord, accord, harmony, symphony; homologue; agreement &c 23; sympathy, empathy &c (love) 897; response; union, unison, unity; bonds of harmony; peace &c 721; unanimity &c (assent) 488; league &c 712; happy family. rapprochement; reunion; amity &c (friendship) 888; alliance, entente cordiale [Fr.], good understanding, conciliation, peacemaker; intercessor, mediator.

[person who mediates] mediator, arbitrator, intercessor, peacemaker, makepeace^, negotiator, go-between; diplomatist &c (consignee) 758; moderator; propitiator; umpire.

So it came about that peace was made betwixt Sir Tristram and King Mark, and Belle Isoult and King Mark, and King Arthur was the peacemaker.

They take upon them to be peacemakers, et fovere causas humilium, to help them to their right, patrocinantur afflictis, but all is for their own good, ut loculos pleniorom exhauriant, they plead for poor men gratis, but they are but as a stale to catch others.

She made me learn this morning"Blessed are the peacemakers!"

Perhaps that tragedy of shattered friendship (afterward rejoined through the agency of the great peacemaker, Death) had got on our nerves.

A Peacemaker IX.

And therefore it is that He says, Blessed are the lowly, the peacemakers, the humble, and the long-suffering.

Efforts as peacemaker.

Efforts as peacemaker.

The attack on Fort Sumter struck down all these efforts (so far as my associates were concerned), but I was not personally discouraged, and I again addressed myself to the work of the Peacemaker, determining to visit personally both sections of the country, the Government at Washington, and the Government of the Confederates at Richmond, to ascertain if there were, by possibility, any means of averting war.

When I can believe that my Bible reads 'cursed' instead of 'blessed' are the 'peacemakers,' I also shall cease to be a peace man.

" "Truly, Sire," said the jester, "from the days of Midhat it was ready, and there are peacemakers more silent than the sword.

But the barons called on Philip, the general salaried Peacemaker Plenipotentiary, who sent his son Louis with an army to overtake John and punish him severely.

At last the peacemakers effected their object. Title: Emilie the Peacemaker Author: Mrs. Thomas Geldart Release Date: February 25, 2004

[eBook #11290] Language: English Character set encoding: iso-8859-1 ***START OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK EMILIE THE PEACEMAKER*** E-text prepared by Internet Archive; University of Florida; and Amy Petri and Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders Note: Images of the original pages are available through the Florida Board of Education, Division of Colleges and Universities, PALMM Project, 2001.


Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God....


He had some trials at school with a boy who was bent on annoying him, and trying to stir up his temper; perhaps the peacemaker might tell him how to deal with this lad.

We will rather follow Edith into her chamber, and see how she is trying to learn the arts of the Peacemaker there.


"Bless you, dear Emilie, God will bless you, for 'Blessed are the peacemakers.'

She was always the peacemaker of the family.

The noblest side of womanhood comes out in this; and however her fiery youth might have counselled, in the pages now under consideration she appears as the apologist of humankind, the world's peacemaker.

Unhappy is the lover who tries to play peacemaker between two of his mistresses.

He used to call himself "an attorney and peacemaker," but he was more than that.

Over the Grape Juice; or, The Peacemakers XV.

Over the Grape Juice; or, The Peacemakers Characters MR.

It was the banquet of the Peacemakers' Conference of 1917 and the company gathered about the board was as notable as it was numerous.

We peacemakers are all agreed that there must be no question of religion raised.

"Juliet is a wonderful peacemaker.

It is interesting to find the respectable historian Jacopo Nardi involved, if only as a peacemaker, in this affray.

Ian represents the Old, primitive and direct, the "sword of the Lord and Gideon" type, while Richard is the New, the reconciler and peacemaker.

"Your if is the only peacemaker; much virtue is in if.

"We acknowledge that he, and him only, hath been our peacemaker."Gratton.

Peacemakers in a savage way they were faithful to their light; the most inspired can be no more, and we, with greater light, do, it may be, far less.

"We acknowledge that he, and he only, hath been our peacemaker.

Peacemakers in a savage way, they were faithful to their light: the most inspired can be no more; and we, with greater light, do, it may be, far less.

Before many hours she had successfully played the part of peacemaker, and thanked God in her heart that she had been able to effect complete reconciliation between Stepan and his wife.

As the Landgrave knew his own strength and the political situation of Germany so little as to offer himself as mediator between the contending parties, Gustavus used jestingly to call him the peacemaker.

" While the Southern Democratic party and the Republican party thus drifted into defiant attitudes the other two parties to the late Presidential contest naturally fell into the rรดle of peacemakers.

Utopian peacemakers.

Padraic Colum (Wr); 30Dec58; R228100. COLUM, PADRAIC. Utopian peacemakers.

The peacemaker.

The peacemaker.

The Peacemakers.

Utopian peacemakers.

Padraic Colum (Wr); 30Dec58; R228100. COLUM, PADRAIC. Utopian peacemakers.

The peacemaker.

The peacemaker.

The Peacemakers.

"Blessed are the peacemakers."

I went in the character of a peacemaker, and after conversing with them on the necessity of seeking a higher state of feeling, we prayed together, and felt liberty.

Although the New Zealander is so fond of war, and possesses such war-like manners, yet are these peacemakers held in the highest respect, although they do not hold any sacred functionindeed, no order of priesthood exists amongst the natives.

Without reckoning that I should thereby earn the hatred of God, who says, 'Blessed be the peacemakers!'

Moderate and cautious in counsel and conduct, firm, yet a peacemaker, he was truly a father in the Church.

Do have some one fetch the peacemaker.

To be or not to be [The peacemaker enters with a set of musical bells and begins to play them at once.] KING.

AUTHOR (raging, drags the peacemaker forward).

[The peacemaker plays on his bells, the stamping keeps time with the melody; he motions; monkeys and bears appear and dance fondly around him.

THE PEACEMAKER (sings during the ballet and the audience's general expression of pleasure).

If this were only not so far away from the king's palace, I would fetch the peacemaker; he explained to me at the end of the second act all the fables of Orpheusbut am I not a fool?

I became quite confusedwhy, this is the theatre here, and the peacemaker must be somewhere behind the scenesI will look for himI must find himhe shall save me!

He is not there, Sir Peacemaker!

[The pauses are always filled by stamping in the pit and the playwright delivers this monologue in recitative, so that the effect is rather melodramatic.] PEACEMAKER (behind the scenes).

(He pushes him forward by force.) PEACEMAKER (appearing in his ordinary dress, with, the set of bells).

The young man has hinted vaguely of a quarrel between himself and Helen Heath, who is in New York with her mother, and has suggested that the old man act as peacemaker VI.

The young man has hinted vaguely of a quarrel between himself and Helen Heath, who is in New York with her mother, and has suggested that the old man act as peacemaker.



This is your poor Susan's little girl, as is come to be a little peacemaker betwixt you and me.

It pleased every-body, four coming cheaper than three, and Bill being that good-tempered that 'e'd put up with anything, and when any of the three quarrelled he used to act the part of peacemaker.

[Illustration: "When any of the three quarrelled he used to act the part of peacemaker."

Honorรฉ, the indefatigable peacemaker, had brought his uncle and his brother-in-law for the moment not only to speaking, but to friendly, terms.

The landlord slowly moved away, neither he nor his tenant speaking, but each knowing that the one man in the minds of both, as a possible peacemaker, was Honorรฉ Grandissime.

At three o'clock in the afternoon of Friday, April 19th, we took our peacemaker, a neat twelve-pound brass howitzer, down from the Seventh Regiment Armory, and stationed it in the rear of the building.

The twin peacemaker is somewhere near us, but entirely hidden by this enormous crowd.

The preacher must always act as a peacemaker and mouthpiece for the master, so they were told to be subservient to their masters in order to enter the Kingdom of God.

Remember withal, that if these accusations drive thee to Christ, and endear him more to thy soul, they will do no harm, because they drive thee to thy only resting place, and to the grand peacemaker.

2. There should be an eyeing of Christ as the great peacemaker, through his death and merits having satisfied justice and reconciled sinners unto God; that so we may look on God now no more as an enemy, but as reconciled in Jesus.

There should be, sometimes at least, a more formal and explicit actual closing with Christ as ours, when we are going about such duties, and always an implicit and virtual embracing of him as our Mediator, or an habitual hanging upon him and leaning to him as our Mediator and peacemaker.

Once again he was to play his old part of peacemaker.

'I know's dat, but ef I tole on Joe, Massa oberseer cut him all up again, and Massa Jesus says, "Blessed am de Peacemaker.

He was the great "peacemaker" and tried by means of compromises to unite all parts of the Union (p. 222).

This compromise was the work of Henry Clay, the peacemaker.

(5) Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

Harriet always seeking to be a peacemaker, was ever, if peace could not be made, stanchly on Theo's side.