238 examples of pee-wee in sentences

CHAPTER IV TELLS ABOUT THE PAPER I FOUND One thing, I bet it was Pee-wee Harris that the lieutenant heard talking, while he was hiding on shore.

" "Nowengtgtclddown," Pee-wee said, munching away on a jaw breaker.

Pee-wee piped out.

I know I haven't seen much of you, Pee-wee, but it isn't because I don't like you.

He said that Pee-wee kept running wild an day.

And that's the way it went on till Mr. Ellsworth came to Pee-wee's rescue like he always does.

one of them asked Pee-wee.

the old gentleman said to Pee-wee, but Pee-wee looked all flabbergasted and only shifted from one foot to the other.

And whenever Pee-wee tried to explain, it only made him laugh more.

"Maybe he might have been a" Pee-wee began.

" "Maybe we'd better track him," said Pee-wee, very serious.

and I knew it was the fellows jollying Pee-wee Harris and they were talking about a hole in the boat, because that was the roof I saw.

" "Thank goodness for that," Doc Carson said, It's as long as a spelling lesson or Pee-wee's tongue.

Pee-wee shouted.

You should have seen Pee-wee.

You can bet that if Pee-wee had his way we'd have all gone into the city that very night and broken into a store to get Skinny's outfit.

Pee-wee's all right, but I don't care if he knows what I said, because it's true.

I said, "Skinny will be chopping down all the fence rails in Barrel Alley if Pee-wee has his way.

Oh, boy, didn't Pee-wee open his eyes and stare!

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Pee-Wee Harris f.o.b.

Pee-Wee Harris: mayor for a day; illustrated by H. S. Barbour.

Pee-Wee Harris and the sunken treasure.

Pee-Wee Harris and the sunken treasure.

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238 examples of  pee-wee  in sentences