238 examples of pee-wee in sentences

Then he'd look awful funny like, at Pee-wee.

"You think you're smart talking about recent rains, don't you?" Pee-wee shouted.

I reckon little Pee-wee ain't growed at all.

" We were just starting to jolly Pee-wee, because that's our favorite indoor sport, when somebody said, "There's one of the gold dust twins out; he must be crazy.

"It'll go winding and turning in and out along the shore," Bert said; "but Pee-wee can beat it on good turns.

Right away I have trouble with Pee-wee Harris.

" Then up jumped Pee-wee Harris like a jackinthebox.

And Pee-wee Harris is going to be the village cut-up."

Pee-wee shouted, "I see your finish.

Then up jumped Pee-wee, very excited, and said: "I'll tell you about those.

but everybody seems to like Pee-wee.

" I was just going to say something to kid Pee-wee along, when I noticed that Mr. Ellsworth was very serious, and Pee-wee was staring like a ghost.

Well, you should have seen Pee-wee.

"I bet it tells all about German spies and everything, and now he's going to make a full confession," Pee-wee said; "maybe our names will be in the New York papers, hey?"

He would listen to Pee-wee very sober like and then begin to laugh.

Then he winked at me and I knew he was kidding Pee-wee.

Then I could hear Pee-wee dancing on the cabin roof and screaming, "The plot grows thicker!

"An antiquary," I said; "comes from the Latin word aunt and the Chinese word query, meaning to ask questionsotherwise the same as Pee-wee.

And even Pee-wee was working away with the rest of the Ravens and running to buy nails and everything.

"Scouts are not made in a day," he said to Pee-wee, "and the outfit doesn't make the scout anyway, remember that.

Pee-wee was there and the first thing we knew he Was shouting that there wasn't any beltaxe.

"You forget it," I said, and I decided I'd give Pee-wee a good bawling out after the meeting.

Pee-wee just emptied the bailing can down my neck.

Cracky, but we had Pee-wee so crazy that he'd bail up a can of water out of one end of the boat and empty it in the other end.

Pee-Wee Harris in darkest Africa.

238 examples of  pee-wee  in sentences