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52 examples of  peaty  in sentences

52 examples of peaty in sentences

These facts, for example, do not permit us to suppose that coal is an accumulation of peaty matter, as some have held.

They troop thickly up the open ways, river banks, and brook borders; up open swales of dribbling springs; swarm over old moraines; circle the peaty swamps and part and meet about clean still lakes; scale the stony gullies; tormented, bowed, persisting to the door of the storm chambers, tall priests to pray for rain.

You know that every flood and freshet brings a fresh load, either of fine mud or of fine sand, or possibly some of it peaty matter out of distant hills.

But the club-mosses are now, in these islands and elsewhere, lovers of wet and peaty soils, and so may their huger prototypes have been, in the old forests of the coal.

But the purity of the water in peaty lagoons is observable elsewhere than in the delta of the Mississippi.

Near the bubbling brook, dark peaty hollows held little pools, which offered Nature's mirror for her toilet.

Peaty soil suits it well, and repeated trials have clearly proved that it is hardy, at least in the South of England.

It wants a cool, moist peaty soil, and is perfectly hardy.

Planted out in a light, sandy, peaty soil, and where fully exposed, this shrub has done well, and proved itself a suitable subject for the climate of England at least.

It grows freely in sandy peaty soil of a light nature.

At Kew it thrives well in peaty loam and limestone, and although it does not increase very quickly is yet happy and contented.

The various kinds of Heath succeed best either in peaty soil, or that composed for the greater part of light, sandy loam, but many will grow and flower freely if planted in rich yellow loam.

Planted in favoured sites, they usually grow freely in light, peaty soil, or that containing a large admixture of decayed leaf soil.

Light, peaty soil will grow it to perfection.

It is perfectly hardy and of free growth in light peaty earth.

It is a pretty bush, and grows freely enough in any good garden soil, but very fine flowering specimens may be seen in light, sandy soil of a peaty nature.

In peaty soil, or light, friable loam and leaf soil, it forms a dense, round-headed bush, often 8 feet in height, and nearly as much through, with pleasing green leaves, and dense clusters of beautiful pink, wax-like flowers.

The Ledums succeed best in cool, damp, peaty soil.

For rock gardening, or planting on the margins of beds in light, peaty soil, this is one of the handsomest and most beautiful of hardy creeping shrubs.

It grows well in peaty soil, is very hardy, and may be increased by means of offsets.

It grows and flowers freely enough in light, peaty earth, but is not very hardy, the tips of the branches being usually killed back should the winter be at all severe.

When favourably situated, and in cool, sandy loam or peaty earth, the growth of the tree is very rapid, and when a tree has been cut over, the shoots sent out often exceed 6 feet in length in one season, and nearly 2 inches in diameter.

To grow this shrub to perfection, peaty soil or decayed vegetable matter will be found most suitable.

They all grow well either in light, rich loam, or in sandy, peaty earth, and are usually propagated by grafting.

It is of free growth in any good light peaty or sandy soil.

It thrives well in any peaty soil, and is quite hardy.

It delights in rather moist, peaty soil, and grows all the stronger and flowers all the more freely when surrounded by rising ground or tall trees at considerable distance away.

Their requirements are by no means hard to meet, light, peaty soil, or even good sandy loam, with a small admixture of decayed vegetable matter, suiting them well.

Planted in peaty soil and in a rather damp, shady situation it thrives best, the oval-serrate leaves, covered with white, villous hairs, and pretty rosy flowers, giving it an almost unique appearance.

It succeeds best in a somewhat shady situation, and when planted in not too heavy peaty soil, but where abundance of not stagnant moisture is present.

Though, perhaps, rather exacting in their requirements, the Stuartias may be very successfully grown if planted in light, moist, peaty earth, and where they will be screened from cold, cutting winds.

They thrive best in soil of a peaty nature.

In too dry situations it becomes sparse of foliage and unhappy, but grows and flowers freely in light, peaty soil.

Here and there patches of melting sleet gleamed a livid white among the withered ling, and storm-torn hummocks of peaty soil shone dark chocolate-brown.

Here and there he stops to dig with an iron tool, and finds good mould, or peaty soil, manured with the rotted wood and fallen leaves of a thousand years.

He grew a few potatoes on sour, peaty soil, and cut the tufts of grass that grew by themselves on the ground about the housethat was Brede's farming.

Many mountain streams, clear and sparkling, or peaty and brown, join the Rede Water on its way, amongst others the little Otter Burn, by whose banks took place that stirring episode in the constant quarrels between the Douglases and Percies known as "Chevy Chase," from which the fierce battle-cries ring down the five centuries that have passed since that time, with sounds that echo still.

The pretty village of Redesmouth (or Reedsmouth) stands where the Rede Water enters the North Tyne, and a few miles further on the rapid little Houxty Burn pours its peaty waters into the main stream.

This inclosure, however, was filled with a dense peaty mass not reduced to mold, the result of centuries of sphagnous growth, which had reached a thickness of nearly 2 feet above the remains.

This was called usquebaugh, and had a strange peaty flavor, which was at first very unpleasant to them, but to which before they left Scotland they became quite accustomed.

Dartmoor is so huge that one must be born and spend a lifetime in or near it to really know it, and the visitor can merely endeavour to see typical examples of its granite tors, its peaty streams, its great stretches of boulder-strewn heather, and its strangely isolated villages.

The Roberts Island dredger, of which the Ajax is an improved copy, handles steadily 700 yards per day of 12 hours, in the stiffest and most tenacious clay in which it has been worked; and ranges from that average to 1,500 yards per day in soft, peaty mud.

He described the island as being a bleak kind of place on the whole, with very little vegetation, except some peaty stuff, and a lot of bare rock.

Ornamental, hardy herbaceous perennials, with large handsome foliage, and dense plumes of flowers, requiring a peaty soil for their successful cultivation.

It does best when planted under trees, or in partial shade on rock-work, in well-drained, good loamy or peaty soil mixed with a fair proportion of brick rubble.

It is most at home in a well-drained yet moist peaty soil, and kept in a frame or on a shady border, where it will bloom in June.

They all need a peaty soil, and may be increased by grafting on to the common Spurge Laurel.

A peaty soil suits it.

" Fragaria Indica (Ornamental Strawberry).A rich or peaty mould suits this half-hardy perennial.

It thrives best in a moist, peaty soil; flowers from May to July, and may readily be increased either by seed or division.

This is an interesting peculiarity of Scotch scenery;civilization sapping the barbarism of the wilderness; wheat-fields mordant biting in upon peaty moorlands, or climbing to the tops of cold, bald mountains, shearing off their thorny locks of heather and covering them with the well-dressed chevelure of yellow grain.

Now they approached some woods, familiarly known as "the Mosses," from the peaty nature of the soil.