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238 examples of  pee-wee  in sentences

238 examples of pee-wee in sentences

He hired boys to help him to look for them, beggaring himself of allies and marbles, even giving away his Lucky Shooter, a mottled pee-wee, to a lynx-eyed young hunter who claimed to be able to see in the dark.

CHAPTER IV TELLS ABOUT THE PAPER I FOUND One thing, I bet it was Pee-wee Harris that the lieutenant heard talking, while he was hiding on shore.

But it was fun to see him laugh whenever we got back at Pee-wee.

I guess maybe Captain Savage liked Pee-wee.

" "Go ahead, throw him one," Grove said to Pee-wee.

But I guess Pee-wee didn't have any jawbreakers to spare.

" "Nowengtgtclddown," Pee-wee said, munching away on a jaw breaker.

That was just to jolly Pee-wee.

Pee-wee piped out.

Pee-wee yelled.

I said; and I just had to laugh, because it was the same old Pee-wee with his hair's-breadth escapes and thrilling adventures, and all that stuff.

I know I haven't seen much of you, Pee-wee, but it isn't because I don't like you.

He's a mighty nice little fellow, Pee-wee is.

I just blurted out, "Pee-wee, you're the bulliest little scout in this campyou and your scout pacing!

"You can bet I won't be one of the ones to hike it," Pee-wee yelled; "I'll dope out some scheme or other.

And Pee-wee Harris is going to be the village cut-up."

" "All right," Mr. Ellsworth said, "I think Pee-wee will prove a valuable collaborator.

Those are Pee-wee's words about the mystery of the boat.

Now I'm going to tell you about how we collected books for soldiers and especially about Pee-wee's big stunt.

But you'll care more about hearing of Pee-wee and the raving Ravens and how they made out. ...

Doc Carson said they had trouble with the motor and Pee-wee.

He said that Pee-wee kept running wild an day.

Pee-wee's got the floor," shouted Westy.

And that's the way it went on till Mr. Ellsworth came to Pee-wee's rescue like he always does.

"I don't want to be quiet," Pee-wee screamed.

Well, pretty soon Mr. Ellsworth got us all throttled down and Pee-wee started to tell us about his visit to the kindly old gentleman.

Well, then Pee-wee went on to tell us about the kindly old gentleman.

Anyway, he took Pee-wee through his library, picking out the books he didn't want, till be had given him about twenty or thirty.

Then they tied them up in a brown cord and Pee-wee took them out to the Fraud car.

" I was just going to say something to kid Pee-wee along, when I noticed that Mr. Ellsworth was very serious, and Pee-wee was staring like a ghost.

I guess Pee-wee felt pretty important.

While we were playing, along came Mr Ellsworth and Commissioner Terry with two strange men, and I could see Pee-wee was very nervous.

one of them asked Pee-wee.

They had an automobile right near the tennis courts and we all got in and Pee-wee and I sat in back with our scoutmaster.

the old gentleman said to Pee-wee, but Pee-wee looked all flabbergasted and only shifted from one foot to the other.

"Shhh," Pee-wee said, "maybe he isn't dyed so very deepthere's different shades of dyes.

"I wouldn't smoke one of those cigars," Pee-wee said, "they might be bombs.

" "Even if you're deep-dyed," said Pee-wee, "sometimes the colors will run and you won't be so deep-dyed after all.

Well anyway, Mr. Donnelle wanted Pee-wee and me to stay at his house a little while, because he said he was kind of interested in us.

And whenever Pee-wee tried to explain, it only made him laugh more.

"Anyway, I could see you weren't a very bad kind of a spy," Pee-wee said.

Then he winked at me and I knew he was kidding Pee-wee.

"Trails are our middle names;" I told him, "and I can follow one" "Whitherso'er" Pee-wee began.

"You mean secluded," Pee-wee said.

"Maybe he might have been a" Pee-wee began.

" "Maybe we'd better track him," said Pee-wee, very serious.

" "We'll have a good anchor anyway if you make biscuits," Pee-wee said.

Pee-wee said he could see the oil stove had been used by the smellhe's got such sharp eyes that be can see a smell.

Well, we were an hiking it along, sometimes going scout-pace and most of the time jollying Pee-wee, when all of a sudden I noticed a mark on a rock that I was sure was a scout mark.

and I knew it was the fellows jollying Pee-wee Harris and they were talking about a hole in the boat, because that was the roof I saw.

Well, when I found I wasn't going to die a terrible death (that's what Pee-wee called it)

" "Thank goodness for that," Doc Carson said, It's as long as a spelling lesson or Pee-wee's tongue.

" "He doesn't need any signs," Pee-wee shouted, disgusted like.

The fellows all began shouting when there wasn't any more, and I heard Pee-wee shout downstairs, "Aren't you going to put the name of the boat?" "Do you want him to crack the sky open?"

"An antiquary," I said; "comes from the Latin word aunt and the Chinese word query, meaning to ask questionsotherwise the same as Pee-wee.

Pee-wee shouted.

You should have seen Pee-wee.

I said it would be just as fair as Pee-wee turning the ice-cream freezer till the cream was all frozen and then saying he did a hundred good turns.

When I got there they were all over the houseboat like flies, painting and varnishing and fixing up the flagpole, and I could hear Pee-wee as usual, shouting away.

That's the way Pee-wee would have said it, "Solve the mystery!"

"About as tall as Pee-wee," another fellow said.

"You're crazy!", Pee-wee shouted, "it shows none of you know anything about stories.

You can bet that if Pee-wee had his way we'd have all gone into the city that very night and broken into a store to get Skinny's outfit.

Pee-wee was there and the first thing we knew he Was shouting that there wasn't any beltaxe.

Pee-wee's all right only he's daffy about all the scout stuff that you see in the pictures

Of course, we always jollied Pee-wee about his belt-axe and about wearing his scout-knife and his drinking cup hanging from his belt right home in Bridgeboro, as if he was in South Africa, and Mr. Ellsworth always said he was the typical scoutthat's the word he usedtypical.

Pee-wee's all right, but I don't care if he knows what I said, because it's true.

I said to Westy, "Pee-wee's been at it.

"You forget it," I said, and I decided I'd give Pee-wee a good bawling out after the meeting.

I said, "Skinny will be chopping down all the fence rails in Barrel Alley if Pee-wee has his way.

"Pee-wee's to blame in a way," Westy said, after a while; it's the belt-axe the poor kid was thinking about.

On the way out I met Pee-wee shouting away like a machine gun.

CHAPTER XXVIII JOLLYING PEE-WEE That's the reason I'll never trust a gentle breeze.

" Jiminy, Pee-wee didn't know what to thinkwhether

Pee-wee shouted.

Oh, boy, didn't Pee-wee open his eyes and stare!

Pee-wee shouted.

Pee-wee yelled.

"It ought to be named the Pee-wee," Westy said.

Westy and Pee-wee stayed in the rowboat and I went right up into the little house where the old man was.

"If you ever run afoul of the General Grant in the bay or anywheres else, by thunder, I'm Cap'n Savage, I am, and once upon a time I was Major Savage, and I should be at that there convention myself, instead of standing here blowing away at a better soldier than me!" "Don't you care, we'll forgive you," Pee-wee shouted up.

"He's a kind of an old grouch," Pee-wee said.

Then Connie said he wouldn't want to be his son, and Artie said he wouldn't want to be around the house with him on a rainy Sunday, and I let them go on knocking him, until they got good and tired and then I said, "Do you know what he wants to do?" "I bet he wants us to go and be witnesses against Uncle Jimmy," Pee-wee said; "he'll never get me to be a witness, you can bet.

Pee-wee yelled.

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